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Head Quarters, Sydney, Friday, 11th February, 1814. LIEUTENANT COLONEL GEORGE MOLLE,  

commanding His Majesty's 46th Regiment,   having arrived in the Harbour this Afternoon from England, on board the Ship Windham Transport,   and being appointcd LIEUTENANT GOVERNOR of   this Territory, he is to be saluted with thirteern Guns from Dawes's Battery, on his Landing at Sydney.    

Lieutenant Governor MOLLE is to be received by all Guards and Sentinels in this Territoiy with the usual Compliments due to his Rank, namely, those of a Brigadier General.  

By Command of His Excellency

The Governor, and Commander of the Forces,


litad Quarters, Sydiuy,

Satnrdai/, 12th Februarys 1814. j HhHE Righi ttonoiable Earl BATHURST, HIS j J MAJESTY'S Principal Secretary of State for <ln> Colonies having signified to His EXCEL- LENCY the GOVERNOR, III his last Dispatch, flint he liad appointed JOHN PIPER, Esq to be Naval

Officer and Collector of the Duties at Poit J.iclv

son ; and Mr. PIP MR having recently an ¡ved in the Colony on board the Ship General Hewett, he is directed to assume the Duties of his Office on Wednesday the 10th Instant, when Captain GLEN- HOLME" the present Aciing Naval Officer, will be pleased to deliver over Charge of the Office

to his Successor.

On this 0< casion the GOVERNOR íequests Captain Glenholme will accept of his best thanks for his zealous, active, and faithful Dischaige of bis Duty as Acting Naval Officer, for ncaily foui Years lie lias now held this Appointment.

By Command of His Fxcelltneif

the Governor,

J. T. CAMPBELL, Secretary.


Government House, Sydney,

12th FEBRUARY, 1814 IT having been long deemed an Object of great  

Importance by His EXCELLENCY the Gover- nor to ascertain what Resources this Colony might   possess in the interior, beyond its present known and circumscribed Limits, with a View to meet the     necessary Demands of its rapidly increasing Popu-     lation; and the great Importance of the Discovery   of new Tracts of good Soil being much enhanced by the Consideration of the long Continued Droughts of the present Season, so injurious in their Effects to every Class of the Community in the Colony, His EXCELLENCY was pleased some   Time Since to equip a Party of Men, under the Direction of Mr. GEORGE WILLIAM EVANS, one of the Assistant Land Surveyors (in whose Zeal and Abilities for such an Undertaking he had well founded Reason to confide); and to furnish him with written Instructions for his Guidance in en- deavouring to discover a Passage over the Blue Mountains, and ascertaining the Quality and gene- ral Properties of the Soil he should meet with to

the Westward of them,

This Object having been happily effected, and Mr. Evans returned with his entire Party all in good Health, the GOVERNOR is pleased to direct, that the following Summary of his Tour of Disco- very, extracted from his own Journal, shall be pub-

lished for general Information.  

Mr. Evans, attended by five Men, selected for   their general Knowledge of the Country, and habi tuated to such Difficulties as might be expected to occur, was supplied with Horses, Arms, and Am

munition, and a plentiful Store of Provisions for a two Months Tour. His instructions were, that he   should commence the Ascent of the Blue Moun- tains, from the Extremity of the present known Country at Emu Island, distant about thirty-six Miles from Sydney, and thence proceed in as nearly a west direction as the nature of the Country he had to explore would admit, and to continue his Jour- ney as far as his Means would enable him.

