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Lady McKenzie, of Strath pelf er, "W.B., widow of the late Sir R. R. McKenzie, of Kinellan, Brisbane, has given £100 to the Children's Hospital here, to endow a cot to

Alderman Lewis Phillips. J.P.,

of Brisbane.

be called the ' Mary Archer,' in memory of her eldest daughter, Mrs. A. Archer, one of the ill-fated victims of the ' Quetta ' disaster, and who was an esteemed patron of the Sick Childrens' Hospital. The deceased lady, when Miss McKenzie, on the eve of her departure from Queensland, some quarter of a century ago, was the recipient of a novel trophy, presented by the crew of the old racing gig ' Star '-a silver cup resting on four silver oars, and bearing the following inscription :-' Our Commodore, Mary McKenzie. God bless


ALDERMAN LEWIS PHILLIPS, J.P., was born at Sydney, October 5, 1843, and has been a resident of Queensland since 1862. He defeated ex-Mayor Southall by a very large majority on his election for the East Ward. Alderman Phillips represents the Council on the Traffic Board, and has always taken a decided interest in matters appertaining to the welfare of the city.


ALDERMAN J. WILLARD was born in Eng- land, and has been established in business in Brisbane for the past twenty-four years. In February last he was elected to the


Alderman J. Willard, of Brisbane.

Municipal Council in consequence of his advocacy for a central bridge connecting East Brisbane with the city. It is due to this gentleman's exertions that a bill was passed to provide for ' the ' Electric lighting of a portion of the streets of Brisbane, and it may be mentioned that a tender has been accepted for this work.

The marriage between Mr. Ernest Oscar Boden and Miss Louisa Netzler, daughter of the late Oscar Netzler, Consul for Sweden and Norway, was solemnized at St. Andrew's Church, South Brisbane, by the Bev. F. Hunt, M.A., on the 20thNovember, in the presence of a select circle of friends and relatives. Mrs. A. B. Ohman presided at the organ. The bride's mother enter- tained the bridal party, after which Mr. and Mrs. Boden proceeded to Southport.

Dr. W. S* Byrne,

who proceeds to Europe hy the ' Oceana,' for the purpose of studying Dr. Koch's cure for consumption, was entertained hy a number of his per- sonal friends at a 'send off' dinner.

The words, ' Qui nescit ignorare, Ig- norât scirej were in- scribed on the back of the menus used at the dinner.


ALDERMAN AYS COUGH , wh o was born in Yorkshire, has represented the West Ward for the past two years. As may be gathered from the photo graph, Alderman Ayscough (al- though in a peace- ful profession, viz. that of a chemisi

and druggist), if

an officer of th< Queensland Volun. teer Rifles. He wai originally, in th<

year 1859, in the Field Artillery, in which branch of the service he continued to remain until 1881, when he -joined the Rifles. J

The divers now at work at the scene of the disastrous wreck of the < Quetta ' getting- out the cargo are obtaining almost daily some relics, such as gold watches, chains, lockets, bracelets, eye-glasses,

Testaments, and all kinds of person- al property, which is-as soon as iden- tified-sent to the next of kin of the late owners.

* * *

ALDERMAN JOHN ALLWORTH CLARK re- presents in the Council the North Ward, for which he was elected in Feb- ruary, 1888. Al- derman Clark is a merchant tailor, and also is well known for his ad-

vocacy of temper- ance j>rineiples. He has always taken a prominent part in politics, and his sound sense and business qualities

render him a val uable man in the

Municipal Council of the capital of Queensland.

Since the release of the < Hopeful

prisoners little has been heard of them, although everyone knew that Tom Freeman had accepted a lucrative position as captain of a Townsville steamer. The old adage that ' Truth is stranger than fiction ' is in his case well exemplified. While in prison Captain Freeman made the acquaintance of a young man who had previously held a good position in society, and a close friend- ship arose between the two men. The former did not fail to recognise the untir- ing efforts to alleviate the distress of the latter made by a young lady from Victoria -a sister of the unfortunate young man.


