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Head Quarters, Sydney,

Saturday, 10th December, 1814.

The Embarkation of the Detachment of the

73d Regiment, under Orders to embark on     the Ship General Brown, is further postponed till Thursday, the 13th Instant; when it is to take place at the same Hour as before mentioned.

By Command of His Excellency

The Governor;

H.C. Antill, Major of Brigade.


Government House, Sydney Saturday, 10th December 1814


HIS Excellency the Governor having long viewed with Sentiments of Commisera-   tion the very wretched state of the aborigines of this Country ; and having revolved in his Mind the most probable and promising Means of ame- liorating their Condition, has now taken the Re- solution to adopt such Measures as appear to him   best calculated to effect that Object, and improve the Energies of this innocent, destitute, and un-

offending race.

With this anxiety to make an Experiment so interesting to the Feelings of Humanity, and to   endeavour to ascertain how far the Condition of the Natives may be improved by the Application       of such Means as are within his Power, His Ex CELLENCY feels that he is making an Acknow   ledgment to which they are in some Degree en- titled, when it is considered that the British Settlement in this Country, though necessarily excluding the Natives from many of the natural   Advantages they had previously derived from the animal and other Productions of this Part of the Territory, has never met with any serious or de- termined Hostility from them, but rather a Dispo-   sition to submit peaceably to such Establishments' as were necessarily made on the Part of the Bri- ish Government on the Formation of this Settle-  


With a View, therefore, to effect the Civilization of the Aborigines of New South Wales, and to render theirHabits more domesticated and indus-   trious, His Excellency the Governor, as well from Motives of Humanity as of that Policy which affords a reasonable Hope of producing such an improvement in their Condition as may eventu-   ally contribute to render them not only more   happy in themselves, but also in some Degree   useful to the Community, has determined to in-   stitute a School for the Education of the Native   Children of both Sexes, and to assign a Portion     of land for the Occupancy and Cultivation of   adult Natives, under such Rules and Regulations as appear to him likely to answer the desired Objects ; and which are now published for gene-          

ral Information.        

First, That there shall be a School for the   Aborigines of New South Wales, Established in the Town of Parramatta of which His Excel-   lency the Governor is to be Patron, and Mrs. MacQuarie, Patroness.  

Secondly, That there shall be a Committee,    

consisting of several Gentlemen, for conducting  

and directing the Insititution :--One of the Com- mittee to act as Treasurer and Secretary.

Thirdly, That the Institution shall be placed under the immediate Management and Care of Mr William Shelly, as Superintendant and Prin-  

cipal Instructor.

Fourthly, That the main Object of the Insti-

tution shall be the Civilization of the Aborigines

of both Sexes.

Fifthly, That the Expences of the Institution

shall be defrayed for the first two Years by Go-   vernment, in such Manner as the Governor   may deem expedient ; but with a View to extend the Benefits of it after that Period, that Subscrip- tions shall be solicited and received from public    

Societies and private Individuals.  

Sixthly; That this Institution shall be an Asy- lum for the Native Children of both Sexes ; but  

no Child shall be admitted under four, or exceed- ing seven Years of Age.  

Seventhly, That the Number of Children to be admitted in the first Instance, shall not exceed Six Boys and six Girls; which Numbers shall be   afterwards increased,according to Circumstances,    

Eighthly; That the Children of both Sexes shall be instructed in common, in Reading, Wri- ling, and Arithmetic; That the Boys shall also be instructed in Agriculture,- Mechanical Arts, and such common Manufactures as may best suit their Ages, and respective Dispositions ; That the Girls shall also be taught Needle-work : For all which Purposes, Instructors, properly qualified,

will be employed.

Ninthly, That the Manager or Superintendant shall have the immediate Care of the Children, the Purchase of Provisions, and of the Materials  

for employing them, together with the Disposal of the Articles manufactured by the Children.

