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CjIEISTMAS EVE. P6rtland last evening presented an un sdsually animated and busy appearanoe, In the course of tile afternoon it was observed that several cootingents of visitors arrived, all weariong an aspect of holiday expectancy. Towards eveniang the incoming numbers be gon to rapidly increase, until at dusk, whoaen the train had discharged its comoplement of visitors, and thr Dawn had anchored at the wharf, Bentinck street .ad Julia street be. came so thickly peopled that they presented qullote a striking likeness to the main tho rougbfnres of Melbourneo on special onca sioes. The arrival of the Hamilton cricket er, , in McMullen's drag, with the British en. ign floating boesido them, was the key-note for an increase of bustle and merrinmet. After dark, a walk round the towniwas cal ultated to raise tire spirits of any who were at all accessible to the influences of the hour. For in addititon to the usual display of gas and other lights, the shop windows and doorways wore decorated in highly ornamoental style. Notably in Julia street (the Bourko street of Portland) there worosevoral of the promises most tastefully get up. The ontrance of Mr. Harris' pastry. cook shop, for instinoo, was illuminatod by a Chinese lantern hanging from the centre of the cross.beam and encircled byaw reath of roes, mingled with a pretty green herb. This hung at the apes of an inmpromptu archway constructed of foliage and flowers. Also the window of Mr it. Frost, fruiterer and con isltloner, was embellished with herbs and flowers tastefully arranged. Mrs Barsby, too, made a pretty show with some of her ferns and floral specimens, and Mrs Lewis's shop was very attractlve, The street wore. a remarkably busy aspect, and people ap. peared to be buying and selling In all diree elons. There most have been a deal of busl ear done by the caterers. Bentinek street was not less patronlsed than Julia street, and t Mao's Hotel corner theecrowding was quite unpreeedeted.. Percy street was bright and gay as far as Mr Hudson's corner, Mr Marriott's place of business bsoit particularly attractive, " Merry christmas" appeared in floral characters over the door, and in all the windows there. were elegant emblems and mottoesin flowers As far as Mr McEachern's this street con tinned to be tolerably lively, but beyond Mr Stiller's it rapidly relapsed into sombreness. All the hotels are suffering from a sur charge of patronage, if suffering it can be called, and the leading houses find, their resoureas not equal t. thie demands spon them. The inducements offered by the itchl mend Hotel and Mr Stewart have been fully availed of. It was. especially gratifying to - note the thoroughly orderly and respect ble demeanour of all. That, element which is 'known in the streets of Melbourne under tile name of "bsrtkinism" was conspicuous by its ubsenco. And there could not have been a more cheerful, and at tile same time, regular commemoration of any 1 event than that which graced the town of Portlandon Friday evenlig. The linen.dra pesr'sheps,those favorite hau nts o thes fair sex were set out In all the profusion of a Satur dsy night array. The band too. again ( marched around, and gave us a salcullon or tweon Mr Perry's best style. Tle turfites gathered in goodly numbers at their principal - resdedvoas, and the chances of the various favourites were free:y .i cussed. At about nine o'clock in the evening the activity and bustle had reached its aclre, During the hour that followed, time seemed to stand still for a while, the whole town looked gay and cheortul, and everything betokened the enjoyment a most merry Christmas by every C body.