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Sitting Magistrate for the ensuing week, Capt.


Assize of bread as before.  

Yesterday a Bench of Magistrates assembled; before whom the following offences were  

heard -

James Tracy, for absenting himself from his master early in May and continuing absent until within a few days since. The prisoner stated, that   he had, in company with two others set out to cross the mountains in quest of a hitherto undiscovered settlement; the chimerical existence of which has  

proved fatal to many ignorant and credulous       adventurers. He stated likewise that they had crossed     three ridges of mountains and three rivers; that   they subsisted during their absence upon flour with   a small quantity of which they had equipped    

themselves, mixed with water. His master was present at the examination and gave the prisoner a character which weighed with the Bench, in mitigation of the

punishment which his offence of absconding from his labour must otherwise have drawn upon him; but     as it was necessary at the same time by example to  

deter others from similar misdeeds, he was sentenced

100 lashes.

William Tracey, for having taken upon himself the name of James Tracey and fraudently obtaining a certificate of his term of transportation being     expired; whereas the true James Tracey had been   executed in this colony, and the prisoner himself was under sentence of transportation for life.   Sentenced to 150 lashes.    

James Horsell, for stealing a frock and a pair of   towsers, the property of John Johnson, was   committed for trial before a Court of Criminal Juristriction.  

John Wright and William Atwood, charged with stealing and killing a pig the property of Matthew     McDonnaugh on Wednesday night; which upon   the day following was found concealed in a hole dug in the earth floor of Wright's house. By the testimony of Susannah Shaddock who was admitted Kings evidence, the fact was brought home to the   parties accussed in the most decisive manner; when     it appearing that Wright was already a prisoner for 14 years, and Atwood for five, they were sentenced 200 lathes each; to be puton the store, and sleep   in gaol for 12 months.  

Elizabeth Anderson, charged by Mr. William      

Sutton, with stealing notes, his property, was   fully committed to take her trial for the offence.

A charge was at the same time very properly exhibited against James Anderson, for having washed

several tanned hides in the tanks from which the

greater part of the inhabitants of Sydney are supplied

with water. This accusation was set up by    

THOMAS LAYCOCK, Esq. to whom we are much indebted for his unremitting attention to these tanks, which his garden fortunately overlooks. The man

accused did not deny the charge; but declared his ignorance of any order prohibiting the inhabitants being poisoned by the contamination of their   principal reservoir; he acknowledged the imprudence   of the act, which he prayed the bench would attribute to heedlessness as he, being a knight of the order of St.Crispin, had accustomed himself to the   use of water in which he had occasionally steeped his leather, and had never found it unsavory or

unwholesome. He had nevertheless incurred the     penalty imposed by General Orders; but as this   was his first offence, the bench were pleased to      

mitigate the fine to one half; and, the offender was  

in consequence ordered to pay 50s.      

Thomas Ivory was at the same sitting brought  

before the Bench, charged with having made use       of contemptuous and inciting language, repecting

an Officer of the Civil Department; for which   he had received no species of previous provocation whatsoever. Ivory acknowledged the impropriety of his conduct, and declared himself sorry for what he said; in consequence of which confession  

the Bench, at the intercession of the Gentleman,     alluded to, took bail for the good behaviour for

6 months, himself in 10£ and 2 sureties in 5£       each, and ordered the prisoner to be discharged.

The magistracy, taking into consideration the most efficacious means of preventing depredation,   have ordered that all prisoners of infamous character  

tebe obliged to sleep in the gaol - a measure that must immediately tend to the security of property;   and eventually, it may be hoped, to the reformation of those whose vicious courses render this salutary regulation necessary.

Old English Customs. - Last Monday and Tuesday were devoted to the species of harmless mirth,   which twice a year gives relaxation to the inferior, yet not least useful orders of the Bristish metropolis. With what anxious expectation, rising Youth, do ye await the happy tides of Easter and of Whitsun   that ye may once more enter into the Greenwich

festive lists, and break your necks in transport down   her verdant hills! In exploits dangerous to bravely    

vie, at once denotes true courage and sagacity; and    

he that dares to tempt the precipitate descent, finds    

consolation in a broken limb, and longest holds     in memory the sportive season. In imitation of these annual festivals, a little fare was upon Whit-

Monday and Tuesday held between Sydney and the Brickfields; and we have the pleasure to say,   that the amusements were decorously conducted and that in no single instance was the harmony broke in upon. Among the little eccentricities that were

introduced to variegate the scene, were several     races; one of which was run by seven girls for a  

chenise full trimmed with British blue and scarlet  

ribbands. Several races were adapted to their age;                         three grimaciers exhibited their talent, with   wonderful applause; a black man, throwing himself   upon all fours, in imitation of the antelope  

performed a thousand agile extravaganzas, to the no     small gratification of a respectable number of   spectators whom curosity had drawn together; and     which to the amateurs of innocent pastime furnishes     a diverting chit chat.    

Ship News. - On Wednesday arrived the Santa     Anna, captain Moody, from Norfolk Island, where she arrived the 19th ultimo, after an absence of two   months and 18 days, having been driven considerably to the northward, and encountered much bad  


By captain Moody we are informed, that His  

Majesty's schooner Estramina had sailed from the      

lsland the 19th ult. with as many settlers as she     could take, for the River Derwent; and that up-wards of 40 families, with their stock and baggage were getting in readiness to embark on board the City of

Edinburgh as soon as she should arrive; which will       sensibly diminish the present remaining number of     inhabitants of the island, the total evacuation of      

which will now shortly be accomplished.          

The last maize crop there is reported to have been very favorable; though the price of that species of     grain when the above vessel came away, was 7s.     a bushel, and wheat considerably higher.    

The American brig Eliza, captain Corey, had

touched at Norfolk, and sailed for the Fejees the      

19th ultimo.