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  • SheffieldPark 12 Nov 2013 at 09:57
    Txxt Reduplicated Name = Nareeb Nareeb.

    Tag so named to match Wikipedia.

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Charles Gray, Esq., of Nareeb Nareeb, has been appointed a Justice of the Peace within the Western Baillwick. The following application for leases, under section 20 of the Land Act 1869, have been approved :-- Allan M'Donald,   Koolnomert ; R. Marshall, Moorwinstowe John Egan, Casterton ; W. Watts, Boohara ; Johann Krause, son., Warrayare ; Jas. Hoggan, Narrawong ; Sarah Egan, Drik Drik. The next County Court and Court of General Sessions, will held held in Portland on Friday, the 24th day of November. Shanghai, 13th August.-- The French Mission Chapel at Ningkoofel, in the pro- vince of Ugan Sali, was attacked by the populace during the celebration of the mass. Time priest and many of the con- gregation were killed. Washington, 14th August.-- The first shipment of a portion of the cut of the statute of Liberty, which is to be erected on Bedloe's Island as a lighthouse, was re- ceived from France by the steamer Labra- dor, of the Havre line, yesterday. There are eight sections packed in as many boxes in the consignment. Only two boxes have been landed-- one containing the right hand and wrist, and the other a portion of the torch. The casting is of dark bronze and hollow bronze between a sixteenth and an eighteenth of an inch thick, and braced throughout with wrought iron stays. Centre rods run through them. The casting is about fourteen feet by nine. This section required twenty-nine men to handle it, but was lifted ordinary der-   ricks from the hold of the vessel and lowered to the wharf on skids. This con- signment embraces the right arm, hand and wrist.