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Family Notices

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BIRTHS. Cowteu.— On tho 30th April, at Burwood Park, Hawthorn, Mrs. William Cowpor of a daughter. Dixson.— On the 22nd Anril, at Clarendun-terraco, Hyde Park, Sydney, tho wife of Craig Dixson, M.D., of a daughter. Leon. — On tho 27th April, at hcrresidoucc, Bcltnont Cottage, Brunswick-street, North Fitzroy, the wife of Walter Leon, of St. Loon's circus, of a son. Mackay.— On the 3rd May, at Hodgkinson-street, Clifton Hill, tho wife of J. Mackay of a son. . Mills. — On the 5th May, ? at ' Bothwbll Cottage, Clara-street, South Ynrra, the wife of William B. Mills of a son. SUNDErtCOMUK.— On the 6th May, at Hall of Com merce, Hlgh-street, St. Kildo, the wife of J. S. S. Kundercombe of a son. Zi.MMERMAX.— On the 4th May, at Finlay-strcot Albert Park, tho wife of F. J. T.' Zimmerman of a son .

MARRIAGES. Browx— M'Keszik.— On tho 22nd April, atCarlton, by tho Rev. D. S. M*Eachrau, G. J. W., eldest son of .W. W. Brown, of Mount Tencriffe, to Ann Alary, second daughter of JPoter M'Kenzie, late of Bacchus Marsh, ? HiaoiKs— Welsh.— On the 23rd April, at Melliourno, Daniel Joseph Higgins, U.M. Customs. Echuca, eldest son of Edward Higgins, Esq., J.P.,of Mokoan, Benalla, to Janle Gabbett ijtuddort, only surviving daughter of Mrs. William Studdert Welsh, of Onrbally, Mokoan. IIooke — Hilling. — On tho 3rd May, at St. John's Church, Lillydale,' by the Rev. H. A. . Langlcy, Frederick Uarnsey llooko, of Hawthorn, to Mary Evangelino, second daughter of Nathaniel Billing, arohitect, of this city. LOMAS–BLACK. —On the 23rd March, at the Wes-     Ieyan Church, St. Arnaud, by the Rev. J. II. A. Ingham, William Lomas, of North Fitzroy, Melbourne, youngest son of the late William Lloyd Lomas, of St. Arnaud, to Elizabeth Ellen, second daughter of John and Mary Blaok, of St. Arnaud. MUIR–MAHER. —On the 5th May, at St. Ambrose     Church, Brunswick, by the Rev. M. Hayes, Gilbert Muir, of Melbourne, youngest son of Gilbert Muir, Aberdeen, Scotland, to Mary Ann, eldest daughter of Daniel Maher, of Seymour, farmer. MALLETT–CRUICKSHANK. —On the 10th April, at St.     Andrew's Church, Myers-street, Sandhurst, by the Rev. Dr. Nish, Frederick T. Mallett, of Sydney, sur- veyor, son of Mr. Henry Mallett, Prahran, to Bessie Neill, daughter of John Cruickshank, M.D., Sand-   hurst. SMITH–CAMERON. —On 30th April, at the residence   of the briilo's parents, by tho Rev. Mr. Pitman, Joseph, oldest son of J. Smith, Pelluobla, to Sarah, seoond daughter of Thomas Cameron, of Stony 'Park,' Poechclba. ? ?:'; ???'? -;*-'?*;? Walker— Wilson ? On tho 11th April, at tlie 'rbsi donco of the bride's parents, by tho Rev. F. Tullard, Thomas John, third son of William James Walker, of Albert Park, to Maggie Qlon, oldest daughter,1 of tlio late James M'Dougall, pier mastor, HelensbliVgh, and relict of the late William Wilson.- of FleminRton. Wkiu:— Griffiths.— On tho 23rd April.-atSt. Mary's Church, Caulfleld, by the Hov. H. B. Macartcoy, Charles Brooking Wero, of Horsham, son of J: IS. Were, C.M.G., of Wellington, Brighton, to Annie Jano, daughter of John Griffiths, Pine Hill, Caullield. DEATHS.'^;, ? .. : Adams. — On the 4th May, at her residence, Park street, Parkville, Catherine, the dearly beloved wife of Geo. Adams, builder and contractor, aged 53 years. Bell.— On tho 20th April, at his residence, 33 Forrara-iilacb, Mr. Samuol Bell, tho bolovod husband of Janet Bell, aged 60 years. . Beromoff.— On the 25th April, on her 18th birth day, Charlotte, third daughter of Charlos and Erailto Berghoff, Dalgety-atreot. St. Kilda. . Bouxdv. -On the 3rd May, at Wattlo Bank, Malms bury, Mary, tho beloved wife of John Bouudy, aged 72 years. A colonist of over 43 yeara. Cookso.n.— -On thH 28rd April, at Burkc-road, Upper Hawthorn,' Ann, wifo of John' Cookson, of 49 liourko street cast, aged U years^ ' Fkm*.— On the 2&th' April, from injuries rocoivod from a fall off a building in Elgin-street, 'Carlton, Thomas William Fall; youngest son of Mrs. Catherine Fell, of 229 Goorgo-streot, Fitzroy, aged 25 years. Folky. — On the 25th April, at Urmond House; 117 Sponcor-streot, West Molbourno, Honry Foley, carpen ter and joiner, lato of Somorsot-Btrcot, Riohniond, aged 64 years. : - Gukst.— On tho 25th April, Wllllani Honrv, eldest son of the late William Sollor Guost, of Chester, Eng land, aged 57 years. Hart. — On the 20th' April, at Burnett-street; St. Kilda, HenrlJ. Hart, J. P., aged 05 yoars. Hoad.— On tho 2Sth April, William Scott Hoad, at Molbournc, aged 74 j earB, of Brighton, a'ussox, Bug- ? land. . ?:?.'? '.. 5 j Kiiulii. — On tho 5th May, at his rcsldoiico, 30 Cani-J bridge-street, Edward Hhull, formerly of Glasgow, in tho 70th year of his ago, ?Lamiiib.— On the 3rd May, at Orchardlanda, Porter street, l'rahrnn, Rov. James Lambie, lato of Wyud hatn, in his 72nd yoar. Lako.— On tho 14th April, at Hay, of ocuto bronchitis, Dr. Thomas Lang, of Booligal, New South Wales. Lim— On the 11th April, at Bulgrnvo House, Inror*

