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Secretary's Office, December 24, 1808 THE undermentioned person advertises himself as being about to leave the Colony (under the   approbation of His Honor the Lieutenant Governor).  

In the CITY of EDINBURGH -Mark Eivers.  

All claims and demands against the above-

named person, are requested to be presented at     the Secretary's Office without delay.  

By Command of His Honor the Lieutenant Governor.



WHEREAS it has been reported to me that the         servant who drove my cart was on Friday il-       licitly employed to convey spirits into Town, con- trary to the existing Regulations of this Territory,   I do hereby strictly forbid any-person whatever from   hereafter offending in like manner, as it is my deter- miration to prosecute any person or persons so of- fending : The Servant I have discharged. H. Kable.

To be Let, for any Term that maybe agreed on. Two valuable and desirable Farms, well adap-   ted for stock, &c.. commanding an extensive pastu-   rage, and known by the name of Kearn's Retreat, at Richmond Hill or Nepean Point, containing 160 acres, 50 clear, with two miles square of pasturage

bounded by the Rivers Nepean, Gross and Blue Mountains ; and the other Jones's at Kissing Point containing 30 acres, all clear, adjoining the Common;

and for the accommodation of the Tenant two   parts ploughs, harrows, and harness will be let with  

the Farms. for particulars enquire of M. Kearns-   Pitt's Row, Sydney.    


To be Sold by Auction, by Mr Lord; at Mr John

Blaxland's, the upper end of Serjeant Majors'       Row, on Monday the 26th instant, at Twelve at  

noon, Twenty Head of Cattle the Property of    

an Officer about to leave the Colony. The       Herd consist of some of the best Milch cows         in the Colony; a real English Bull known by the name of Tom ; some Heifers and Calves.  

They will be at Mr. Minchin's Farm, near Sydney     on the 23rd instant ; and may be viewed previous to

the day of Sale.-Ten. per Cent. deposit will be required in approved Bills, and three Months Credit ; on approved security will be given for the remainder. Same time will be Sold, a valuable Mare about three years old .          

Afterwards will,be Sold, 4.Cows.and 4 Calves,

for which a deposit of 20 per cent, will be required, and Six months credit will be given for the remain- der, in current bills.         To be sold by Public Auction, by Mr. Bevan, at his

house in 11 High Street, Sydney, on Wednesday     the 28th Instant, at ten o'clock precisely, viz,

dozen pieces of silk different colours, Bandanna handkerchiefs ; flowered and spotted muslin, fine

plain decker muslin ; coarse plain muslin, women's

stockings ; muslin handkerchiefs fine white shirts; white cotton fringe for furniture, shawls of all  

kinds; boots and shoes, and sundry other Articles too numerous to mention. -- The conditions of sale are, six months credit will given upon approved     security ; & Payment required to be made in good    

Bills or Copper Coin.          


To be Sold by Private Contract, and immediate

possession given, a truly eligible House and Premises at the back of the Church, in the occupa- tion of Mrs, Mackey -- the situation the most delight- ful in the Town of Sydney, from the vast command

of prospect down the harbour. The house is neatly finished, and in all respects entitled to preference           a suitable Residence for a genteel Family. Six   Months Credit will be given for half the purchase Money, on approved security.          

To be Sold by Private Contract, and immediate      

possession given, a capital and substantial Dwel-  

ling House, very desirably situate at the entrance   of Parramatta, near the church, occupying in excel- lent Allotment on Lease to John Graham, 12 years     unexpired -- The house contains 6 rooms, with good stabling, well, and out-buildings having been esta-  

blished in the public line for upwards of 7 years

past; and known by the sign of the Wheat sheaf.   For particulars apply on the premises.  

Six months or longer credit will be given on approved security.           STRAYED, or stolen from a Farm belonging to Mr. A. Thompson, at Hawkesbury, a black Dog with white streak down the neck, white tip on

the tail, which curls upwards in a small ring, an- swers to the name of Bumper. Any person restoring the said Dog to Mr, Thompson, at Hawkesbury or   Sydney, will receive One Guinea Reward ; But if

detained after this notice the parties will be prose- cuted in whose possession he may be found.  

Now on Sale at the House of G Thompson

Bell street Sydney, the undermentioned Arti- cles at the lowest prices, for ready money only viz. fine gunpowder and common green teas, super- fine white sugar, raisins, cloves, cinnamon, nut- megs black pepper, butter and cheese, Brazil, ne- gro-head and leaf tobacco, soap, snuff; and wash- balls, fine Boiling pease; musstard in bottles, rich   mushroom ierchup and fish-sauces, liquorice -- an excellent assortment of glass ware, (consisting of large vase lamps with shades, &c. complete tum- blers goblers, rummers, salts, crewers, &c-

dimities, Irish linen, English and Bengal shawls ; check, fine English calico, nankeen, prints; cordu- roy, combrick, table cloths, fancy waistcoats, trowsers, shirts ready made, superfine blue and   bottle green broad cloths ; men, women, and children's shoes, gentlemen's dress ditto ; fancy coloured and black Barcelona silk handkerechiefs, pasteboards, ladies white kid gloves, gentlemen's York cart   ditto ; Gilt and plated buttons small and large, small shot, english flat irons, claw and shoe makers' ham-

mers; gimBlets and spike bits, small tooth combs,   ribands of colours, pins and needles, threads tapes     sewing silks of all kinds, Adelphia cotton thread a pocket books, penknives, stationary, &c. Also,       chest containing a complete set of gunsmiths tools  


RECEIVED BY G. HOWE.