Tenthly, That a Portion of Land shall be   located for the Use of adult Natives, who shall be invited and encouraged to cultivate it; and that

such Assistance shall be rendered them for that Purpose by Government, as may be deemed expedient : That the Management and Superin- tendance thereof shall be also vested in Mr. Shelly; and under his immediate Inspection, subject to such Directions as he shall receive

from the Committee.

Eleventhly, That the Committee shall meet Quarterly at the Town of Parramatta, on the first Wednesday in each succeeding Quarter, for   the Purpose of inspecting and auditing the Quar- terly Accounts of the Manager ; and also of exa-

mining the Pupils as to their Progress in Civiliza- tion, Education, and Morals; and how far the necessary Attention has been paid to their Diet, Health and Cleanliness-That the Committee (which shall at no Time consist of less than five Members) shall have Power to take Cognizance of and correct any existing Abuses, and frame such additional Regulations as may appear necce- sary for the Improvement and Benefit of the


Twelfthly, That the Committee shall make a written Report of the Result of their Observa - lions and Enquiries, at their Quarterly Meeting   to His Excellency the Governor, as Patron of   the Institution; and also of such Rules and Regulations as they may diem necessary to frame for the Benefit of the Institution ; which must receive the Sanction of the Governor, previous to their being carried into Effect.

Thirteenthly, That the proposed institution shall be opened for the Reception of the pre- scribed Number of Children, on Wednesday the

18th Day of January next, being the auspicious   Anniversary of the Birth of our Most Gracious


Fourteenthly, That no Child, after having     been admitted into the Institution, shall be per-

mitted to leave it, or to be taken away by any   Person whatever (whether Parents or other Re- latives, until such Time as the Boys shall have attained the Age of sixteen Years, and the       Girls Fifteen Years; at which Ages they         shall be respectively discharged.

Fifteenthly, The undermentioned Gentlemen having expressed their Willingness to forward and promote the Objects of the proposed Institution, His EXCELLENCY is pleased to constitute and   appoint them (with their own Concurrence) to be the Committee for Conducting and Directing

ALL the Affairs connected therewith.

. Committee.

1. John Thomas Campbell, Esq.   2. D'Arcy Wentworth, Esq.     3. William Redfern, Esq.

4. Hannibal M'Arthur, Esq.  

5. The Rev. William Cowper,  

6. The Rev. Henry Fulton,    

7. Mr. Rowland Hassall.

His Excellency is further pleased to ap-   point John Thomas Campbell, Esq. to be Secretary and Treasurer of the Institution.

By Command of His Excellency    

The Governor,

J. T. Campbell, Secretary. GOVERNMENT PUBLIC NOTICE.

Secretary's Office, Sydney,

10th December 1814.    

THE Governor wishing to hold a public Conference with all those Tribes of the   Natives of New South Wales who are in the Ha- bit of resorting to the British Settlements estab- lished in this Colony, in order to make a personal Communication to them on the Subject of the Native School or Institution which His Excel- lency is now about to establish, requests that they will assemble and meet him at the Market Place, in the Town of Parramatta, at the Hour of Eleven o'Clock in the Forenoon of Wednesday, the 28th of the present Month of December, that being the next Day after full Moon.

, All District Constables and other Peace Offi- cers are hereby directed to make this Communi-

cation known to the Natives residing in, or re-     sorting to their respective Districts, in due Time   to enable them to attend and assemble accordingly.  

The Gentlemen of the Comm ittee appointed to Conduct the Affairs of the Native Institution are requested to meet His Excellency the Go- vernor, on this Occasion, at the Time and       Place herein before mentioned.

By Command of His Excellency

The Governor,'

J. T. Campbell, Secretary GOVERNMENT and GENERAL ORDERS.

Government House, Sydney,     Saturday, 10th December, 1814.    

Civïl Department.  

