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SET. ST.PRES'S CHURCH.--Preacher NEALE. . PHILIP H. SPECIAL SERVICES. BAPTIST CHURCH, SUNDAY 18Tn. TIBE RE. J. DOWNING, from W~llisms. town, will preaoh in the MORNING. In the E'VENING Special Evanrelistle Services at 7 p.m. Addresses will be glivn Ly REVS. E. VAUGHAN and J. DOWVN. ALL IsvrrED. WANTED, AGOOD COOK and LAUNDRESS, wages 36 a year; also, GENERAL 8811. VANT, Apply MRS. TRICKE?Y, Registry Office, Percy street, DANCING . CALISTHENICS. i RS J. M. MESSER begs to annonnco that she has arranged with MR. AND MRS. O. F. COUTTS, of .MELnunTses, to give LESSONS IN DANCING To her pupils, after the Midwinter Vaet tion. Early application from a limited number of roung ladies' a?d gentlemen wishin0 to ielo the class are requncsted, to enable Mr. and Mrs. Counts to coamlete their arrangements. Shire of Portland. rTHE Rate Collector will attend for the . receipt of rates at the following places and dates: IIOTSI'UIL--Friday, 23rd May, till noon. DIGBY--Sturdav, 24th May, till 4 p.m. BRANXIIULME-"Tuesday, 27th May, till 4 p.m. BRANXIIOLME-Wednesday, 2sth May, till 4 p.m. CONDAll--Thursday, 29th May,till4 p.m. IIEYWOOD--Friday, 30th May, till 4 p.m. By order, E. ATKINSON, Acting Secretary. Portland, 16th May, 18I4. Shire of Portland. NO?TICE. riilE regular monthly meeting of the Port. L land Shire C ncil stands adjourned to TUESDAY NEXT, 20th ustanot, at 11 I a.m., at Heywood. By order, B. ATKINSON, Acti,:u S!ire Secretary. Portland, 15th Mn), 1884. Shire of Portland. N OTICE is hereby given that n person wtill be entitlled to be enrolled on the VorERs' ROLL, in respect of.any property within the Shire, nole3s -efore tr on the the TENTIl DAY iOFJUNE NEXP all sums payable in respect of rates due on such property have been paid. Rates will be received by the Rate Colhector, at his office, Ienliuck street, Pettland, daily during the seven days prceding and including th 10thh day of June, between the hours of 10 and 4 p.m. By order, E. ATKINS'ON, Acting Shire Secretary, Portland, 14th May, 1SSI. Sale of Crown Lands by Public Auction.. I ENDERS will be received at the Crown . Lands OfRce, Melbourne, uatal Noon of MONDAY, 26th MAY, 1681, from licensed anctioneers who may be willi g'-t undertake the sale by auction of the free.imple or any Iess estate of Crown lands to be held at the undermentlosed place during the nanocial year of 1884-85. PORTLAND. Tenderers most specify the position of the premises in which they propose to hold the sales, and the rate (it any) per centum o tob commnlaion to be charged. The services of a Ilcensed auctioneer on the ocession of each sale will be required. The recelpt of money and the preparation of accounts will be undertaken by the oficers of the Treasury. The contractors will be required to con forn strictly to the conditions of the Land Act and the Regulations. Full information can be obtained on appli catioq to the Crown Lands Office, Melborune, or at the District hurvey ORBud. The lowest or any tender fill not necets sarily be accel ted. A. L: TUCKER, Commissioner of Crown Lands and Survey. Lands and Survey Offee, ,Melbourne, Sth