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LOCAL LAND BIOARD. Fo4DAY, JUNE 6, 1879, ,I(Baforo 0. Morgan, Esq., Land Offmer.) S narroo 10. +it 1Donald ForgIson, allot. near 8rroy vron Hoywood road, about 12 miles from Pbrtland, pariash of Iolwarra, county of Normanby 20a.-liocommendod forsurvoy, 2. walter Harman, allot. between allot. ments 3 and 10, son. 8, parish of Mac arthur, county of Normanby, 144a.-Recomn mended for survey. 3. Donald Mclunps, allot. adjoining the most southern portion of allotments 2 and 3, section 8 parish of Maarthur, pariash of alocarthur, county of Normanby, O69.-llo. commended 0or survey. 4. John Hinoho!ifo, south of allotmonts 2and 3. section 8, and west of allot. 10, sootion 1, pariah of Maoarthur, county of Normanby, 200a.-- ooommended for survey. 5. William Bucklbo, allot. east, part 2o, parish of lHomorton, county of Normanby, 224a 3r 14p.--ltcommendod. 0 6. Henry Irons, allotment, 13, parish of Bossiobolle, county of Normauby, 2078 Or 2p.--Postponed. 7. James Kerr, allot. botweon his pro. sont' selection and MI. O'Bryan'e, parish aof Drik Drik, county of Normanby, 37oa l 25p.-Roconoonaded, 8. John Mahor, allot, part 1, adjoining E. Murphy and G. Payno's selection, and Mr. A. Christie's purchasod land, sootion 10, pariah of Ardoonohio, county of Villiora, 100a.-1eooommedlod forsurvoy.,, 0. Catherino Sullhvan, allot. part 15, south of W. Dowling's seloetion, parish of Dartmoor, county of l'olloltt 100O.-Pot-. ponod in absenoceo. SrpOrAL OAsna. 10. Thomas Haucoofk. To slhw caesa against forfeiture of licenso 112 Ir 22p, parish of Dartmoor.-Postponod iun absoce.