MONDAY last being the Day appointed in

the Government and General Order of the

9th of January, 1813, for receiving Applications for Free and Conditional Pardons, and Tickets of Leave, His Excellency . the Governor was much surprised to find , that notwithstanding the Instructions contained in the Government and General Orders alluded to,- upwards of five

hundred Memorials were presented to him on this


As the Tenor of these Government and Gene- ral Orders appears to have been unattended to, not only by the applicants, but the Magistrate whose special Duty it was to make it the invari-  

able Rule of their Conduct in subscribing Memo-     rials, the Governor was under the unpleasant Necessity of rejecting a Number of Applications     which came before Him in so irregular a Form . and which, alhtough they bore the Signatures of the Magistrates, were in many Instances (within His Excellency's personal Knowledge) not     entitled to the Consideration they solicited.  

In the Government and General Orders alluded to, of the 9th of January, 1813, it is expressly directed, that the Clergyman and Principal Ma-

gistrate of the Districts wherein the Memorial is to reside, shall certifv for those Persons only whose Characters they are personally acquainted with ,   and that they are " industrious, sober, honest    

and truly meritorious " and such Orders farther   prescribe, that Certifícates of the good Conduct     of the applicants residing at Sydney, should be signed by the resident Chaplain and the Superi-       tendant of Police there ; without which they     would not be attended to.  

On the late Occasion, His Excellency saw with much Concern and Disappointment, that the   Magistrates at Sydney, and those in the Interior  

had given their signatures to Memorials without    

appearing to have attended to, or to have been   guided by the Tenor of the Orders in Question ;   whereby an unnecessary Acculumation of Trouble   was imposed on Him, and which had in the first     instance misled the Applicants, who were induced

to consider the Signature of a Magistrate as a     sufficient Passport on this Occasion.    

in order to prevent the Recurrence of such     unpleasant Circumstances, His Excellency     desires, that in future not only the Magistrates     of the Colony, but also all Persons intending to     apply for Mitigation of there Sentences of Trans-    

portation, will strictlv and invariably conform theselves to the specific Terms of those Orders ; and that the Magistrates in particular will bear in Mind, and be governed by the Circular Com- munication made to them by Letter dated the   7th December, 1813, and especially the con-   cluding, Passage of it, which for geueial Informa- tion is here repeated; viz.

"The Number of Applications made yesterday ' for free Pardons or Emancipations, having " far exceeded the Governor's Expectations, " and being in fact more than double the Number " he can comply with for two Years yet to come, " it is his Desire, that you shall not countersign " any further or new Applications of that Nature, " until these you have already certified shall '* have been finally disposed of."

And His Excellency now directs. that no   Magistrates shall sign any Petitions or Memorials  

for Conditional Pardons or Tickets of Leave. for the ensuing Year of 1815, until such as they  

have already signed are disposed of : nor is any    


Magistrate of Sydney, excepting the Superintend-   ant of Police, authorised to sign or to recommend Memorials for Pardons or Tickets of Leave.

Private Individuals have only a Right to certify to the good Characters of their own Servants on their Memorials ; which, however, must also be countersigned by the Magistrate and Chaplain of

the District wherein such Memorialists reside.    

His Excellency the GOVERNOR therefore orders and directs, that all Memorials and Petitions which shall be presented to him in future, either for Con- ditional Pardons or Tickets of Leave, shall be strictly examined by the Magistrates and Chap- lians, previous to their affixing their Signatures to them, and also have the under-mentioned Cer-  

tificate attached thereto, signed by the Magis- trate and Chaplain ; v'iz.~


" I (or we) do in hereby certify, that from my"   or our) best knowledge, the Petitioner is an   honest, sober, and industrious Character , ' and such Memorials or Petitions as have not the said Certificate on the Face of them, signed as herein especially prescribed and directed; will have no

Attention whatever paid to them.

By Command of His Excellency  

The Governor,

J. T. Campbell, Secretary. GOVERNMENT and GENERAL ORDERS.

Head Quarters , Sydney,  

Saturday, 10th December, 1814.

civil department.

HIS Excellency the Governor has been

pleased to appoint Mr. Robert Murray to     be Pilot in Port Jackson, in Room of Mr. Robert Watson, who has resigned that Situation.

