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S Y D N E Y,

Sitting Magistrate for the ensuing Week,--

W. LAWSON, Esq.     The Assize of Bread as last Week.


On Wednesday arrived the City of Edinburgh,  

Captain Pattison, from Norfolk Island and Hobart.       She sailed from hence the 25th of May last for   Norfolk; which place she reached the 5th of June,   but was blown off for several weeks, during which

she experienced many heavy gales, in one of which she sprung her fore-yard. From Norfolk she sailed with 254 passengers, with their property, for     Hobart, where she arrived the 5th of October, with a   very acceptable supply of salt provisions shipped

here by Government for the use of His Majesty's

Settlement at Hobart Town.  

Yesterday morning sailed the Albion for England.    

The heavy rains which set in here on Monday last, and continued almost without intercession   till Friday evening, were little felt at Hawkesbury until Tuesday night and Wednesday morning. The damage done by the last storm, we are happy to learn is likely to be less consequential than was apprehended; notwithstanding which, there is no doubt that it must be severely felt by many of       the Settlers down the River.        

During the week several ingenious forgeries   have made their appearance, to detect which more than ordinary care is required. In some instances, the words "Two Shillings and Sixpence" are      

entirely out, and the space filled up with words as   neatly taken out of some other bill (and in one   remarkable than others palpably out of a spelling book) of greater import. Upon strict scrutiny the fraud must be discovered, as the spaces cannot          correspond with the length of the words, however    

artfully introduced. It therefore becomes the duty of     Traders more particularly, as they are more   exposed to loss than others from this new species of   imposition, to examine with the utmost caution     every bill they take; and if ever one of this     description falls beneath their observation, to bestow      

some trouble tracing it to its source - Such precaution, if adopted generally, cannot fail of its   desired purpose.          

Yesterday afternoon George Stacy, a servant of         JOHN PALMER, Esq., fell out of a cart near the       Tanks, and one of the wheels passing over his head, he remained for some time to all appearance

lifeless --- Surgical assistance being immediately procured, his state proves happily to be less  

dangerous than could possibly have been hoped.