On Saturday, the 20th of November last, the Party proceeded from Emu Island, and on the 5th Day, having then effected their Passage over the Mountains, arrived at the Commencement of a   Valley on the western Side of them, having passed over several Tracts of tolerably good Soil, but also over much rugged and very difficult Mountain; proceeding through this Valley, which Mr. Evans   describes as beautiful and fertile, with a rapid Stream running through it, he arrived at the Ter- mination of the Tour lately made by Messrs. G. Blaxland, W. C. Wentworth, and Lieutenant   Lawson. Continuing in the western Direction pre- scribed in his Instructions for the Course of 21

Days from this Station, Mr. Evans then found it, necessary to return, and on the 8th of January he arrived back at Emu Island, after an Excursion   of seven complete Weeks. During the Course of   this Tour, Mr. Evans passed over several Plains of

great Extent, interspersed with Hills and Vallies abounding in the richest Soil, and with various Streams of Water and Chains of Ponds. The Country he traversed measured 98 ½ Miles beyond the Termi- nation of Messrs. Blaxland, Wentworth, and Law- son's Tour, and not less than 150 from Emu Island. The greater Part of these Plains are described as be- ing nearly free of Timber and Brush wood, and in Capacity equal (in Mr. Evans's Opinion) to every De- mand which this Colony may have for an Extension of Tillage and Pasture Lands for a Century to come. The Stream already mentioned continues its Course in a westerly Direction, and for several Miles passing through the Vallies, with many and great Accessions of other Streams, becomes a capacious and beautiful River, abounding in Fish of very

large Size and fine Flavour, many of which weighed not less than 15lbs. This River is supposed to empty itself into the Ocean on the western Side of New South Wales, at a Distance of from 2 to 300 Miles from the Termination of the Tour.—From       the Summits of some very high Hills, Mr. Evans saw a vast Extent of flat Country laying in a wes- terly Direction, which appeared to be bounded at a Distance of about 40 Miles by other Hills. The general Description of these heretofore unexplored Regions, given by Mr. Evans, is, that they very far surpass in Beauty and Fertility of Soil any he has seen in New South Wales or Van Diemen's Land.

In Consideration of the Importance of these Discoveries, and calculating upon the Effect they  

may have on the future Prosperity of this Colony,     His EXCELLENCY the GOVERNOR is pleased to announce his Intention of presenting Mr. Evans with a Grant of 1000 Acres of Land in Van Die- men's Land, where he is to be stationed as Deputy Surveyor; and further, to make him a pecuniary Reward from the Colonial Funds, in Acknowledg ment of his diligent and active Services on this


His EXCELLENCY also means to make a pecu- niary Reward to the two Free Men who accompa

nied Mr. Evans, and a Grant of Land to each of  

them. To the three Convicts who also assisted in this Excursion, the GOVERNOR means to grant Conditional Pardons; and a small Portion of Land to each of them, these Men having performed the Services required of them entirely to the Satisfac-

tion of Mr. Evans.  

The GOVERNOR is happy to embrace this Oppor- tunity of conveying His Acknowledgments to Gregory Blaxland and William Charles Wentworth, Esquires, and Lieutenant William Lawson of the Royal Veteran Company, for their enterprizing and arduous Exertions on the Tour of Discovery which they voluntarily performed in the Month of May last, when they effected a Passage over the Blue Mountains, and proceeded to the Extremity of the first Valley particularly alluded to in Mr. Evans's Tour, and being the first Europeans who had ac- complished the Passage over the Blue Mountains.   The GOVERNOR, desirous to confer on these Gen-

tlemen substantial Marks of his Sense of their me- ritorious Exertions on this Occasion, means to present each of them with a Grant of 1000 Acres of Land in this newly discovered Country.

By Command of His Excellency  

The Governor,

J. T. CAMPBELL, Secretary.


Secretary's Office, Sydney;

5th February, 1814.  


found that very considerable Inconvenience and Difficulty are likely to arise (especially to Foreign Merchants resorting to this Colony), from the enforcing that Part of the Proclamation issued on the 1st of July, 1813, which prescribes the Term of Consolidation of the Government Colonial

