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TUB following particulars ol thia year'a Derby winner, aa well aa of proviens races for the bluo riband of the Turf, will Inter- est our readers, as well as b« found useful lor future reference. They are from the London Sporting life. .


Doncaster, a ohestnnt colt'by Stockwell, out of Marigold, Was originally named "All Heart and no Peel," and waa bred by Slr Tatton Sykes, with whose yearlings he was sent up to Doncaster for sale In Beptemner, 1871,' when Mr. Merry gave B50 guineas for bim. He fulfilled none of his two year old engagements, thuugh amongst them were such valuable stakes os the Middle Park Plate and Prendergast Stakes at Newmarket, and the Champagne Btake»at Doncaster, and the only time he ever ran in pnbllo prior to .Wednesday last was in the Two Thousand, when,-manifestly backward, beran tilth to Gang Forward. Kaiser, Suleiman, and Ilolard. His future three year old engagements are the Grand Prix do I Furls ; Prince of Wnlun's Brakes (Blb)ox. at Ascot i Seventeenth North of England Biennial (8 lb ex.), at York, August ; Doncaster Bt. Léger, Grand Duke Mioliael Stakes (71b ex ) at Newmarket, 1st October ; and Derby (7 lb ex.), at New- market Second October Meetings.

I The Barun

3 / .

~ j Tedlugton

lî I mare by



1854 Andover ...

1865 Wild Dayrell 18511 Ellington ... 1567 Ullnk Bonuy

1858 Beadsman.. .

1§M Munjld. I860 Tliormanby ieol Kettledrum 18132 Caractacus... I SOS* Macaroni ., leO-l*. Blstr Athol

18ÖS*tGIndlateur... t8BS*UiordLyon"


( Echidna -

f Glencoe

( MarpeiBS t Orlando

.j Miss Twlcken ( ham

I Rat au

( mare by

Blr Hercules . Gulccoll

Economist Miss Pratt Bultan

Trampoltno Muley


Touchstone Vulture


Electress Buzaard maro by

Melbourne Lisbeth

BKOOKD. THIRD. King Tom .. 'Hermit

Klagston .. "hard of tho Isles Yellow Jack .. Caunobie Black Tommy Adamas

Toxorhlllte .. The Hadji

Marionette ... Trumpeter .Tho Wizard ... Horror

Dundee. 'Dlophantns *lThe Marquis Buckatana

(Lord Clifden Rapid Rhone "General Peel Scottish Chief Christmas Carol Eltham Savernuke,. .. Rustió

188T Hermit... ... ... Marsktmun .. "Vauban

leds Blua Go»ii ... King Alfred .. 8p«id.tlon

1869»-Pretender.. " truro Gomez TuTuiuinnW

1870 Kingcraft. Palmerston ... Militer

IBU Favonlus ..íé!""rtyictor. lu«d:"Mtlor w.

. " (King ot Forest f ond placa

1872 Cremorne.- .; BrothtrtoFlurr, Qaeení Mesiens»

. ^ . ii??"* Furw'd l^ead-hrat Si « 1878- Doncaster.,Kai«-.- .\ ond ¿"M

and TÄStÄ?""* t!'° M"U TW° """-'«Oalae«,

Th« Oakea Blokes of fi« sera each, h ft, for thre«-vM> "u milts ; Sat mill e»en ; sccund received 300aova, third 160^ about a nillo und . a half, starling at the Hew High S"i dtarüng Poai. 133 «nb«. ga

Mr Merry'« ch f Marl« Stuart, by Scottish Chief-Morgan

lu-ffaye (T. Caution) .. ... ««ra». W. B. Crawford's oh f Wild Myrtle, by biiickwall-"

Tlghtttt (T. Cualoner) ' ' mocxweu R. H. Long's b f Angela, by Adventurer-Bttiíá

(Löstet) * , The following horses also ran i-Voyageuse, Oxford ïiir tur»,' Victoria Alexandra, Poldiiodv, C«"llio, Silver Hhii" Virgin Queen. Oyster Girl, Gratlusks, wild Angle. &¿L neath, b f by Y. Melbourne, Mia« Buckland, LadyLyoV^!* Bonata. . ' "T

