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Sydney, 4th FEBRUARY, 1815.

THE Committee of the Native Institution is requested to assemble in Parramatta, at   Twelve o'Clock, on Wednesday next, the 8th Instant, at the Home of Mr. William Shelley, the principal Instructor and Superintendant, to take into Considération such Arrangements and Regu  

lations as may appear best calculated to carry in- to Effect the Objects of this Institution, to exa- mine the Accounts of the Superintendant, &c. &c  

John Thomas Campbell,

Treasurer and Secretary to the Institution. JANE GOSLING intending to leave the Co-

lony by au early Opportunity, requests all claims against her may be presented.

JOHN AESOOSA leaving the Colony in the Daphne, requests all Claims to be presented.  

CAUTION_All Persons are hereby prohibi-

ted trespassing on the Grounds of Harring- ton Farm, the Property of Captain W. Campbell, at the Cow Pastures, by cutting down the Tim- ber, or in any other way whatever, on penalty of immédiate detention of any Wood or other   Material that may be attempted to be removed, and Prosecution of the Parties concerned for Trespass.  



At lus Ttooms in George streot, on Wednesday

ni'fcf, the Wh Instant, at Eleven precisely,

Few Casks of Porter, some Baskets of Bra- zil Tobacco, handsome Cutlery, Hiirts and Trowseis, Table Linen, a Lady's ele-zant Side Saddle and Bridle, a strone Stable Saddle, Bengal Cotton and Calicoes, and sundry other Europe and Bengal Goods.

<vö* Prompt Payment in Sterling Money.

In the above S.ile will be included Two Paint inns one ihe Woodmnn, in a larg»- Size; and the other a Representation of the melancholy Ca tastiophe that terminated the Existence of the Titree. Beev In Ibis Harbour ; in which the Artist has exercised In* imagination in blending with the .Inlefal subject of the Drawinst a View of the Town at ihe dark season of the night, made visi ble by ihe blazing columns ejected from her con

cave with a vehemence that radiated the sur- rounding atmosphere as far as the eye could nencti ate.-Both the Paintings w)U be sold tor Cnrrency.


OnthePrcmises on Wednesday the Oth Inst.

precisely at 12 o'Clock,

11HE valuable and extensive Premises No. 49,

George-street, lately occupied by ¡Mr. John Boulton. The (í round is spacious, with a good well, and rich soil ; well adapted for business ; the house roomy, and capable of great improve


NI'OTICE.-In Consequence of a Numberof

Forgeries having been issued, purporting to 1»; dr.iwii by me, I have to request that all Per- lons holding tu) Promissory Notes will present lhem f-M Pin mont, at my Residence, No. 13,» pi, ob or before the 1st of April ne\t rii-iltu:. .T.'.vjes L'.N DURWOOD.

THE valuable investment, imported on the  

Marquis of Wellington, will be disposed of   by Wholesale in the ensuing Week, at Mr RILEY's Stores ; consisting of Port Wine in Bottles, Porter and Ale in Casks and Bottles, Jamaica Rum, Hollands' Gin, Rio Rum, Madeira Wine, Butter and Cheese, Printed Cotton and Cambricks, Ho siery, Haberdashery, Stationary, Boots and Shoes. Glass and Earthenware of sorts, Tin Ware, Iron- mongery, Cutlery, Nails, Paints, Coopers and   Carpenters' Tools, Telescopes, Spruce, Corks, and Brazil Tobacco. -Some Ladies and Gentle- men's very elegant Watches; an Assortment of Musical Instruments, and of lately published Music ; and a valuable Selection of Books will also be sold.

' pHE following Articles are ON SALE at Mr.

A. Ki lev's Stores, being tlte Residue of the Car»oesof the Morning St»,. Eliza, and Somer setsfnre ; viz. Gunpowder and fine Hyson Teas, Beng-d Sugar, blue, white, and. yellow Compa- ny's Mankeens. fine and Calico, Towelling, Vhbfs, Hair Cord ami-Checked Dootcab Muslin, fine îzaree for Pantaloons, Shectiug, Wax Can dies, Indigo, Spice,' Pre-erved Ginger, superior Bengal Ball Si»ap, ficsh Lard in Kegs, 'Bed and Hearth Carpeting, Segars, London particular .Madeira, a few small Kegs of Patent Green Paint, and a Pali oi Carriage or Chaise Patent L-.:mps.

X)K SALE, au excellent On« horse Chaise," , w'nb Horse stud Harnes*, ; the Chaise recent lv built, with superior regency harness ; the H in se 3IN veins old, equally sale and serviceable' in the* saddle or harness, warranted sound', and" ti ei* from vice. A fair trial allowed.-Enquire at lu, Hmiler-Mreel.

Also for Sale, a useful Mare, TJsinf fon* years,.

with a Carl and Harness ; will be sold on reason- able Terms_Enquire as above. > .

f spO be .disposed of, a very liamfc>r>»uc Pkuia X Forte, by Beck, in perfect Order, with a small Collection of Music Enquire at No. 08, , George-Street, Corner of Market-street.

N.B. Also, may be had d3 aboye, very^firie Newcastle Cedar, in Inch, three quarter aud half Inch Boards; and Nails of Soils.

NOTICE.-Mary Dignam, of Hawkes-

bury, requests all Persons who stand indebted lo lu*r to liquidate their respecttTe Ac- counts immediately; which for their Accommoda. dation will be received in Wheat.-Other Mea- sure-! will be resorted to, should the above uot be complied with prior to the Opening of the ensu- ing Courts of Civil Jurisdiction.


