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Sitting Magistrate for the ensuing week- A.

Riley, Esq.        

Average Prices at last Saturday's Market.-Wheat

17s. 2¾d. per bushel ; new barley 8s. per ditto ; maize 10s. per ditto: potatoes 20s. per cwt. fowls 6s. per couple ; eggs 2s. 3d. per dozen.

Price of Bread to remain as before.

The Court of Criminal Jurisdiction assembled on Monday, and proceeded to the trial of John Denham, William Mansfield, and Samuel Levy, charged with stealing eight sheep, the property of Matthew Bowden, Esq. of Hobart Town, on the 26th day of September last. A number of witness- es from Hobart Town gave evidence, upon which Samuel Levy and John Denham were found guilty, and sentenced to suffer death. William Manfield was acquitted of the charge.

The above was the only trial on Monday :-The morning following

Mary McDonnaugh was put to the bar and in- dicted for having riotously and indecently dis- turbed the funeral of the late William Howarth, on the 2d instant :- to substantiate which charge

Mr. James Underwood deposed, that in consider- ation of the deceased having been many years in his employ, he attended the funeral, as did also se- veral masters of ships, and others of equal respec- tability :-That the prisoner reviled the memory of the deceased in terms the most vile and abomi- nable ; thereby preventing the body from being removed from the house for a length of time, when she began to dread the effects of her intem-

perance to herself, and in consequence of a com- plaint to the district constable, became silent.

Mr. Underwood's testimony was corroborated by that of James Lane ; when being called on for her defence she presented a paper, acknowledging the offence, and praying the lenity of the Court ; by whom she was sentenced to pay a fine of 10l.  

for the use of the Police Fund ; to be imprisoned three months in the county gaol; and afterwards to find security for her good behaviour for three years, herself in the sum of 30l. and two sureties

in 15l. each.

John Willis was then indicted for stealing a ewe sheep, value 40s. the property of James Clissold, at Hobart Town, on the 29th of August last; of which he was found guilty.---Death.

The three prisoners capitally convicted, namely,   John Denham, Samuel Levy, and John Willis were     now put to the bar to receive sentence, which was preceded by an exhortation, pathetically delivered,   from the Judge Advocate, and decreed them to suffer death at such time and place as His Excel- lency the Governor and Commander in Chief   should think proper to appoint.-Here ended the Session, and the Court adjourned sine die.

This day a charge of seduction was criminally preferred before the Bench of Magistrates against   Mr. William Henry, master of a vessel called the Whale, who thereby stood accused of having un- lawfully taken and connveyed from and out of the possession of her mother Catherine Dunn, a girl under sixteen years, daughter of the said Catherine Dunn ; for which misdemeanor he was committed to take his trial before the next Criminal


The London Papers received by the Thames, arrived at the Derwent, give the details of a battle between the Portuguese, Spanish and British com- bined troops, under the command of Field Marshal Beresford, and a vastly superior French force, at Albuera. The conflict was long and desperate, & was attendee with many signal acts of bravery up-   on both sides. A French officer of lancers ap-   proached the Marshal near enough to declare him prisoner, but was immediately called to account for   his temerity by a Portuguese dragoon, who pur- sued and killed him within his own ranks. The French were on this occasion defeated with great loss, and the victory was one of the most complete

that had ever been obtained.

Last Thursday, se'nnight Mr. Robert Luttrill died of a blow on the head with a nulla nulla, inflicted by a native about a fortnight before. On Saturday the Coroner assembled an Inquest on the unhappy occasion, which owing to the resi- dence at Hawkesbury of material witnesses, ad- journed from Saturday to Monday; when the following verdict was returned ; viz. " that the deceased came to his death by means of a blow     from a native; which blow was given in conse-    

quence of the deceased breaking the spears of the   native, and taking away their women.  

During the pendency of the above investigation, numbers of natives awaited the issue with much visible anxiety, as they had been made acquainted

that upon the opinion of Juries so assembled de-   pended the safety of the person who had occa-   sioned death; but so far from countenancing the   author of the present unfortunate event, a chief of   the name of Mara Mara had pledged himself to give up the offender, if demanded. As soon as the verdict was returned, intelligence was dispatched to the Magistrates at Windsor, where a number of natives had collected, but who immediately dis- persed as soon as they were acquainted that they had nothing to apprehend on account of this


On Saturday a Coroner's Inquest was summoned at Parramatta on the body of Ann Whiting, which was picked up in the water near the Banks of Mr.  

Palmer's farm. --- Verdict Suicide.