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1 large cup castor sugar, 1-3 cup castor sugar, 1-teaspooqful cream of tartar, i-teaspoonful carb. soda, 3 eggs, Finch of salt, 1 teaspoon vinegar.

Beat the whites of 3 eggs (eggs a few days old are best) to a stiff, dry froth, add pinch of salt, and a small teaspoonful of vinegar. Gradually add sifted cup of sugar, and last of all, add the extra third cup already stirred up with the cream of tartar and the carb. soda. Drop in teaspoonfuls on to brown paper (not greased), not too close together. Put into a moderately 'crisp oven, and at once turn gas down very low, and allow to cook for about 11 hours. If the egg white is nice and dry, one dessertspoonful of coffee es sence can be added after you have be

gun sifting in the sugar. You now have coffee meringues. These will keep indefinitely in an air tight tin, and are a great standby for a sweet in a hurry. Tills recipe can also be cooked as a Pavlova. The three egg whites make three dozen meringues. MABSHMALLOW CAKE Whiles of 6 eggs, Pinch of salt, 1 cup sugar, 1 teaspoonful of vinegar, 1 teaspoonful vanilla. Beat egg whites with a pinch of ealt until so stiff that the mixture stands up. Add one cup of sugar, beat again until very stiff, and the beater will hardly turn. Then add one teaspon ful of vinegar end one teaspoonful of vanilla. Pile mixture on to grease proof paper, which has been tied over the bottom of a cuke tin (upside down). Be careful to keep the mix ture an inch from the edge to allow for spreading. If it is beaten stiffly enough it should stand 4 inches high and 8 Inches In diameter. Cook in slow oven for 1 to li hours without opening When cooked turn on to plate, and when cold pile cream with passion fruit, pineapple, bananaE. or cherries

CHOCOLATE SUNDAE 2 dessert-spoons gelatine. ! pint of milk, i pint hot water. 3 dessert-spoons of sugar, Vanilla essence. Ingredients for Sauce 1 cup sugar, 2 tablespoons cocoa, 1 tablespoon melted butter, i cup boiling water. Add sugar to milk and stir until dissolved. Flavour to taste. Dissolve gelatine in hot water, cool slightly, stir nto milk, and pour into a wet mould. Method for Sauce: Mix sugar and co coa, add melted butter and hot water. Cook slowly fcr five minutes. Use cold with jelly served with cubed pineapples, cherries, or other fruit, and whipped cream.

BARLEY WATER This is an excellent eummer drink, especially now, as most families have a lemon tree In their backyard and the fruit Is available. 1 cup of barley, 3 quarts of water, 5 tablespoons of sugar. Juice of 1 lemons. Let all the Ingredients but the lenrnn iuice come to the boll and move from the stove. Strain 10 minutes after this, then add the lemon juice. Re move the scum and strain three times. To add a different flavour to barley water add the juice of three lemons and one orange to 1 pint of barley water. The rinds can be boiled for 10 minutes and strained and the water added. Juice from any stewed fruit, or pineapple rind holled Is a welcome change. GINGER BEER Ingredients for the Culture Half a small lemon, sugar, ground B1'BCr Method Cut lemon In rough pieces, place In jar with one teaspoon of ground ging er and one teaspoon of sugar. Mix well, squashing the lemon with a spoon, and add about half a dozen raisins. Cover jar with net. Add one teaspoon each of ginger and sugar daily for one week.

The Ginger Beer To nine bottles of cold water, about 121 pints, add the unstrained juice of 5 lemons, l'lb. of suits r, or the same quantity of honey. Stir well and add the contents of the culture Jar, leave In open vessel overnight. Next day strain into bottle and cork securely. It should be ready for use In a week's time. Save two or three tablespoons nf the sediment and nut In a clean iar. Feed with sugar and ginger as before and add the rMslns. In a day or two the culture will be strone enough to make more Elneer beer.