When. Freeman regained his freedom he corresponded with the lady, and although they were hundreds of miles apart, they became attached to one another, through a common bond of sympathy. A meeting was arranged, and an engagement followed, which was ratified at Rockhampton on November 12, when Miss Jessie Willis, of Geelong (Victoria), became Mrs. Thomas Freeman, of Townsville. Thus the couple were wedded after but two brief meetings,

and Captain Free- man's five years of durance vile was ended in matri- mony, and, let us hope, bliss.

* *

It is our painful duty to chronicle the deaths of Mrs.

Robert Philp, wife of Robert Philp, Esq., M.L. A. (Messrs Burns, Philp and Co.), and daughter of Mr. James Camp- bell, who died at her residence, Ba- roona, Milton, after a brief illness ; and

of Mrs. Morehead, who, with her hus- band and family,

left Brisbane for Sydney, en route for a projected trip to Europe to extend over a period of two years, only a few days ago. Mrs. Morehead, as the wife of the populaj ex - Premier, occu- pied a;j position ir Queensland whicl brought her in con- tact with all clas

Alderman Ayscough, of Brisbane.

ses, and that she had endeared herself to all is manifest throughout the colony. She was a daughter of Mr. James Ranken of 4 Carrick,' Goulburn, N.S.W. '

Another colonist, of forty years' stand- ing, Mr. Robert Douglas, ex-Sergeaut-at Arms in the Legislative Assembly, died on the 23rd ult., aged seventy-four years.

Mr. and Mrs. John Stevenson are in Sydney.

* * *

The appointment of Dr. Stanton, Bishop of North Queensland, to the See of Newcastle will, if His Lord- ship accepts the position, he a dis- tinct gain to New South Wales, and a corresponding loss to North Queens- land, where! the right rev. gentle- man has gained

great popularity.

* *

The Royal So- ciety of Queensland held its adjourned annual meeting on the 22nd. After the secretary, Mr. Ryott-Vaughan ,had

read the annual

report, the election

of officers for the en


Alderman J. A. Clark, of Brisbane.

suing year was pro- ceeded with : President, Mr. F. M. Bailey, F.L.S. ; vice-president, Mr. Saville-Kent, F.L.S., F.Z.S. The latter gentleman, as re- tiring president, then read his address, which was most interesting. He strongly advo catedthe foundation of a University and the establishment of laboratories for scienti- fic investigation and experiment. Mr. Kent gave particulars of his recent researches in Torres Straits, and exhibited some valuable photographs. The ordinary business of the society was then pro- ceeded with, and Doctors T. Bancroft, Herschfield, Lucas, and Lanterer showed various exhibits of scientific interest,

i i

ALDERMAN J. D. HEAL was born at Bath, ; England, in 1825, and in the year 1856 j

came to Brisbane. Alderman Heal was j elected as representative of the Valley Ward

-?----__j M

Alderman J. D. Heal, of Brisbane. ¡

in 1870, and for the past twenty years has '(

taken a prominent part in municipal affairs. f

Alderman Heal supervised, amongst other \ public buildings, the erection of the Houses \

of Parliament. I

* * '

* :

Arrangements have been made for the : construction of new city wharves, which will cost about £30,000, and will be of inestimable value to the port.


The Revs. G. Chalmers and W. G. Lawes

have completed their translation of the Scrip- tures into the New Guinea tongue, which will embrace most of the dialects spoken on the island. Mr. Lawes will shortly arrive in Brisbane to arrange for publication.

. * *


ALDERMAN GALLOWAY was elected to the Council in 1884, and filled the civic chair during the year 1889. He is a Scotchman by birth, and came to Brisbane from the city of Perth, and is now a representative for the East Ward. He has been established in Brisbane for some twenty years. Alderman Galloway has during his career been successful in bringing about certain reforms in relation to the sanitary conditions of buildings.

I_¡ lill Alderman Galloway, of Brisbane. |!|