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AN AUSTRALIAN RACING CLASSIC. The outstanding attraction at West's Pictures for next Monday is a great Aus- tralian racing picture, "Silks and Saddles," , presented by E. J. and Dan Carroll, by ar- rangement with Union Theatres, Limited. This film met with sensational success in Sydney, and this popularity was repeated later in Melbourne, and it is claimed to be the finest racing screen production yet presented to Australian audiences. In the preparation of "Silks and Saddles" special attention was paid to artificial lighting, and the story chosen is bright and whole some, and will appeal to the big sport loving public. The plot mainly concerns 'Bobbie,' the daughter of a blood stock

breeder. She is a thorough little sports   woman, and the centre of her father's affection and admiration. Bobbie's brother Dick is out of the parental favour on ac- count of his wild ways and his refusal to live in the country. Dick prefers the city and the society of Mrs. Fane, an adven- turess, with a questionable past and a shady present. Close to Bobbie's home lives a big Irishman, who would like to make Bobbie his wife, although he has not much apparent chance of doing so. O'Hara is a good-natured fellow, and after hear ing Bobbie's complaint that her brother will not come home to her birthday party, he undertakes to bring him along. A little persuasion does the trick. Dick arrives, but with Mrs. Fane. Then the fun starts. O'Hara gives Bobbie his horse, Alert, as a birthday present. Mrs. Fane is interested in another animal which has been entered for the cup and tries bribery, rank vil-   lany, and every other means to stop Alert   from winning. Meanwhile a distant rela- tive has come on a visit to Bobbie's home. The young people are mutually interested, and true love starts on its troublous course. The day of the big race is the climax in the lives of a good many people. At the last minute Alert is left without a rider, the police carry off some of the principals in the story, the race is run in a sensa- tional manner, and a happy ending is reached.