Silver Specie since issued, to the Period of Two Years from ïthe Date of said Issue; and being anxious to remove all Difficulties in the Way of fair open Commerce, is hereby, pleased to order and direct that this Part of the said Proclamation shall be, and it is hereby from the present Date cancelled and rescinded.--Foreign Merchants and all other Persons are therefore to take Notice, that the Deputy Commissary General has received His Excellency Instructions to consolidate Quarterly, by Bills on the Lords Commissioners of His Ma- jesty's Treasury, all Sums of the said Government Colonial Silver Specie, not under the Amount of One Hundred Pounds Sterling, which shall be presented to him for that Purpose.--The Periods of Consolidation will be publicly notified in the Sydney Gazette, by the Deputy Commissary General. By Command of His Excellency,

The Governor, J. T. CAMPBELL, Secretary      


' ' v ' ' ' ' ' t'JSecretaryis Ojßce} tSydqcy^ .*' - . . . Saturday, bih Febnidrjf, ¡1814T npHE GOVERNOR, has observed.'with great Re-, .JLv*gieV'thè'Rclitctance oí.lheSettlé.rs ingeneral, throughout this Colony, in coming forward to sup-'

peared Favors and Indulgencies th>y haye re- ceived from'Government^ they''seem deterrriined to "take- every1 í\dvarítagc! of 'its NecessilleaV d>y withholding then Tendéis to as late a Period as, possible, to give them'an Opportunity of exacting a most exorbitant Price for their Grain, knowing that it must be submiiltd lo florti the Nefcc'ssitieá of the Tinies. ' ,

The Conduct of thdsé Persons who stand consi- derably indebted to'the Crown for Cuttle issued

lo them front the Government "Herds, as well as foi vai ious Articles which have beeu furnished them on Ciedit fib m the King's Stoiesi is still moie in-'

excusable aild reprehensible, in their not coming forwaid with their Grain at such a Crisis.- Siu'h Pei sons can no longer expect any Lenity or Foi bearance; and the* GOVERNOR will accordingly direct, that they shall beisued foi their íespective

Debts at the next Cotnt of Civil Jurisdiction. Set'leis of a" diffeieui Description, and especially ,those who aie in optilent Circumstances,-'princi- pally owiiig to the Assistance'ihey have ~dfc''ñ ed from the Bountv «f Government iii originally giant ingtheni Lands, Stock, Pi o\ irions, and Govern- ment M eil'Mo cultivate 1 heir Giouuds, ought to have been fche fit st to come foi vi aid'at sut h a Qeason to supplv Goveiument with such Gum as they lould coir'cnientlv spaie at a reasonable and WCi'ciate Price.-The GOVERNOR," however, la nients to find he has been disappointed in abuo-st eveiy Instance, and theiefoie conceives it a Duty he owes to tin Crown, and to the Trust íeposed in him by His Majesty, to signify to. the Settlers of this Colony in this public Manner, that unless he shall lind in their ftituie Conduct more promp titude in coming forward to supply His Majesty's Stoies with Grain, on'reasonable Terms, and dis- charging the Debts they have incurred «to ,the Ciown, he shall be Under the painful Necessity of I íesort inland entirely trusPhg to Foreign Markets

for supplying the King's Stores with Wheat, and I such other Giain as may be lèquiicd'î which if may

not be amis* to lehmid them can be done at hall »he Price now paid for that put chased in this Coi lony. The GOVERNOR, however, wilLveiy relue v tanfly íesort to this expedient, and only in the Event W'the Settlers manifesting the same Disposition at flic ensuing Haivest they have shewn on the pi esenl

/Occasion. The GoVEENOït therefore trusts this 'Communication of his Sentiments will have its due Effect on their Minds, and that they .will see the- Necessity of observing a more \fdir and becoming Line of Conduct -in future. He also strongly reconime"ids to the lower Class ox Sfcttleis to adopt Habits otMndustiy, and sedu- lous Attention to the Cuhivahoh of thqtr.Farms, so 'as to provide a sufficient Quantity of Giain, not only for tile1 Consumption of their own Families,

but td enable them to supply tbe Goveiument with j this Artiele^ata KMsonable Rate. r