By Command of His Excellency

The Governor,

J. T. Campbell, Secretary.   GOVERNMENT PUBLIC NOTICE.    


Saturday, 3d December, 1814.   THERE being Reason to believe that the In - dorigence which has been occasionally granted  

to Masters and Owners of Vessels, to resort to and bring timber from Shoal Haven, is subject    

to considerable abuse, Notice is hereby given that no permission to resort thither will be Trni. I    

in future ; and all Persons are herebv prohibited.   from cutting down or removing Timber from     Shoal Haven after the present Date, on Pain of


By Command of His Excellency  

The Governer,  

J. T. Campbell, Secetary       GOVERNMENT PUBIC' NOTICE.

Secretaries Office Sydney,

Suturday, 3d Decembetr,1814.        

Frequent and unreasonable Applications    

having been of late made by the Masters and   Owners of Colonial Vessels for Permission to           employ Persons whoare Prisoners of the Crown,,     or only conditional's Emancipated, as Seamen       on their distant Vovages and the same being co-   trary to the Regulations necessarily established       here this is to give Notice that no Permission   will be granted to any Persons to leave the Colony,, except such as by Law entitled so to do; and       the Masters and Owners of Colonial Vessels, and             all otherPersons are hereby informed that no         Applications on this Subject will be received or    

attended to

By Command of His Excellency            

The Governor      

J T Campbell, Secretary             Government and General Orders.        

Government House Sydney           Saturday 24th November 1814         Civil Department                    

1.In consideration of the long Continuance            

of the late Drought and the consequent           Unproductiveness of the present Harvest and       with a View to compensate .in some Degree for   the Disappointment and Loss which the middle         and lower class of ihe settlers (.who are notwith-             standing the principal Cultivators) will necessa-   rily sustain by the Deficiency of their present   crops, HIS EXCELLENCY the Governor has         been pleased to order and direct, that the Deputy   Commissary General shall pay for such Wheat as   may be required during the present season for   the use of theKing'stores, at the Rate of ten     Shilling Sterling per Bushel, for what may be taken into the Stores at Sydney ; and at the Rate of Nine Shillings, per Bushell for what mav be re-   ceived at ihe Government Stores, either at Parra-

matta or Windsor.

2. It being the earnest Wish of the Gover-   nor, so far as is consistent with His Public Duty and the Interests of the Crown, to encourage and

stimulate the Exertions of the industrious Set- tlers, as wel as to promote the general Interests and Welfare of the Colony, by holding out to       them all reasonable Prospect of Advantage there- from ; and it appealing to him from minute In- quiry, that the Settlers who turn their Attention         principally to the Cultivation of Grain cannot bring it to Market, so as to have a reasonable Re-   turn for their Labour and various expenses, ,at       the Price some Time since established, His Ex- cellency is pleased to notify, that he will   continue the Price of Wheat now fixed for the   present season , for such Quantities as shall be required for the Service, of Government, for the   Season ensuing to the present  

3. The Liberality of the Price now estab-   lished for the present and succeeding Season, it   is trusted will induce the Settlers to be prompt   in availing themselves of the Opportunities which     will be publicly notified to them, for bringing   their grain regularly into His Majesty's Stores at Sydney, Parramatta, or Windsor, and further in- duce them to cultivate such additional Quantities     of Grain for the next Season, as the Extent of their Farms will enable them, and thereby pre- clude the Necessity which His Excellency   will otherwise feel for again resorting to foreign

Markets for those Supplies which it must ever be the best Interest of the Colony to produce  

within itself.