carglll, Agnes, the relict 'of the late; Wm.AugHsUis Lind, and boloved mother of Mrs. John Twinoni, ?? Llndwood,' Ascot Vale, aged 07 years. M' — On tho 20th April, at h-s rnsidonce, Nn. G20 Bridge-road, Richmond, Thomas M-'Allan, builder, aged 57 years. M'ltAT.— At his residence, 3 Prlncos-stroet, Fitzroy, Hugh Polsoti M'Kay, youngest son of the late W. M'Kay, Esq. , of Tallarook, ajrod 20 years.— On the 25th April, at Mandevillo Lodge, Toorak, Charles, tho beloved only sou of Charles and Ann Manning. NICHOLSON.— On the 28th April, at her residence Camellia Cottage, Graham-street, Port Melbourne, Catherine, the beloved wife of Niel Nicholson, aged 64, late of Strath, Isle of Skye.             Peevor.— On the 27th April, at Adelaide,' Thomas George Peevor, aged 37 years, Custom House officer, accidentally killed aboard steamer Normanton. ReedeiC— On the 3rd May, acpidentally drowned in tho River' Yarra, ,riear ' the Hawthorn-brWgo, Rich mond, Thomas Turnley (Toby), tho second son of I1. J. and C. A. Iteedor, of Murphy-Btrcet, Richmond, a'.'cd 7 j'ears and 11 months. ? ' ' ! Hennison ? On the 12th May, at 12 OBborno-stroo South Yarra, of peritonitis, Susle.-third and youngest daughter of ThbinaS' Rennlson, Mordlalloc, aged 25 -J eSuMNEO.— On tho 20th April, at Stony Park, Bruns wick, Theodotus John Simmer, aged 63 years. Wathfohd.— On tho 25th' April, at tho Wesleyan Parsonage, Punt-road, Prahran, tho beloved wifo of the Rev. J. J. Watsford,- Wosloyan minister, and bo loved daughter of tho late Mr. Holloway, of Coburg, aged 87 years. ? . ? . - , . ; Woodoriuqe. — On tho 2nd May, found drowned in tho Yarra, John Thomas, eldest son of tho late Bart Ictt Woodbridge, of Hotham, aged 23 years and 4 months. Wriqut.— On the 25th April, at his late, resiaenco, Orcnond Villa, Ralston-stroot, off Inkornian-etreet, East St. Kilda, Rlohurd Barclay, the beloved husbanc or Olivia Wright and only son of the lato Richard Wright, inland revenue officer, Dublin, agod 44 years.