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Sitting Magistrate-Major ABBOTT.      

Assize of Bread as last week.

Average Prices of Articles at yesterday's Market:-   Mutton and Beef 1s. 4d. Pork 1s. 2d. per lb. Wheat 28s. 6d.-Maize 12s. per bushel. Potatoes 24s. per Cwt.

Fowls 8s. each.-Eggs 1s. 10 1/2 per dozen.

Yesterday a Bench of Magistrates assembled ; before whom Francis Cox was accused of having purloined a quantity of sheet lead belonging to Go- vernment ; and being found guilty upon the the charge,  

was sentenced to be removed to Newcastle for 12   months.    

The circumstances of the above conviction were

as follows:-On the 3d of August, Thomas Legg, a superintendant, received from the store 80lbs.   of lend for the use of the public buildings, and re- quested that Cox would have it taken to his blacksmiths' shop, and kept there until applied for; but that two days after, one of Cox's jour- neymen, by his master's direction put it into a bag, and took it to the house of a person, who not suspecting any thing unfair in the transac- tion, became the purchaser at 6d. per pound. An information immediately followed, and all the parties implicated were apprehended ; and from the testimony that yesterday appeared, Cox was

convicted as above set forth.

Thomas Gorman, charged with maiming and wounding George Wheeler, at Hobart Town, was also examined, and remanded for a further hearing.  

Two men, whose names are West and Dunn, the former charged with breaking and enter-   ing the dwelling-house of Elizabeth Hill, in Chapel Row, and stealing sundry articles of wearing ap- parel, &c. her property, and the latter for receiving

the same ; upon those charges were both com-

mitted for trial.

On Tuesday last Maria Johnson was brought before a Bench of Magistrates, charged with break-   ing and entering a house in the day-time, with in-

tent to steal sundry articles of property, which the   prisoner had tied up in a bundle to take away. The

charge was brought home, and the Bench, in con-   sideration of the prisoners circumstances, she being already under conviction, ordered her to be sent to


A Representation being made to the Bench that   those persons who by permission occupied stalls in   the public market were much injured in their inte-  

rests by the intrusion of itinerant dealers who took   up stands, and enjoyed all the benefits of trading    

without payment of the weekly rent charge made upon the licensed venders, the Magistrates were       pleased to attend seriously to the complaint ; and therupon to issue the following Order, which is hereby officially notified.

" The Bench are of opinion, that all persons deriving any benefit from the establishment of the market, and shall sell or expose for sale any   articles therein, shall pay the usual market fees to the clerk of the market; and that the same

shall be paid into his hands, before they shall be allowed to expose the same."

signed) " RD. ATKINS"

" R. FITZ."


Some of the distant settlers have had recent

occasion to complain of the conduct of the natives, a few among whom have manifested a disposition

to mischievous acts. A man of the name of Tunks

in company with another was attacked near Par- ramatta by three blacks, among whom was young Bundle and Tedbury, the son of Pemulevoy, who was shot some years since be account of his mur- ders, and the horrible barbarities he had exercised on many solitary travellers. The son appears

to have inherited the ferocity and vices of his father : Upon the above occasion he pointed his spear to the head and breast of Tunks, and re- peatedly threatened to plunge the weapon into him ; but other persons fortunately appearing in sight, the assailants betook to the woods. Several  

other such attacks have been made, but as Tedbury is stated to have always been of the party, which consisted; but of two or three, it may be inferred that a spirit of malevolence is far from general;

and under this belief, it may be hoped the settlers   will not permit their servants or families to prac-

tice unnecessary severities which may irritate,        

and provoke those who are at present peaceably disposed, to join in the atrocities of a few mis- creants, whom their own tribes, if not exasperated   by ill treatment, would no doubt as they have frequently done before, betray into our hands,   and avowedly assist in apprehending.


On Thursday arrived the Star, Captain Wilkinson,

from the sealing islands, with about 2000  


Remain with the above, His Majesty's colonial schooner Estramina, the Boyd, Mary Ann, Lady   Barlow, Mary, and Ann American.

The Endeavour will be ready in a fortnight to proceed to Badger Island for the repair of the Gover-

nor Hunter.