\ Whilst the GOVERNOR has thus had Occasion Uo animadveit on the Reluctance of the hVttlers'in /gcneial to fmnish'their Grain to Goveiument, he

is desirous thus publicly to make his Acknowledg- ments to one individual Seltlei ; namely, Thomas Gilberthorpè, in the District of Pitt Town.'-This Person was tl:e hist to come forward in ¡Ihe pre .sent Season of'Scarcity with the lowest and most reasonable Tender to supply Government with all the Wheat and Mai?e he cobjd spare; .and wop the only Settler in the Colony who last Year delivered into the Stole, the comple'tc Quantity he had ten- dered at the stipulated Ralc> ¡a/though. ¡Grain had advanced in Price considerably aft breite had sent irt his original Tender!-Stich ait. Instance of¡ fail and Upright Conduct is .entitled <o the ¡GovFJt IMOR'S pfëseiit Commendation and Acknowledgment, with an Assuiance Jhat_his.j^ritojrjbpj\s,Çjandu_cj on both the .Occasions alluded to shall not pass unrewarded. * <

'I he GOVERNOR dii'ects the foregoing General Order totbe lead bp Sunday the 13th, and,Minda> the 20th Instant, by the Chaplains m the several Churches of tliPiColony;« | . , >

! * "' By Command of¡fíis Excellency

, The Goiiernor^

i , J. T. CAMPBELL, Secretary

T DEPÜT<Y COMMISSAR?, GE^ERJAL'S OrriÇE,, ' , ,'j, , , iSYjONE^j^SdlA^irjAjRX,' 1B141.

jBT^EPU'TY Çç-JVIMISSARY^ (jçEN ¿}ji,Afo ,* ALLAN miß hereby^ gives Nptice, tha\hejsrê/ady,'jo'receive Tenders,' arid .treibt for the Supply tff His, Majesty '{s

Stoics with Wheat and Maize. . »

Stich Persons as may _ be desirous-of supplying ,ahyt Quantities, are requested to send 'in, sealed flieudeis ,t^ ibis Office, specifying the ¡'Qnantity ,and jPrjce^inJAiords'^tLeugth) at which'"they wi]l sup Iply^theaajim?., k ¡' *,.,.,, V'''''' '

A The j Period for receiving, these, Tenders'¡a ex- tended to' the 10th of February next, in lieu of the 'Day^lást advertised for laying theisanVe befoic IDs 'EXCELLENCY, the GOVERNOR ;aud Notice will he

given theieafter lorsuch Persons whose Tendéis may be acßej>ted.

By Command of His Excellency

The Governor and Commander in Chief, ' ti. 4LLAN, Qeputy Commissary GcneiaU

VTOTIOE.-A General Meeting of the Ma 1^" qistrates of thisTerritoiy Will beholden at the Judge Advocate's O lice, Sydney, on W"d<vM dav, the 16th Day of February Inst-uit, at Eleven o'Cjock in the Forenoon, for the Purnose oF taking hito Consideration the present D^fiueiu v of Wheat and other Giain, arid also such Vleasdrès as mayb<» most applicable to the State of the Co- lony in this respect. ELLIS B UNT, Judge Advocate.


.HpHE under-mentioned Prisoners having absented

a themselves ft o in their respective* Employments, all Constables and others are hereby strictly re quiied to use Iheir utmost Exertions in appre- hending, and lodging them in safe Custody.

JVilliam Skinner" D' </gc. ftom the Dock Yard. Jama, LcaCh* from the Town Gang.

Stephen Waters, Servant to Mr. R. Lowe. ,

William Öarncs, from the Carpenter's Gang. James Groom, fiom the Carpenter's Gan?.

Nicholas, Kearns John Mahon, AiidLvke Calverwell,

from the Boat's Ci¿,v.

John Bri mian, Bullock Driver.

/{»brit Smith, fiom the Gaol Gang. John Fia ii ces, horn Sydney. Patrick Bay lav d, Captain

Glenholme'« Servant ; Patrick Fitzùmmond\, from the RncUIayeis' (ian ': John Reardon, haut Noivland,John Armitn /»g-, and

Robert Simpson, fiom the Stone Mason's Gang. John Neale, Servant to James Mann, Poitland Head; Robert Daivson, Servant to Mi. Mathew.

