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General Orders.

A order to provide that as equal a.distribution  

as may be nccessary, should take place of the Stores lately sent out for Barter. The Lieutenant GOVERNOR has given directions, that no Issue of them shall be made the ensuing Week except to the Officers, in order to afford all Persons who are desirous time to make their Applications.—But it must be understood, that no Requests will be complied where there is any reason to believe it is made by parties who will sell the Articles obtained. By Command of His Honor the Lieutenant Governor,

Alexander Riley, Secretary Head Quarters, Sydney.

Feb. 4, 1809.

From the Representation of the ACTING COM- MISSARY, the LIEUTENANT GOVERNOR,     judging that it is absolutely requisite a Reduction should for the present take place in the Dry Provi- sions received by those victualled from His Ma-   iesty's Stores, will be issued to each full Ra-     tion, until further orders, Ten Pounds of Wheat, or Maize in proportion for any Part thereof.

By Command of His Honor the Lieutenant Governor,  

Alexander Riley, Secretary. Head Quarters, Sydney,  

Feb 1, 1809.


ALL Persons having Claims on Lieutenant     Colonel JOHNSTON are requested to furnish the         same immediately, as he intends shortly to leave the Colony.  


I hereby authorise and empower Mr. Richard   Fitzgerald to execute all Executions issuing   from the Civil Courts, in the Districts of Neapean, Richmond, Hawkesbury, and Portland Head;—     And all Constables and others are hereby required to be aiding and assisting the said Richard Fitz-   gerald in the due execution of this authority, gran-   ted by me,


Acting Provost Marshal. Commissary's Office, Jan. 28, 1809.   HIS Majesty's Stores at Sydney will be opened    

on Monday the 6th of February, 1809, for   for the issue of the following Investment imported in the Sinclair; in Exchange for which Copper Coin or Wheat turned into His Majesty's Stores will   be received, viz.

Buttons, gilt and plated, 1s. 3d. to 2s. 3d. per


Blue broad cloth, superfine, 28s. 6d. to 30s. 9d.  

per yard.—Linen check 1s. 10½d. per yard. B. B. Blue 1s. 10½d. per lb.

Boots, blackstraps 37s. 6d.—Hessian 45s. per pair Cotton wick 4s. 6d. per lb. Copper Wire 4s. per lb. Duck 87s. 9d. per piece  

Durauts of colours assorted 44s. 3d. to 53s. 3d.

per piece

Earthen-ware. Oval dishes 6d. to 5s. 3d. each

Flat plates and soup do. 3s. 9d. per dozen.—Small

do. 2s. 7½d. per do.—Smaller do. 2s. 3d. per do. Tureens and stands 9s. 9d. each.—Sauce tureens  

2s. 7½d. each.—Sause boats 9d. each

Dishes and covers 3s. 9d. to 4s. 6d. per pair Sallad Dishes 1s. 6d. to 2s. 8d. per do. Baking dishes 7½d. to 1s. per pair  

Fish drainers 1s. 6d. to 2s. 6d. each   Butter tubs and stands 1s. 10½d. each Ewers and basons 2s. 7½d. each     Chamber Vessels 1s.6d. each    

Quart mugs 9d. each.—Pint do. 4½d. each.—Half

pint do. 2½d. each  

Four jugs 1s. 3½d.

Egg cups 2½d. each

Cups and saucers 7s. 6d. per dozen.—Sugar dishes

9d. to 1s. each.—Tea pots 1s. to 1s 6d. each.— Milk pots 9d. to 1s. each         Bowls 5½d. to 1s. 9d. per pair

Flannels 3s. 9d. to 5s. 9d. per yard Files 9½d. each

Frying pans 4s. 2½d. each

Crown glass 13s. 6d per table

Ditto in squares 12 inches by 10, 1s. 4½d.

per foot.—Ditto 10 by 8, 1s 3d. per do.—       Ditto 8 by 6, 1s. per do.     Handkerchiefs assorted, from 13½d. to 4s. 6d. each Men's hats 15s. to 19s. 6d. each.—Hatbands and  

buckles 6d. each  

Hair sieves 9d. to 2s. each

West India hoes 3s. 2d. each  

Ivory combs 1s. 6d. each

Iron, flat and wquare 43s. per cwt. or 4½d. per lb.

—Iron pots 3d. to 3½d. per lb.—Iron saucepans   3s. 5d. each.—Do. fryingpans 4s. 2½d. each  

Irish linen 2s. 1½d. to 4s. 4½d. per yard   Milled lead 57s. 9d. per cwt. or 6½d. per lb.   Stock locks 1s. 8d. each.—Padlocks 1s. 1½d. each

—Drawer lock 2s. 1d. each  

Rose nails 6-penny 4s. 8d per 1000

Do 8-penny 6s. 2d. per do.  

Do. 10-penny 7s. 6d per do.

Do. 16-penny 8s. 11d. per do.   Do. 18-penny 9s. 8d. per do.

Do. 20-penny 10s. 8d. per do.   Flat points 24 to 40 penny, 6d. per lb.