May, 1084. DEVONSHIRE HOUSE. C. TRICKEY. WINTER DRAPERY. JUST arrived, per S.S. Dawn, a Large Assortment of WINTER DRAPERY, to be sold remarkably cheap. MILLINERY. A varied quantity of Fashionable and Sea. sonable Goods, IHITS, BONNETS, R&., purchases' at 20 per cent. below usual cost. Lsdi-s will do well to inspect before purchass ing elsewhere. FANCY GOODS. CREWEL SILEKS and WO')?S; also Berlin and Finetrie Wools in all abodes. BRHIGG' TrlANSSPIIs. TOYS in oenaleas variety. DRESSMAKING. lMRS. TEICKEIY desires t. thank the L-dins of t'ortlanJ ani ,i li:rict for the patsouage besowed upnuu her for so *.atny years, anI begs to inform them th?rt shel has takesinto partnership MISS IL M. REI)D, latlyd esarrylog on bnrin·as at tie corner of Julis stret, and hopes by vig:rcus attentionl to their patroca to secure iccreased succJs. Ladies' Own Material Made Up. adLlea' Underclothlbn always on land. Between Masonic Hall andi Savings Balnk, PERCY S L'IEET, PORTLAND. Dressmaking. MISS . 31. REID, N' thanking the Ladles very kindly for a past farours, begs to antounce that she has entered into P'rtnerShlp with MriS. TRICKEY, and hpes iy strict attentionand moderale charges to secure a continuance of their patronage. Betweren MASONIC IALL and SAVINGS BANK, PERCY St'IEIFT. WEu.' t;Oc-li OT Coas.--Ask fr Wells' " Rough on o?o."' Servenpeuce hialfpenny. Quiclk relief, compte, pe rmaonent cure. eurnsa, wsboenien. Moset.o Moss & Co., Sydney, Ge?ertl Agct.-A-?rr.T

AUTUMN AND WINTER DRAPERY. iISS S. H. HEAZLEWOOD begs to announce the Arrival of theNeato est Goods in MILLINERY, Dresses, Mantles, &c., for the ensuing Season. Attention is invited to the FASHION ABLE DRESS GOODS, Mantles, and ULSTERS. Also to the Choice Assortment of Neti BONNETS bnd IA TS of the very latest nodes. And to the elegant articles in LINGERIE. The Dressmta?ing Department is under MISS IIEAZLEWOOD'S Personal charge. Customers, haerefore, * may rely on their Orders being executed in good flc,.-:. PERCY -?TREET, PORTLAND "' -- - . . .. IROPN STORE, PERCY & HENTY STIIEETS, PORTLAND, Best Business Positioo in the Town, TO LET. Possoesion lso July, 1994. IRON STORE Premises, consistlnu of Large Two-storey Retail Shop, Bluestone Warehouse, Wool Store, Cottage Residence, and numerous out-buildings. For full particulars apply to P. W. SHEVILL, Portland. TO HOTELKEEPEIS. To LET on LEASE, for Three or Five years MAC'S HOTEL, PORTLAND. /TENDERS are Invited from persons de. 1 sirous atf leasing the abovenamed hotel for a term of three or five years from the ist July next (the date an which the present lease expires). Tooderers will state the rent they are prepared to give, and the term (whether three or flee years) for which they will tske the hltel, and will address their applications to the care of Peter Ye , 48 Queen-street, Mdlbourne. Mse's Hotel is a splendid three-story hu Id. Ing, commanding a mah.nifcent view of the bay, and situate in a large and prosperous Cistrict, of which it Is recoguheed as the prin. cipal hostelry, its ainattle at the inttisrction, oie he two main thoroughfares of Portlann. in the very heart of the