Betting! 2 tn lagst Marie Stuart. 7 to 2 agat Cecilla Stol each agat Gratlnaka and the Hippia filly, 100 to 8 agit in»!o. 100 to Ö «gat Wild Myrtle. 20 to 1 agat giver Hing, "j tea ts* agar Virgin Queen and Lad)- Lyon, SO to 1 agu Oxford Mbr ture, and 80to 1 each agat Poldoody, Oyster Ghi, VovamoM and Wild Aggie. ' ? UM'

The numbera of the runners were dleplaj-ed la excellent time, tile telegraph showing only two uuaenteei from ibo« coloured on the card (Paraffin and Beauty), whlls an addition was m»de by Mr. Merry starting a second »trlng lu BoiuuT Ho time wis lost in preliminaries, the horses after tádr canter quickly proceeding to the post. -Mr. M'Geor»lisilM difficulty in gaiting lila field together, the Hug being lowered to a capital start. Voyageuse »t once took up tba rnnnlsi

attended by Wild Myrtle, but uft*r going 100 yards the Usu named gave away, «nd Sonata took second place, followed ty Grslintka, Virgin Queen, Voyageuse, Angela, and WUd Int* ia the order mentioned, tba next division belüg headed by Cacilia, Miss Buckland, Marlo smart, and Lady Lyon ; fol boody and Umarata being conspicuous tn tba rear, the Ult named being last ot all. üoun after euiering tbe- Furies, KJ Merry'a aecoud airing took up tho running, her immediate followers t eing Gratluska, Cecilia, Wild Myrtle and Ml« Buckland, Oxford Mixtur« and Marie Stuart being well on with tho leading division on reaching the top of the hill, tts last pair at this point being Silver King and Victoria Alexandra. On approaching Tottenham Corner, Bonstt dropped back und G-atinsku was left in front, with Hin Bucaland, Cecilla, and Marie Stuart In cloie attendance, JJ,, Bowes'« filly holding the oom maud until entering the itr&lgbt! where Marie Stuart went to the fore, and from fae momear that she took the lead the Issue of the race waa never iadonit as she sprvdily lind iiur opponents in trouble, and won emily by three length* ; a length between the second and thud. Oxford Mixture was fourth. Miss Buckland fifth, CecUls slxtb, the Hippis filly and Gratluska next, with Voyaieue and Poldoody the last two. Victoria Alexandra did not pan t he post. Tune, as takon by Henson's chronograph, 2 mis, 60} seo. Nett value of the stakes. £3,400.

alarie Stuart, a chestnut filly by Seo"tish Chief out of Morgan la Faye, was bred'by her present owner. Bile ont appeared in puhlio a« a two year old at th« Epsom Bumrstr Meeting last year, when In the Stanley Stakes she flnlOed second to Acropolis, and In the Acorn Stakes third to th* «ame filly and to Blue Light. At Ascot she won the Hew Sukes-having Kaiser third to her-ss well as the Teni New Biennial. At Stockbridge ahe won tho Mottlrftot Stakes, and her last race for the season wu« tha Hiddle Puk Plate, wherein she ran nowhere to tba dead-treatoia Kaiser and Surinam. Previous to her victory yesterday (Triai;) she had only run once at a three year old, wben sos nit fourth in the One Thousand Guineas to Cecilla, angela, sad Windermere Uer engagements aro as follows ¡-Grand Prix de Parla ; Coronation Blakes (7lh extra) and Tenth Be» Biennial Sukes (Ult. extra), at Ascot, Yurkshlre Oski(Tib extra), at York August; St. Leger and Park HUI Buku(Ilb extra), ut Doncaster; and Newmarket Oaks(7lb extra),it

ttl« second October Meeting.

(Lord oftbejTouehstone

. W Helen i

Bay Missy

( Rebecca


Lacerta :

j IL y Middle

\ Camilla

{Bay X tdd le- I Sultan

ton J Cobweb

Crucifix }p'iiun

a,u.B».. .u, t-ruciu* } Octavius

F"Ï<J ! fVculson ' i

V Miami \ H1T

\ \%%* :.