4. For the more regular and impartial Re

ception of Grain and Animal Food into His Ma- jesty's several Stores at Sydney, Parramatta, and Windsor, His Excellency is pleased to order and direct, that hereafter the Storekeepers, or other Commissariat Officers in Charge of the Government Magazines at those Places shall keep au open Register for the Names of all Persons   tendering to supply Grain or Animal Food for the Public Service, and specifying the Quanities tendered by each; and that the said storeheepers,   or Officers of the Commissariat, shall furnish a List of the Names of those Persons, and the

Quantify of Grain or Animal Food so registered, to the Deputy Commissary General, vvith a View   to his submitting the same to His Excellency the Governor for his Inspection and Approved, and thereon giving those Persons the necessary Notice of the Quantity of each which will be required, and of the Time when it is to be delivered.-for   this purpose the Deputy Commissary General is

to publish the approved List once in every two Months in the Sydney Gaette, each List to bear Date the 25th of the Month in which it is to be published.

5. Persons in Charge of Government Maga- zines are not on any Account whatever to enter the Names of any Person in their Register, for the Supply of Grain or Flesh, but such as is well known to be a Cultivator and Grazier, and if there should appear any Reason to question or doubt the Representation of any Person making a Tender, it will be the Duty of the Officer in Charge of the store to make a clear Report thereon to the Deputy Commissary, stating the Causes of Doubt entertained by him ; and the Deputy Commissary in such Case to institute the suitable Enquiries without Delay, and to     furnish the Storekeeper or Officer of'the Com- missariat with his Instructions thereon.

6. There being some Reason to apprehend that collusive Agreements are occasionally en- tered into by Persons lending their Names to others, and making Tenders of Grain and Fresh Meat not their own Property ; in order to do away the same, the Officers in Charge of Govern- ment Stores are hereby enjoined not to insert the  

Name of any one Person for the Benefit of any other, and on all Occasions to be regulated bv the Principle of strict Impartiality, and with out Favor or Prejudice with Regard to Persons. In Cases where Collusion of the Kind now alluded

to shall be suspected, or any Endeavour made ' to produce the Admission of a greater Quantity of Meat or Grain than a fair Proportion, ac-   cording to the Extent of the Land in Cultivation or under Pasturage held by the Applicant or Applicants, the Officer in Charge of the Store is to report thereon to the Deputy Commissary General, who is to investigate the Circumstances, and lay them before His Excfllency the Governor ; and if it should appear that Fraud was intended, all the Parties concerned therein wdl be deprived of any future Advantage arising   fron His Majesty's Stores, and his or their Names and Places of Residence published in the Sydney Gazette, with a suitable Comment on the Nature of the Fraud intended to be practised.

7 It appearing also to have been the Practice with some Individuals to give in Tenders of Sup- ply at the several Stores of Sydney, Parramatta, mid Windsor at Ihe same Time, in order thereby to avail themselves of the Demands at each, and to the Prejudice of other Applicants who con- fined their Offers to one Station merely; His Ex cellency now orders and directs, that no Per- son's Name shall be inserted in the List intended

for Publication in the Sjdney Gazette for more than one Station ; and the Deputy Commissary Ge neral is required to guard , as far as in him lies, against any Individual procuring Acceptance for any Tender of a larger Quantity of either Animal Food or Grain, than he may be entitled to from thie Quantity of Stock in his Possession, or of

Land under Cultivation with bim.

8. The Storekeepers or Officers in Charge of Government Magazines are finally ordered and directed to regulate their future Conduct by the   Instructions herein conveyed to them, and on no Account whatever to teceive Animal Food or Grain from any Person or Persons, other than those whose Names shall be from Time to Time published, for that Purpose in the Sydney Gazette, with the Official Signature of the Deputy Commissary

General affixed thereto.

9. The Stores at Sydney, Parramatta, and Windsor, are to open for the Reception of "Wheat for the present Season, on the 25th Day of Fe- bruary next ensuing. ' "

His Excellency the Governor orders and directs, that these Government and Ge- neral Orders shall be read by the Chaplains during the Time of Divine Service, in all the Churches or Places of Public; Worship within the Colony of New South Wales, on Sunday the 4th, and Sunday the 11th of December next ensuing. By Command of His Excellency

The Governor,


WHEREAS John Fitzgerald, a Prisoner of

the Crown, and now a Runaway Bush Ranger, stands charged with divers Felonies and   Misdemeanors.-Any Person or Persons appre- bending and lodging in His Majesty's Gaol at Sydney, the said John Fitzgerald, shall there- upon receive the above Reward.