steamboat, railway, and coach traffic of the district, having made it tho favorite resort of settels and tourists. The accommodtiono of the hotel is very exteesire, comprising on the .ground floor dmilngroom (32 x 21), billiardroom, commer cial eooms, four parlours, bar, assembly-hall (45 x 25), laundr, kitclhen,&c. Onthe first floor, five parlours, right hedrooms, bath. tooms, &c. On the 2ond floor, 19 bedrooms, bathroom,, &c. The outhouses consist of well-appointed stables, &c. The owners are prepared to spend a sum of money in putting the hotel in a state of repair, and in redecorating it. Full particulars can be obtained from Peter Yeo, estateagent,4S Queen-street, Melbourne, Birthday Cards, ,c. JU FT opened. a very nece s lection of l BIRTHIDAY, WEDDING & CONDO LENCE cards, all new desieus. Also, a fresh supply of NOVELS, by Wilkie Collins, Mre. Riddeli, Mayne Reid, Edmund Yater, and EIGU TPE.NNY novels by standard authors. BOOK & STATIONERY DEPOT, Bontinck Street. NOTICE. M R. BUTLER, Solicitor, being about to remove to Belfast, may be consulted at his ollee, Percy street, Portland (next to Mrs. Smith's), on eery THURSDAY In each week, Notices to Teausters and Others. AFTER this date all CATTLE found Trespaslngeon the OAKB?ANK and GIIEENVALE Estates will be Impoondsd without faurther notice. Any persons found Damagnog Fencing or otherwise treepostng'wll be prosecuted. T. D. HIUGHES, Oakbank. Jan. 19, 1884. LANDING, ao n - . FOR SALE, LAW R.ENCE';ROCK THOMAS REAN, Gawler street, P.rtland. R ABBIT. RABBIT. RABBIT. HARE. HARE. HARE. OPOSbUM OPOSSULM. KANGAROO. KANGAROO. And all NATIVE ANIMAL SKINS BOUGIT FOR CASH. ?:1AS. COX & CO., Custom Hlou?? Lane, Melbourne. -~ac's Hotel, Portland, A?NDREW D. STEWART begs to Intl A mute that the best Hotel Aiommol. tion can be foun in IMAC'S UOTEL, PORT. LAND, A T REASONABLE PRICES. The Hotel fact the sea, and has within a tew mnutes' wall from it th· Crporn'icn Baths, the Botanical. GaldenOe, Bowling Gren, ned Public L.brary. Thie Post-.ofice and other Government Buildings are directly A PRIVATE SITTING ROOM on the trst floor, and facing the sea, is set apart for LADIE?S AND PAMILIES using the Public Table. To the Public of the Wes tern District. GEORGE BEVAN )EGS to intitmoe that he hsa resumed j occupation of the, LONDON HOTEL, coe??.n or JULIA & BENTINCK STREETS, PORTLAND, Where he will endeavosr ta make his ens. tlntrne comfortable. A thoroughll god Table is laid every day at the a.nul meal hours. The bedrooms are fuorished In a style wrhich Eso ,thbrc hotel In the Wetern District The IONDON HOTEL ic opposite the *teahboat pler,'sod a itiie'5 o .'k oI tile Railway Satio2 I',5et, Telvgrstet, and their Goernmenta cnc?. The BEST LIQUORS PROCURABLE arce en sale at this liotel.