ANTED, a steady Man Servant.--Apply

at 17, Q'ConneH-street.

mrANrUD, Five or Silt Men, who wil. T * undertake to fall and bu/n off from 50 to 100 Acres of Timber; the timber verv light.»--Application to be made to Samuel Foster, O'Connell-street.

'THHE Public arc hereby Cautioned against tres

passing with Stock or otherwise on my Farm at Balney, known by the Name of Mud Bank ; Killarny Farm, at the Hawkesbury; and a Farm   adjoining thereto granted to John Stogdell; Persons so offending after this Notice, will be prosecuted wilth the utmost Rigor of the Law


HOUSES ion SALE.-The prescht Ro&f.

"dence of Mr. Samuel Foster) long established in 1 rade, and too well known to require ariy eu logium 'that could possibly be conveyed thrdugh the medium of an Advertisement, will be Sold,

with Hip advantage of 12 or l8 Months Credit r for half the Purchase Money, on Sefcurity of. the

Premises till paid. Also, the House next door ' to the above, being a remarkably neat and agree .ible private Residence. Terms as above.-Fur-

ther Particulai s will be made known by Mr. S.


OÜSES rou SALE IN PITT-STREET\ George Atkins begs lo offer for Sale the two Tenements his Property, at the lower End of Pitt-street, contiguous to Mr. Lane's Bijouterie, riley are upon an ornnnal plan of building, and occupy a scitc calculated toree«*iveevery improve- ment that a Purchaser would afford. The Terms will be moderate and accommodating. -Apply to

G. Atkins, on tlie Premises.

HP O be Sold by Private Contract, a good i. Dwelling House, weather boarded and' gla/ed, and a del-ached Outhouse find Skillingf situate No. 32 and 3d, Kent-stteet,'Sydney, with I a spacious Yard and Garden thereto belonging,

containing a Quantity of good Fruit T«-ees. 1 he above Pieimses are eligibly situate for Business in the Public and Sltopkeeping Line, being only a few Yards diütant from the Rond leading from the Market Wharf. Application to be made at

No. 24, Kent-street.

TO be Sold, at the lower End of Pitt street, a

House contiguous to Mr. Richard Robinson's, the Property of Themas O'Neal, occupying afir e and valuable position for Trade or Residence. Terms will be moderate.-Apply to the Pro- prietor, on the Premises.


,'OR, Sale, at the Military Bakehouse, at the . Back of the Barrack?, BRAN, at 2«?. ster-

ling per budicl, or approved currency with the

usual discount.

To be Let, and entered on in March, the valu-

able POST WINDMILL adjoining Mr Palmer's, in the Rear of the Government Domain. Application to be made to Mr. Riley.

TO be LET, a new, neat, and pleasant HOUSE, containing three handsome Rooms, with de-   tached Kitchen, charmingly situate on the ascent to which Surry lane forms an easy and commodi- ous avenue from George-street. It has a hand- some Verandah, commands a fine view of the Harbour, with a picturesque diversity of land- scape terminating only with the remote and far   receding shadowings of extended scenery.—      

Should any Gentleman or small respectable Fa- mily wish to occupy it as a temporary Residence, it shall be neatly furnished for their accommoda- tion, and made ready for their reception in a   few days. A line or message to 96, George street, will find immediate attention.  

TO be Let, or the Interest therein Sold,

all that Allotment of Ground and com-      

modious Dwelling House and Premises, with a good Well, situate 44, Castlereagh-street, formerly the Residence of Mrs. Jones.   order to- accomrrro ale any Person wishing to become the Purehascr, Horned Cattle or Sheep wilj betaken in Pay ment. ----For Par titulars upply to Mr. T. Rose, Castlereaigh

street, Sydney.

N^#äWV Quantity dC Copper Tea Kett>$

^fc^ery moderate Prices, to be sold'as '"Wfc- *

pCSvbe'Jbet, with immediate Entry, a cttnveftfent & House, with larg« Bakp-hdtïse and OVen, , Stabling, and all suitable Requisites for acquiring

a rapid fortune in Trade or-Business of any kind. Its; Situation isíin .Pjjt-street, formerly the Pro« perty of Mr., John Colles. Any Person deshfoua of so eligible a Situation will be treated.. wátb¿oi» application at, 90, George street. ^

F> ON D ASTRAY, a red nnd white Bullock,

with/a star in the face, two white spats, above the'Oostrils. and marked with the letter S^ '|t is now in the Herd of Edward MacdoiwkL atfthe Field of Marsi where the Owner may receive it on application» and. paying Expences. *

? ? <..If- ¡juill ? ' , I ' >'l

IMPOUNDED at Windsor» a clark brown Go-It,

«¡sing three years old, with a private brand thus»« &, under the mauge ; off bind foot white above the fetlock, and near hind foot white op the »nside^half round the fetlock ; appear* very tame, as if broke in or reared as a pet.

Also, a light chesnut Mare, rising four years old, with a-brand on the near shoulder, resembling a crotchet horizontally equipoised on an inverted V, thus ^; »small star on the forehead, and from appearance seems to have beeiïbroue ia fox

the saddle.

IMPOUNDED at Parramatta, an iron grey

Horse, about three years old, long tail, black legs, a white spof on the forehead ; afso,

a stout chesnut Gelding, a white blaze all down ihe face. The Owners can have them, paying Expcuces, on application to Benjamin Cowan, Pound-keeper. N. B. -The above Horned will be Sold by Auction, 4t the Market Place/Parre matta, if not elaitfked prior to Thursday the ICtii .nstaat, agreeably to the General Orders oá that

head. i

J %*#$$*}.V&WCRJ0t wy a. HOWE*,