D. Wentworth, Superintendant of Police.

PUBLIC NOTICE. - The Persons under-,

named, being Convicts who absconded from Newcastle, all Persons are hereby cautioned..

against harbouring, employing, encouraging,_ or in anywise maintaining any or either of the. said

Persons on Pain of Prosecution ; viz. - John Cobb, who arrived by the 2d Ana ; and

Elizabeth Pearce, by the Minstrel-absent   since the 31st of October last.

Francis Purcelle, and Walter Preston, by the  

Guilford ; John Bricks, by the Arch-duke Charles ; Isaac Walker, by the 1st Gambier ; John Lee, by the 2d Gambier ; and Thomas Desmond, by the Atlas ; all of whom absented themselves from the lime-burning Gang, on the 25th of November ultimo.

All Constables and others are hereby required to do their utmost Endeavour in apprehending or causing to be apprehended all or any of the said


W. Hutchinson, Principal Superintendant. The Public are hereby cautioned against em- ploying James Sparks, Carpenter, he being   under a certain Contract with the Undersigned, of whom he has drawn Money, and not fulfilled said Contract, Any Person employing him after this Notice will be prosecuteri. _S. TERRY.   To be Let, a commodious Dwelling House and     Premises, situate 23, York street, with a   License, and well adapted to any Line of Business. Apply on the Premises.



THE urider-mentioned Prisoners having absent-

ed themselves from their respective Em- ployments, and some of them at large with false Certificates, all Constables and others are hereby   strictly required to use their utmost Exertions in

apprehending, and lodging them in safe Custody  

Nicholas Kearns, John Mahon, Luke Calvet-   well, George Dove, Peter Polonie, from the Boats' Crew; John Francis, Ticket of Leave; William   Skinner Dodge, and James Rimmer, from the Dock Yard ; James Leach, John Butt, Town Gang; William Barnes, and John Lyall, Car- penters' Gang ; Wm Dennison, Robt. Smith, Gae Gang ; P. Fitzsimmonds, Bricklayer ; John Rear-   don, Isaac Nowland, John Armstrong, and Robert Simpson,Stonemasons; William Price, Plasterer; John Brennan, Bullock Driver ; John Lee, Brick- layer;Messeck Smith, Town Gang; Frances Hard-   castle & Mary Ann Macleod, from the Factory ; Daniel Thurston and George Watts, from New castle ; William Jones, Wood Carts ; John Murrell, Sawyers' Gang; John Harrison, Town Gang;

Francis Lloyd, ditto.

Convict Pirates, who cut the Speedwell out from Newcastle -Joseph Burridge, Edw. Scarr, Herbert Styles, and John Pearce.

Convict Servants absconded.- Geo. Leycester, late Servant to the Lieut. Governor ; Patrick Boyland, ditto to Capt. Glenholme ; Joseph Bonie, ditto to Capt. Piper; R. Thomas dit to   to W. Foster; Robert Dawson, ditto to Mr. Matthew; James Clark, ditto to Mrs. Holness,   George Lewes, ditto to Mrs. Reibey ; Thomas Turner, ditto to Thomas Wilson ; John Stacey and Wm. Button, alias Yarmouth, ditto to Mr Nichols ; Thos. Decton, ditto to Mr. Underwood William Holman, ditto to Lieut. Bell ; Thomas Jones, ditto to Mr. Doyle; Thos. Walker, ditto to Mr. I. Nichols ; Richard Williams, ditto to

Mr. Cossar.

Any Person or Persons harbouring, conceal-

ing, or maintaining any of the said Absentees, will be prosecuted for the Offence.  