P. W. SHEVILL, 1 Importer, GENERAL MEROHANT, SHIPPING AND INSURANCE AGENT, WOOL & GRAIN WAREHOUSES, S'OPPOsTE WIIAIF RAILWAY STATION, PORT ' N D, PaUsoamea or. WOOL, : :_ " ,... .---? " c'? r -. .-,:._a GRAIN AND ALL OTHER COLONIAL PRODUCE. Aoonecr rou The Australalan Mortgage and Agency Com pany (limited), Wool and (;r.in Brokers, Stock and Station Agents, Melbourne. The National Inmuranoo Compsay of Als. tralasla (limited). The Australlan Alllino, A'esurance Com. pany. Tlhe Western Steam Navigation Company (Llulted.) rP?lE Company will de-patch the steamers 1 as under when pract:cable, with passaen gers and cargo: From Melbourne for Portland via Warrnambool and Belfast. Nanme of Stenmer. Sailing. JULIA PERCY Friday, 4 p.m. NELSON Wednesday, 4 p.m. Prom Portland to Melbourne via Bel fast and WarrnambooL Name of Steamer. Sailing Day. NELSON Saturday, 3 a.m. JULIA PERCY I Tuesday,3 n.m. The following are the rates of passage Money: TO AND FROM .MELBOURNE AND POETanLX Snaloon: Single, 12 61; Iettirn, 20. Steerage: ditto, 6s.; ditto. 10e. FP.n= wAOWSASDOOL A.ND OELO TO ProRTL.n-and rice versa: Saloon: Single, 7s 6i; Return 19s. Steerage,dltto, 5s. All Information as to rates of Freight and hours of sailing may be obtained from the undersigned. For freightor parssge apply to S. P..HAWKINS, Portland. HEYWOOD SAWMILLS. JAMES .I WOODS has been appointed tagent for the above malls. • All order a nil be receired and extente. on moat rea unable terms. J Corporation Public Baths& Ci[lESE Baths are now open for use by the I Public, and ire In perfectly good order. I The following is the scale of charges, as authorised by the Borough Council: One month at 5i-r2Pd per dayfor-s many baths as you like. Three months at 10s is I?l per day for as many baths as you like. Sir months at ;5s is ,ld per day for as many baths as you like. Tweelre months at 20s is id per:day for as many baths as yeun like Single bath, withdr witneout towel1 63. Children- attending school or -i chargo of a friend, without towel, 31. SThe Batbhs pw being aain to charge of MR. anod iMs. McLEOD, they hoe this will boia sofiicient goarantee to the public for regularlty, proper attendance, and clvil Season tickets can always be had at the Baths. p.m. Ionurs Fo BAnterm.-Males 6 to 9 s.m., 12 to 2 p.m., and from 5 to 9 p.m.; Sundays 6 to 10 a.m. only. Females 9 a.m. to 12 noon, and from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. (excepted on Sundays). Bathing Season now only commenced. VICTORIA HOUSE, TYERS STREET, PORTLAND. PRIVATE BOARD & RESIDENCE. EvERY ACCOMMODATION FOB VISITORS. MRS. J. HUXLEY. LADIES' SCHOOL, IIENTY STREET, PORTLAD, CoNDccTED n Y . IRS. MESSEO, asisated tiy MISS LI LNDEN, a lady of ability and ex. pericnce. Claea are now formed for Feusce, GrOljie, DIoweso & Poexrnso. MUSIC, Mns. Mtrsoas. SINGING, Moss Ladies' School; Belfast. I"' RS. BUTLFIR Its much pleasure In li announcing that it ila her Intntic' to open a Boarding and Day School for yanog Ladiesis BELFAST. She will beassiated by competent gernesOres. School duties will commence on the 28th JANUARY, ISSu. Plantoforte Tuttlou. M ISS WALKER gives Lessons on the Pianoforte and Cabinet Organ. A quarter's noti;e or halt a quorter'e fees re. quired before rtmoval of a pupil. Terms, &e., on applicatin to M1ISS WALKER, Percy etreet. Portland, Feb.7. MISS CIBBS RICHMIOND STREET, T I CEIVES Popils for Instruction in the S PIANOFORTE. Terms on appllta. Levecos will be rcanmed on January 15, 1804. Wanted to Sell LWASTE PAPEd, Che.p, by the ewat at this o1ice.