Thomas Gilham, Servant to Mr. Bradey,1 Pitt Town. Redmond Castillo, ditto to Mr. Purcell ; Edward M'lTugh, from Lane Cove ;

Jam's Cummings, Servant to Mr. Fitz.

From the Factory at Parramatta:-Sarah Long'

hurst, Sarah Coates, Ann Alar, Mary irwin;' and Catherine Flynn. ., ,

From Newcastle :-Jemes Batfers, Elina Lawler; i j Dan. Thurstan, George Watts, and P.'Hogan. N., B.-Some.of tho above Runaways are supposed

to hav.e obtained false C-eitific-ites.

Any Peison or Persons harbouring, concealing,

or maintaining any of the said Absentees, will be.. prosecuted for thcQffence.

It NICHOLS, Principal Superintendant,

SYDU i"Y, "ôtïi FTbTïoil. AS Agent and Trustee for the Property of Per-

sons dying Intestate in this Colony, I heieby Caution all Persons ft om interfering with the Pro- perty dfi the date Dennis Broderj a Government Man on the Estate of the late Doctor Jamieson, who died intestate a few days ago, in consequence

of a Stioke of Lightning.-In the wiej.i time Mr. > Charles Throsby, of Glenfield, i-» authorised to secure and lake chargé of all the Effects of »be De«

«eased - , J. T. CAMVZ^LL,

NOTICE.-Any Pèison wiitin«. foCoîuiact for1

the making and burnin« two Kilns oi Bricks, of from 10 to 50,000 each, on the Lands of Shan* comoie and Baliyrmuamnion, in the District of Bringelly, vvdl be treated willi on Application to

the Unrfelsigiled. ' J. T. CAMPBELL. -

¡ Sydney, 12th Feb. 1014. _ - ~ ^ ADVERTISEMENT. [ ^

IN Coriseqncnce of numerous' Applications having

been made for Copies of tue BJRTH^DAY ODGÔ

wlvielí'have' been piesénted to'"|lTS EXCELLENCY

theGövERNOR, and recitedat the Levees'held on the Festivals of the \nnivei allies of^OiTR^ti-RACloüS* ivtMG, and his'Illustrious CONSORT; during the A'd

lhinistptiqii of this Colony by GOVERNOR1 M\C-%

¿UARJE¡ the Author is induced td announce his intention of comprising and publishing the whole

Scries complete, m oneVolurrte, small 8vo. in boards, __ dedicated} by Permission, to His EXCELLENCY the " GOVERNOR, and Prlhted in a superior Style on1 the " best,wove Paper, rjriee 10s. Sterling each;1 wliich '? will be little iriore than sufficient to defray-the Es.

pences of Printing, Statioilaiy, Bindings Sec.- ' <Viîd as it is the Author's intention to print rio mole

lilian will be subscribed for, such Ladies,1 Gentle-" men, add 'Others as may be desirous of .possessing

thejllselves of a Woik'which in point of Corrtpov- ?* t'ion1 And'Printing, will, itl?a presumed}'^ some de- ? gi'eè shew the EncónirigemenT which bartended rd î hhe Advancement of'Arts and Science in tin- rising

Colony1, are re'speotfuily lequested io ¡entefc ttíJff»

Nûmpswlh the Pnntei,lMr. Howe; specifying flie \ Number 6f Copies they wish to bpfuin.slvd with i > ind'Care will be taken (hat they shall be delfveie'il in He Older subscribed for.~*-The>Woik will be

putto'Piess as soon as the Number requisite for *. defraying the1 E\pènccs'shall be ascertained»; and ,> y/ill be ready for Delivery to the Siibs'cribcrs within,-* Two Months from that TW : Half the Subsqup*? tidn Money to be paid a» the Time of Subscribing.

US' A-List of the Subscribers will bépirntçd. »