W. Hutchinson, Principal Superintendent.

WHEREAS there appears in the Sydney Gazette of Saturday, the 3d of December Inst. an Advertisement purporting, "that the Schooner John Palmer would be sold by Public Auction at the King's Wharf, on Tuesday the 12th Inst."-Now I, the Undersigned, Agent to Absalom West, late of Sydney, do give this pubic Notice, that the said Schooner John Pal-

mer has been heretofore duly mortgaged to the said Absalom West ; and that an Application to foreclose the same Mortgage has been made to, and is now depending in the Court of Civil Ju- risdiction, a part of the subject matter of which Suit is the said Schooner ; and I hereby caution all Persons against buying or treating about the said Schooner, until the said Suit shall be deter- mined . THOMAS RUSHTON. AN Advertisement appearing in the Gazette of  

the 25th November last, cautioning all Per- sons against purchasing or in any way trespassing on the Farms, known by the Name of Carver and Manning's, at Red Bank, Field of Mars, as being

the Property of John Larkham; the Public are hereby apprised, that the same are not his Pro-   perty, having been duly purchased by me, the Undersigned, some years since; and if the said John Larkham or his Advisers persist in such ille-     gal Claim, I shall cause such steps to be taken as will effectually prevent the continuance thereof.

Alexander Macdonald.

S TERRY,., of Pitt street saying repeatedly

requested those. Persons who stand "indebted  

to him to come forward and settle thèîr'Accounts without Effect ; he once more requests' those Persons to liquidate the same without Delay, as   he is determined to enforce Payment from all who stand indebted to him in any way what- ever, at the Opening of the Civil Court, without respect to Persons. S. Terry. NOTICE.--I, the Undersigned, do hereby

give Notice that it is my intention fo apply to the Court of Civil Jurisdiction during its next Session, for Letters of Administration to the Estate and Effects of Wi lliam Alder and Thomas

White,late of Hawkesbury, deceased.    

Joseph Maund

£10 REWARD. Whereas my dwelling house si-

tuatee No. 1, George-street, was, on the Evening

of Monday the 20t of Noveniber entered by some Person of Persons unknown and plundered of Part of'a Bale of Table-Cloths as well as some shoes from a Trunk- This is to give Notice, That the above Reward will be paid to any Person discovering the Perpetrators of this Robbery, so as the Offender or Offender may bé brought to Cöonviction - - -- J. R...O'Connor.

On Sale, at Mrs. M. Reibey's, George street, the following Articles; viz.-India dark   prints of a superior kind, a few chests of black souchong tea, weighing 40lbs. nett, 8l.10s. gun- powder do 16s. per lb. white Castile soap 16d. per íb. by the cwt. plums, loaf and soft sugar, Brazil and leaf tobacco salt and saltpetre, Rio snuff, Russia duck, English print, mankeens, blue gurrab, calico, slops of different kinds, men and women's cotton and worsted hose, suspend- ers, gloves, muslin handkefchiefs, plain and     spotted muslin, ladies' dresses, men and boy's beaver hats, ladies' straw bonnets, coat and breast buttons, sewing silk and twist, quilting for waistcoats, millcords and kerseymeres, super- fine cloth, shirts, bed quilts, playing cards, writing paper, black and ivory handled knives and forks, razors in cases, fire irons, a large copper boiler, coloured morocco skins, ladies' coloured shoes, window glass 20 by 14, gentle- mens boots and shoes, teapots, cups and saucers, fine cedar of all dimensions, Indian corn, Otaheite

pork, by the cask or cwt. candles, liquid japan     blacking, watering bridles, empty casks, &c. &c.     O'



At his Rooms, on Wednesday the 14th Inst, at 11,

A Few Chests of fine Black Tea, some Madras

Chintzes, Shirts and Trowsers, Ladies' Dresses, Table Cloths and Napkins, Sickles and Scythes, Pick axes, Chains for Traces, and other Europe and Bengal Goods.-Prompt Payment in Sterling Money.      