1CAMPBELL AND SONS AND CO., WIIOLESALE & FAMILY GROCERS, DRAPERS, AD GENERAL MERCHANTS. THE CIIEAPRST STORE IN TOWN lOR TEAS, COFFIE8 AND SUGARS. Groceries of Every Descrip tion. FLOUR. POLLARD, BRAN,'POTA TOES, CIIIFF. &c. Ironmongery, ' Earthenware, Brushware, S .Drapery, &c. CAMPBEI L AND SONS ,AND CO. ARE Now Suowso TEWT GOODS AUTUMN & WINTER DRAPERY, Consisting of all the NEWEST & LATEST STYLES FOR THE SEASON Millinery, Dresses, Mantles. , Ulsters, Shawls, Trimmings, - Scarfs, &c. CTIOR OSPrECTFULLY INVITED. ARGYLE HOUSES, JULIA STREET, PO T A. NDT .,, DUNCAN M'EACHERN, CENERAL MERCHANT, IRON STORE, PERCY STREET, PORTLAND, Commission, Insurance. & Ship ping Agent, HAS FOR SALE Every description of Station and Farmers' Supplies, WOOL, PACKS and COIRNSACKS. Twine, Rnddle, Lampblack, and P?intd Oil (raw and boiled) Sulphur, and Arsenic Fencing Wire. Galvanised Iren, Spoutina Ridging, Nails and Screws Maiuritlis Sugars New Season's Teat, Liverpool and London .Sal (coarse and fine) Earthenware,Glassware, Electroplateware .;lcry, and Bruahware. Ironmoogerynf all descriptions, Oilmens' Stores Wines (Colonial and imported) very SPIRITS. Shlerifl and Denville's Whidkey Martell's and Hennesy.'a Brandles and pale) West IndiaRum ' Ale and Porter-best brands in qnartb pinta CASH PURCHASER OF Wool, ide1s, Skins. Bark, Grain, and . All other Colonial Produce. AGENT FOR MIONCKTON D. SYNNOT BROSi[ MIELBOURNE. NEW ZEALAND LOAN & 3IERCANTILE AGENCY. COMPANY (limited), MELBOURNE. Capital, £3,000,000. Liberal Cash advances made on STATION SECURITIES, ENSUING CLIP OF WOOL, GRAIN, &c., For sale in Melbourne or shipment to Lon. don, upon specially advantageous terms. WOOL, GRAIN, &o,, And other station produce, either for sale here or slhipment. PUBLIC AUCTION SALES Are hbld regularly dsering each week The Company act as SELLING BROKERI ONLY,and miake advances at lowesl rate of interest, and all consign. ments are valued and Iro teetedaccordingly alwhen offrecd. Separate warehouses have been prol led for the disposalot SIIGEI'SKINSS, UIDES. TALLOW, AND SKINS OF VARIOUS KINDS, LEATHER, AND STATION PRODUCE, And public Auction Sales are held three times a reekt. DAVID ELDER, Manager. I.YOUNGIIUSIIAND, Wol and Produce Manager. Melbourne Wool and Grat Warehouses. Agents for Portland : MESSRS. W. P. ANDERS(ON AND Co Shire of Portland, rIIBE Council of the Shire of P'ortland I hereby offer to pay a bonus oa Twenty Shilling ior the Skin of every full-grown DINGO, and Ten Shlllings each for those of Wild Pupples; also, Sinpence per dzan for S?alps' of RBbblits, for animals killed wilthln the Shire. Toe skins and I:alps mey be'delivereJ to, and will be received by, any coun.scilbr or oflcer of the Shire, who will, on receipt and tlally, pay tha boons accning. By ordl r, Wx. CLAPIAM, Shije Secrelary. Shire Hall, Walook,Oct. 15, 1983.