Paint oil—Linseed 6s. 9d. per gallon  

Do. boiled 7s. 6d. per do.   Paint (white) 21s. 9d. per Keg of 28 lbs. or 2½d.

per lb.— Ditto (black) 42s. per Keg or 4s. 6d.

per lb.

Paint brushes 10½d. to 1s. 4½d. each   Dusters 2s. 1½d. each

Sash-tools 5½d to 7½d. each  

Pins 5s. per lb.—Rasps 1s. 6d. each

Silk shoe ties

Sewing silks 45s. to 75s. per lb.  

Women's shoes, sealskin and jean 6s. per pair Ditto velvet 6s. 5d.—Kid 7s. 6d. per do. Men's shoes 8s. 3d. to 11s. 3d. per pair   Solder 1s. 6d. per lb.

Yellow soap 1s. 2d. per lb.    

Scythes 4s. 6d. each.—Sickles 1s. 7d. each

Shoe brushes 1s. 6d. each

Sea hooks 4d. to 1s. 2d. per dozen

Pit saws with tillers and boxes 48s. each

Cros cut do. 34s. 6d. to 42. 9d. each.—Hand do. 92. 9d. each Scissars 1s. 9d. per pair        

Spades 4s. 10d. each

Twist 63s. to 72s. per lb. Tin 11d. per sheet

Thread 5s. to 8s. 9d. per lb.      

Wire sieves 6s. to 9s. 9d. each   Cast iron weights 21s. per set.

By Command of His Honor the Lieutenant Governor,

R. FITZ, Acting Commissary.  

STOLEN. A few days since from the House of E. WILLS, A COPPER TEA-ETTLE,—Any person giving     such information as may lead to conviction will      

receive from the said E. Wills a Reward of  

TEN GUINEAS. MR. WILTSHIRE requests those persons whom      

he holds Promissory Notes upon, and which   have been over due a considerable time, that they will immediately on this Notice discharge the same, or he will be under the necessity of taking coer-    

cive means to enforce the payment thereof. As   also those who stand indebted to him, are requested     to discharge the same without delay.

TO be sold by Private Contract, Four Collections            

of Botanical Seeds.—Applications to be made         at No. 17, Back Row East.


THE undermentioned Letters are now in the

hands of G. Dowling, Hospital Wharf, and  

will be delivered when called for :— William Taylor Wm. Tiernan (soldier)     William Kennard Henry Parsons   William Tozer William Cutford           Robert Mason James Lavell          

Edward Kimberly Rosamond Dales             Peter M'Avoy Edw. Nichols (mariner)                   John Miles Benjamin Blackburne     John Dargon Wm. Simpson (mariner)

M. Devereux (mariner) Patrick Hopkins     William Long Thomas Mills         Thos. Deedman (mariner) James Martin     James Huttenborough George Whitaker     Susannah Brelsford Michael Grant     Edward Smith Mary Russell           Emanuel Thomas Philip Marks  

G. G. Brown James Fergusson           Richard Clifton William Sherbord    

Samuel Crafts John Hanson  

§ * § Early application is requested to be made.

LYDIA MOSS, returned from England by the

Duke of Portland, begs to inform persons at whose request she took the charge of Letters or Messages to their Friends, that she has brought

Answers to all such, which she will be happy to communicate upon application at her Residence, at the back of Mr Reibie's Timber Yard.

The publisher begs leave to acquaint all per-           sons transmitting Communications of the above kind that they are always inserted free of Expence.


NOTICE.                   IF Robert Ellis will apply at the House of Mr.    

Landrin, Parramatta, he will receive advanta-        

geous information.



To be disposed of by Private contract, at Mr.   McARTHUR's Farm, Parramatta; SEVERAL       FLOCKS of CHOICE EWES and WEATHERS of the Spanish race;—A number of fine Cows, Heifers,       Bulls and Oxen, of the English breed; Some     valuable Brood Mares, Stallions, and Saddle Hor-   ses.—The whole to be sold at low prices, for ready   money only.              

To be also Sold, a most desirable ESTATE, con-       sisting Two thousand Acres, situate at the Seven Hills, contiguous to the Hawkesbury Road.       If it be wished by the Purchaser, security will         be taken on the Estate for two-thirds of the Pur-

chase money.  

To be LET,

For the Term of Three Years, with present Entry,

A Capital Fifty-Acre Farm at Prospect, belonging to John Warby; containing two fine paddocks   of 2o acres inclosed; the whole well supplied with           water, and equally admirably adapted both to stock and tillage.  

Application to be made to the Proprietor, on the Premises or at No. 3, Upper Pitt's Row.    

To be Sold by Private Contract,

A Capital Farm at the Nepean, the property of Edward Field, containg One Hundred Acres   of Land, in praise of which too much cannot be said: Upwards of an acre is laid out in an orchard   containing some of the best trees any where to be procured, of the Orange, Lemon, Peach, and other kinds; in addition to which there is a public Pound.      

Those who may have a desire to treat for the same are requested to apply to the proprietor on the pre- mises, any day except Saturdays, when he may be seen at the Green Hills.