FIRST. SKCOKD. THIRD. 1851 Mincemeat. Meteor«. Bribery

1865 Marchioness ... Blooming Heather Capucine . I860 Mincepie . Melissa. Victoria

1857 Blink Bonny ,. Sneeze . Mcoitlirlnu

18£8t Governess .. ... Gildermire . Tunstall Mild ISM) Summerslde .. Bet nt . Wild Bois

I860 Butterfly ... Avalanche ... ., Coutadin«; . 1881 Brown Duchess... Lady Kl pon. Kalrwster,,. 1862 Feu de Joie.. ,. Imporatrico. 'Hurricane 1863 Queen Bertha .. Marlgnlu . Vivid

1S64 Filte-iie-l'Air ... Breeze. (Tomato

Ititi llcculla . Wild agnes.. .. Zephyr, 1866 Tormentor .. Mirella . Ischls

1867 lilpplu .{Achievement. Komplag Sill 1868ttFormo'a . Lady Coventry .. Athena

1869 Brigantine. Morna .. ... Martinique 1870 Gamos . Sunshine ... ... Pat«

187lt}H«nnah . Noblesse . Hopbine . 1872T Stine . Louise Victoria ... Qnadaloups 1871 Marie Stuart ... Wild Myrtle.. .. Angela

Horses marked thus t also won the Ono Thousand Gaines!, and t the Bt. Leger. Furmosa(1868) divided the Two Thou

and Guineas with Moslem.

- Blink Bonny also won the Derby ; ahe and Eleanor (1801) being tho only two fillies that have proved victorious In tte

two events.

TUE ClOLD cul".

Or SOO sovs., added to asunscrlptlon of 20 snvs. each. Its owner of the mieond horse to receive 50 sovs out of the staker. Weight forage About two'miles and a half. 21 sub».

Mr. gavlle'a Ciemorne, by Parmesan-Rigolboche, 4 yrs,

8st 101b (Maidment) .. .. .. 1 Lefevre's Flageolet, 3 yr«,7«t61b (Newhouse).J P.Anmont'aIterigay.4 yrs,8st 101b (Garratt). K. N. Batt'« Thorn, 3 yrs 7st Mb

Lefevre's Eole, II., fi yrs. Dst 31b '

Baron Rothschild's Corisande, 5 yrs, Dst

Baron Rothschild's Hannah, fi yrs. Sst '< >

Bolting.- ll to S on Cremorne, ll to 2 ngst Thorne, i tel agBt Flageolet, 10 to 1 agst Corisande, 20 lo 1 each agstEolell. and Revigny. and 100 to 3 agat Hannah. ,7

Hannah made the páceos notas she could to lultCorlMndCi and was followed by Thorn, Eole il., Flageolet, Oorlisad«,

with Cremorne bringing up tho rear, and they ran thus wUB little variation until the turn for home, where Crtmorxe rta though his horses, one arter another, and taking the lésait the bottom of the hill cantered «way from hit field, and wp» In a common exerolsa canter by eight lengths. Btvlgny wal a bad third ; Thorn beat Hannah a head for fourth place, Eel» next and Corisande last. M. Lefevre introduced us to a most beautiful colt. Ecomala, by Blair Athol out of Margery Daw, who took thoiaid in the New Stake«, and won lo s canttr by six lengths. Ktrtbrooke was second and Periwig neil; eight other« ran. Prince Charlie iiad only Drummond tobest in the All aged Brakes, which he did right easily. Ealierbad to give his yeer mid one pound to Chopette In the next Bien- nial Stakes, and being, perhaps, a llltlo overdone be renr nearly got beaten ; forChopetto got on terms with him atm« stand, aid WUB only beaten after a very exciting rawpy« neck. Odds were laid on Mles Buckland tor tbe £100 Piste, but «he was howled over by Magic Lintern, md tbiseouclinlea

the third day 's programme. .