TIlE PORTLAND GUARDIAN (ESTABLISHED IN 1842) Is PUBLISHED at the OFFICE in BENTINCK STREET Every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. IT ti delivered In the Town and Suburbs I before 8 a.m., and despatched by thy early ooachea and the morning train. .The priceeis for a Single Copy d4.t by Ihe.Q artr cash 5si credit gs., with post gn added, 'The "GIJUA?DIAN" is published in Porl lsad, and has exclnnive circulatlorr also 'in a considerable portion of the Westersn DIllrict It has a circulation also in the adjouning. towns and districts of APSLEY, ARARAT, BRANXHOLME, BALLARAT BRIDGEWATER, BYADUK, BELFAST, CISTERTON CAMPERDOWN, CHATSWORTH, COLERAINE, I CONDABH; DARPMOOR, DIGBY, DEIK DRIUK, DUNOLLY, DAYLESFORD, EDENHOPE, GEELONG, HAMILTON, HARROW, HEYWOOD, HOTSPUR, LHORSHAM, LYONS, MERINO, MACARTHUR, MELBOURNE; MT. GAMBIER, MYAMYN, ,> NARRAWONG, NARRACOORTE. " - . .. ..r. .. , T', O R T .. * STAWELL, SANDFORD, WARRNAMBOOL: It Is thus an ezoellent advetlting medium The advertising charges are-Per inch for ordinary intimations s. Gd. each insertion. When the number of insertions exceeds three a reduction will be made. For continuoed advrtisements the charge will be by the month orquarter according to arrangement. Ordners for the paper and advertisemeats for inso tion may be sent direct to the pub. liishing office or to either of the follosing AGENTn: t?rETI.nRE :-Messrs. Gordon and Ootch Collins street West; Mr.J., Armatrong,Elizaboth street; SMr. t. 1cKaigo, Temple Court. So.zr :--Meoars. Gordon and Gotch LoenoN :-Memsrs O. Street fess~s Bates, liendy ed Co.Mesoi Clark Platt and Sons. N.B--It is desired that subscribers wil give ear!y ietimation of any irroegulrties that mtoy o~ccur in the delivery of the paper It is requested that adverrtisements ahll bhe soent In as early as may be found con venient on the day preceding the day of pob. ication but they can be received up till 1it p.m. when necessary. Orders for the discontinuanceof advertise menots must be in writing. "Portland Guardian" JOB PRINTING OFFICE JOd PRINTING of all kinds executed a the Guairndi OfBcea at moderate prices. rhe verbal and literal aecurocy on work executed at thloflcemay borelied upon. Emergency cree will ba completed with deioatch.

S1,750,000 "WERTHEII M Sewing Machines HAVE BEEN SOLDI INCONTESTABLE PROOFS I DECLARATIONS BY LEADINf FIRMS oF MELBOURNE./ T IIEn ' WONOERFUL " WERTHEIM"' SEWING MACHINES, ' . ?W have repleaa?o n Eacnmendlng Wethe?m Bewrin taoehlne. Tey ey , er d.iMrablrtey due tl at-las eWan, shadl in fi tre, we amdd-. aelrpaued whether o"refamly o factory e._: 7. oulinr Street iat. AL( 0 a BOWI. f. We hrve told as ver/lara number the Wert - ellm laehlne,and tIhe pmrheAen have at all t?ea erp?~eodthemonlvýoaell pleatl with them. ?te , aim ams many ao them in or own w?a?renmt, whmen they give evert uthfartlone" S& 11 BoElurkat eer t Et and at l -da. Thel Wertheid Sewin g Yahe In u a ehen 'teaomebare iven truaeovuer utorelae, mad theo arhiln .who e temel Ine neee that tbher thrk ST it 22 & Ilfakeebeat74 ater be ite mIe thai Ste, ILL o Wetbrmnch pan lnre L tHa tty f the ~s -eant we hllUe tS b Wert elm oaeing taehine. fa domte sead l msufaeterleg earpoet.a Wel -aveh s eoemulernab numbe, and tare ihtm ta eatlual the eprhe. a evleryh imtngacthyr ave gnlatiUAN" O. BWI A CO We rbhese toh eimtnrer? for tht I the fw ea we har largelymt Mar SewL