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BRANXHOLME.. (aenoN oUR own eoaBatPODENT.) November 1. Police v. 1Bishop. Tide was a one of horse:stealing. The once is this:--About nine months ago Mr. Officer lost two mares and two colts; these strayed on to the HIrton Hills station. iMr. Officer proved the loss of all the horses; had never sold or anthorisod any one to sell them; the horsees now in the yard were his property. Tihe mntaoger of Horton Hills stated that he had the horses in tihe yard about tie 13th February, could not be sure of tire date; snw them abhout a week afterwards on the run; tire horses now in tile yard are the same. In reply to a question from AMr. Samuel, said lie could not be certain about thie date when he last saw the horses. iMr. Fallen said that ihe sew Bishop at Mr. Condin's sale, near Brenzholme, and asked him if he know any one that wanted a buigy ; ihe said yes, he wanted one himself, but would ratiher deal with a horse in part payment,; he had a inuro in Mlr. Mancgugan piddocic, and would inmet hibm on Saturdayst Branx Iholeau siw tile nltre, and tldo it a bargain; was to get the mare nnd five pounds for the buggy. Bishop took the bIggy away with hinm, and I wirs to get tihe mlare, tile ollowing iaturtday ; could havu got tile iunro sooner if wished ; Hshr - op did not say how he came by the mi re. Constable Foster stated that flom informa tieon eceived he took poesession of ebo blown more, and then charged the prisoner with horso stealing, ald got a wilrlnllt and upprchenlctle him on the next day it lower Iy tduk: asked him if he had sold any aiires it lirnnxholtoh lately, Bisp said no, hio Irhad non to soil, Mr. Maddilson hlid sdid two colts for hina at I?rnxhohino; then upprohended him, ?ind gave tile usual cautioin; whio in tihe lookup tile priconor naked mto if Iknew who hoe took ume to be, I said ino, the prisoner said I took von to be one of LChtlico's men nanme to rlr.k rfter someof moy horsaus, andl this wily I toll you I sold no mares at liranxhtolme; tile prisoner then stited that ihe bought the iorses from " Ted Lee,." the mailman, on tile Tuesday before ih got hurt; got no receipt, but went to Delfias for a receipt, but Tod was too ill to give it; Saim Taylor was with Ihim whern ie iebolght the roreon from Lee, In .nsweer to Mr. Siminol, Consatblo Foster Ril i he was it pluio clothel when Ieo errested the prisoner. S-rmuoel Taylor wans tile nest witusRe nailed, iwheo rill that Ite caw Bishop and Lee togtirer tshoult roln horoes ; thie horses Lo lind pitt fol r ill hlis paldook; Loi ofteln hndl hoIer inl hi It pdock; this was in Janlluary in.t; Leo told him heo had sold lithe hoi'N to lisltiop; I tolI hit he would have to py uoo for tir e grass 10o., which I roceliver ; IthI horses were in my paddock buntl a fortnight ; could not say exaotiy. oit ihivirg ettredr tire itesn ; tihe horses. itt l otL thror of them, are thie amine Lee iut ill the pidlnlock, two marns adll two colts. This )close the eaoo. Tie Bonoh eonritdrod from Tly'lor's evidence that Ilihep had ibought thie horsees from Lee. D)ielni iged hint. 'l'hn Iplice haisrged man whose name! counil nit hear wirh courning a hare tills. norning contrary to crsne law ; ihe ad mittrln thie ohrien, buit plendil ignoranoe of thie law. Thills beiug itre flet easL hi was find h.