At the King's. Wharf, on Thursday next, the 15th

In-taut, at 11 precisely,

ABOUT 250 Bags of Wheal, partly damaged,

in Lots of 10 Bags each.-Prompt Payment   in Sterling Money.


At the King's Wharf, on Thursday next, the 15th

Inst. at 12 precisely,  

THAT valuable Schooner the John Palmer.

TERMS --- ready Money in sterling, or Curren-

cy with the customary Discount.

THE Persons undernamed intending shortly to       depart the Colony in the respective Vessels   beneath which their Names are placed, it is their   request that those to whom they may be indebted     will present their Accounts to each severally, in order to their speedy Arrangement ; and also, that such Persons as may be indebted to either of them, the said Persons undernamed, will settle their Accounts forthwith.

In the Ship Betsey --- Mr. James Miller, James

Stanton, John Wilson, Francis Riley, Thomas     Weedon, John Tyre, Francis Horton, Francis Cordoza, Wm Davies, Francis Hustin, James M'Carroll, Thomas Huns, Roger Farrell, Jas.   Willmott, Henry Butcher, Rum Johnny, Ab-

dalla, and John.

In the Schooner Governor Hunter - Mr. Jos. Murrell, George Winnie, and Patrick Morrison.

MR. P. Goodenough leaving the Colony shortly, requests all those who stand in- debted to him to settle their Accounts immedi-

ately; and all Claims against him are also to be   forthwith presented for Payment.      

ALL Persons having any Claims on Mr. Wm.  

Baker, of Windsor, are requested to present the same for Payment; and all those who stand     indebted to him are in like manner requested to settle their respective Accounts prior to the Sittings of the Civil Courts ; in failure whereof coercive Measures will be resorted to without

Respect to Persons. A Person of respectability going into the

Country for a Fortnight on Business, will undertake to present Notes of Hand or other Instruments, as likewise Accounts, which he will also adjust for a moderate Remuneration.-Apply       at No. 11, George-street. '

I The Undersigned, do hereby Caution the

Public against giving Credit to my Wife,   Margaret Norman, she having eloped from her Home, as I am determined to resist Payment of any Debts that she may hereafter contract.

Windsor, Dec. 10,1B14. John Norman.      

14, HUNTER-STREET.Fine cossars and Pun-

jums, British Cambric, Dungarees, Calicoes,Nan- keen, Shirts, superfine and second Cloths, China Cups and Saucers, Tea, Sugar, Tobacco, &c. as usual.-Silk Bonnets in great variety.

A FEW Tons of the Otaheite Pork, imported per Campbell Macquarie, remain unsold at Mr.R. Jenkins's ; as also, some good Flair,   Rice of good Quality at 25s. per bag ; Likewise, an Europe eight inch Hawser, which for the Accommodation of Colonial Owners, will be cut up in short Lengths. _ To be Sold by Private Contract, and entered upon the 2d Day of June next, that valuable   House and Premises, situate in Macquarie-square, the Property of Mrs. M. Reibey, and now occu- pied by Mr. R. Jenkins.-Enquire of the Pro- prietor, 99, George-street.-Also, to be Let, for a Term of 3 or 5 years, and Possession given on the 1st day of April next, that valuable House, Shop, and Warehouses situate 99, George-street. Apply on the Premises._ For Sale by Private Contract, the fine Brig

Campbell Macquarie, built at the Der-   went ; has made one Trip to Otaheite and the Pearl Islands.-For Particulars apply to Mr. R. Jenkins, Macquarie Place. -

TO be LET, and entered on immediately, the Large Windmill erected by Mr, Palmer   on the West Side of Farm Cove. Application to be made to Mr. Walker, Phillip-street._

STRAYED, from Mr. Hassall's Paddock at

Parramatta, Two COWS of the following Description, each with a Calf by her side :

1. A Red Cow, full aged, with some white about her feet and tail.

2. A Black Cow, with white legs, and star on the forehead.-Any Person giving Information of the same to Mr. Hassall, Parramatta'; or Mr. Hovell, Sydney will be rewarded for their trouble.