g Yfr eehine: paBinOaei T DsWpesk Rw f &rcth El yo •mentare." JAS IfeSNJlcE at0 9a SWatrodena ndl IrmeLhmatn , .L. we hnve taha inomrein tai, Ding to tho eo Good gnIty and geaenl enttiatlw poor aeeg Weld Sewing tene ad tht e . . at eWe tingle esrep ant to theird an wor Epkenp gretatt My. EBSRDO K i CO. Iron h sreamtt . llatWn Lverhampn St& rydet.o , IW tae niea?era tre nettlng it the lest theaparrwe hatvea beea1a twbe r ot the Weraelm Sawing laerheOim ad In acinte ero eet aerr a fdlNlaormplnt u to telpl r atn aahel pat." ilbll U" T UtCO, TOE. Ad lt reeamt (on . d ERL). ,A y h atl traet eo bleea eteetam t wte nhoal :'ee metman tbs Wemettet eSeg Nnhe in mla n omr wiwhng ae~Ter ee plthn large that rm ehilata are hLighly pleated with them. They liemm as that .Se of yonr mae have abeen ha ea--eaat mor !teaaa of It meatl a,-nt they Ie 15 Illeabeth Street. Jent De faeham, and know that thebare given NulvreLti I lJ ýrm eInSet * Wtarehoemm. -Dnngsomesapn we have mid tieighoat tlhe ttar ebl. r?aar m L ne n F eom n e h? ter" yt tme with aour conmem lha fallten oa.mai lw - new Sed that tm •elveesal .prerlveaae I far tho' nod??br that thes r ?eao atl ri s ,k insand _annhitpeender the Weethenim edirt and dtainier er which Let , la arlwane aevot+t, we viola e' ,varettll titably lt tha lites d tihe apptlace ep dled with eah Werthei lanchine tino at high tnlty. Tnheir wnork ia iat n !d al r tb. th.em to them. b e stal t ee tey ear lee ner bagbeen sa ·flrua 2 the requie li ttl at their ma re n rtma . & , , Clothag i?tnntactoares A Waranteme?t . I t n o u . "hnar lam But." 'Weave mab pasneme tna etatangthan e have paiotr iwahie to seeraletlm eerte reee .. -erhaep ehin the highet teemO eofthr e??elles_- t a-,da spllcity. We hamvetadnonmnlaub0iant ?, gettingmotter ~lee.' FWIC InOt., ,. ft FlndereIane Baeet. Waru aeltOl`loS eWehaventetaar itge t atalottheWeettm. , Sewlig Yttahlae'atmppiiny nyU teeom ,esine . aper to lhave given LatnLe utsttinl. We hi2e mover based? a eempdat, St hae.O neie*luti?'t laoamtmding them.-" I itLnders tane Wet. Wehomaetm " "We havemoeb lemkeeta ttinfgtht we h en ' tonShe last' are yeeqr Sad lad them to he ery. dartble, earl wrkbed, and the eat marhlaee ab have e thal."" W.It. iOtl[RB t .e, Farnlture Wareheona en up&nohtm a • w0 k * Holas Stree at. • Itn?hi a for bedding and aphalstery? . vary " "" kindafwcrekwe haveprovatl Werthaim Mt'etan . to be heamparably the beat. They have never . eaned as a mnment'o tble n a eaahittag ef eNpense for rengat." hlntabeth Stret. CUtLLIS, HILL A Co..nt 'in reply t yeae at arn tha, in retnmeee to the Sewing Mtebhine ptvenam othearem i ordomer e k . Y aom eb, th. vetry eash atlnfled with le, and to.',, .l , •to varten maia at mabinel etojam w themeelv aate, and t MittlSat ve well ale eomca -ecarr~age & Wa ,i --Re yeaearan t Lam.lveJme I atatitng that It he --en eer m~thuIiLU. at ?Uo ant reqah r Scollins st. Weal. (tt Tami & baner). Braehres le Vintorta eopeeyor.'e the Suit the "Wneahelr " htamhlnO. foe Cl'al . ];tle-Pmyment :- m tdnLBOueIre: 59 SWANSTON ST., Oproslirt T ;u&.' 186 Brido oimhad, Luchzmno'lv t tlln tT--llet ele Streete att .St., . J. S, S.tNDIIoi'sT--rll Mtal, nett L.nne itrel, STAtifLL-ilat Stereet. el Anohimva.'no. )oit i OOttUG0-llgh Street. Ii L -lrf c Streefl - ! -tiaVantced for 10 Yeari, an.' will be kept in THOROUgh. n.? . REPAIR, FREE OF OE, FUL: for the Term cf THIREE Ys .