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During the filming of "Silks and Saddles," the Australian racing drama now being screened to big audiences at West's Olympia, an aeroplane was commissioned for a week, and several of the exquisite scenes for the picture were taken from the wings of the 'plane in mid-air. It was during one of these "stunts" that Mr. John Wells (producer) and Bobby Bates

got the supreme thrill of their lives. As the weather happened to be a bit dull on one particular day, and work was stopped until the sun reappeared, Mr. Wells and Bobby accepted the invitation of Capt. Percival, the pilot, to go up "stunting." However, the pilot omitted to strap the two daredevils in, and during the looping- the-loop process, a wire became jammed in the tilting mechanism, causing the ma- chine to fly upside down for a considerable time, to the amazement of the producer and Mr. Bates, who were holding on for dear life. The machine was righted, but it was a very narrow "shave," and since the adventure, the producer cannot be in- duced to even look at an aeroplane. The second attraction is Allan Dwan's delight- ful comedy drama ''A Perfect Crime," starring Monte Blue. It is Dwan's boast that the theme of this picture is quite dif- ferent from anything yet screened. He has taken a simple story, embellished it with sound philosophy, provided plenty of romance, humour, and pathos, and turned out the best comedy-drama of his career. The story has for its hero the "greatest liar on record." Baron Munchausen him- self was a rank amateur compared with Wally Griggs. And Wally is so proficient in the art he lies his way to success. Harold Lloyd, Charlie Chaplin real rival, is seen in his latest excruciatingly funny hit, "An Eastern Westerner." Delight- ful music by West's Vice-regal Orchestra completes an entertainment of exceptional merit.