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    Aboriginal: E. Luttrill acquitted for shooting at Tedbury. " George Parr, for sheep-stealing, was acquitted ;as was also, Mr. E. Luttrill, for shooting at Tedbury a native."

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Sitting Magistrate - J. PALMER, Esq.   Assize of wheat for ensuing Week 8½d.  

Average Prices of Articles at this day's Markets. Mutton, Pork and Beef 1s. 6d. per lb.

Wheat 19s. 6d. - Maize 7s. - Barley 9s. 6d.    

Oats 7s.per bushel. Potatoes 13s. 6d. per cwt. Fowls 4s. each. - Eggs 3s. 6d. per dozen.

His Excellency was this day pleased to give an      entertainment to a number of the Government     artificers and labourers, in honor of the day,   being Saint Patrick's; on which occasion   true British hospitality displayed itself; and every   heart was filled with sentiments of respect and gratitude.  

On Monday last a Court of Crimiminal     Jurisdiction assembled, and continued its       sittings till Friday.  

John Burgess was first arraigned on a charge of stealing wheat and meat from His Majesty's store   at Parramatta; to which charge he pleaded guilty,   and was sentenced to be transported seven years to     any of the dependent settlements His Excellency     the Governor should think proper to order.              

Thomas Gorman was next indicted for having   on the 26th of February 1809, at Hobart, on the   River Derwent, shot at George Wheeler with a pistol.- Guilty - Death.    

James Ratty and Edward McGee, for stealing     wheat the property of Charles Throsby, Esq. at Parramatta. Both Guilty. - Verdict, James Ratty,

being the servant of Mr. Throsby, two years to   Hunter's River, and Edward McGee six months in the gaol gang.  

William Slade, charged with stealing a keg of       paint from the Store, was acquitted.

William Holness, for receiving stolen goods,   was convicted of a misdemeanor and fined 5s.    

James Hutchinson, for burglariously entering the dwelling house of David Lloyd, by getting down the chimney, was capitally convicted.

Joseph McKinley, for stealing a leaden cistern   the property of Government.- Acquitted.

George Parr, for sheep-stealing, was acquitted;  

as was also,  

Mr. E. Luttrill, for shooting at Tedbury a


Henry McKale, charged with stealing a dollar     from James Purcell, was also acquitted.

Alexander Hewitt, John Day, and Mr. William         Cummings were indicted for stealing a copper from     the Hospital, and all acquitted; and on Friday, all the trials being finished, the two prisoners who had been capitally convicted received the awful sentence of the law, which adjudged them to   suffer death on the 20th day of April next.