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General Orders.    

WHEREAS by the General Orders of the

18th of June, 1805, His Excellency the     Governor in Chief was pleased to suspend the

Sentence of the General Court Martial passed   on Mr. Savage, Assistant Surgeon to this Ter ritory, holding a Military Commission, until His Majesty's Pleasure should be received

thereon ; and in consequence of the said sen   tence to suspend from his duties as Assist

ant Surgeon to this Territory : The Proceed ings of the said General Court Martial finding     him guilty of " Neglect of duty, in not at

" tending the wife of Edward M'Donald,   " settler at Kissing Point, when in labour,  

" although solicited by the husband in the " most pressing manner," ' and was adjudged  

to be cashiered,' having been laid before the King, a Letter from the Judge Advocate Ge

neral to His Excellency the Governor, dated     the 24th of April, 1806, communicates His

Majesty's Pleasure as follows :

" I am to acquaint you that His Majesty   " having fully considered the whole of the   " Proceedings, has not thought fit to confirm " the Sentence, the case proved not being a " Military offence within the Mutiny Act,

" or Articles of War ; and His Majesty is

" pleased to direct, that Assistant Surgeon " Savage be released from his Arrest, and   " restored to the functions of his Commission,

" which has been signified to Mr. Savage, who   " is in England"          

By Command of His Excellency, E. GRIFFIN, Sec. Govt. House, Sydney, April 7, 1807.  

PERSONS having Government Men who were

distributed in order to enable the Settlers        

to thresh out their Wheat, are directed to

make a Return immediately of such persons to Thomas Arndell, Esq. at the Hawkesbury ;   and Captain Abbott, at Parramatta.

By Command of His Excellency, E. Griffin, Sec. Govt. House, Sydney, April 12, 1806.  

TO be Sold by private contract, an excellent  

Dwelling house in Windmill Row, No.       1. near the back of the New Church ; toge ther with sundry articles of neat houshold furniture. For particulars apply to James M'Coy, on the premises.

WHereas on or about the 17th of March, the Dwelling house of David Brown,   settler at the Eastern Farms in the vicinity of Kissing Point, was set fire to and consumed, together with sundry articles of value. In order   to bring to condign punishment the incendiary or incendiaries therein concerned, I, the said   David Brown, do hereby offer a Reward of     Twenty Pounds sterling to any person prose cuting to conviction : and I do hereby at the   same time forbid any future trespass upon my  

said Farm, either by turning cattle, or other stock thereupon, or by cutting down or remo ving wood therefrom on pain of prosecution.

I Do hereby strictly caution every person a   gainst trespassing on my Farm, situate in       the district of Castlereagh in Mulgrave Place, bounded on the south west by Mr. Arndell's Farm, and known by the name of Brown's Farm, either by turning stock thereon or taking any kind of wood therefrom, or in any other

way whatever, on pain of prosecution to the   utmost extent of the Law. James Brown.   NOTICE.—All persons are forbid trespassing         with stock or by making a passage across   a paddock of 60 acres, situate at Richmond Hill, and fenced in, the property of Jonathan Griffiths, who will prosecute any and every

such trespass that may be made hereafter.   WISHES to engage a Passage on board any       ship that is or shortly may be bound for    

England, William Arkinstall, late of the Lucy, who being now in confinement for having re  

mained on shore contrary to the Regulations of this colony, has not the power of personal  

application : he will either work on board or pay for the same.—All claims on the Adverti   ser are requested to be immediately forwarded      

to him in the gaol at Sydney.

THE following Persons advertise the ????? in case any just demands demands against        

them that they must be brought forward, it being   their intention to leave the colony under His Excellency's permission.    

In the Dutchess of York    

Mr. Edward William Johnston

Edward Gough       By Command of His Excellency,                

E. GRIFFIN, Sec.      

TO be Sold by Public Vendue, at Mr. Be van's on Friday next at 11 o'clock ; about 130 bags of Rice partly damaged and a quantity of empty-gunney bags.  

Prompt payment in current coin. NOTICE.—The Dutchess of York will sail on or about the 24th current : all claims or demands against the Ship's Company to be presented for payment to Captain A. Forest or

Campbell and Co.                

Wanted for the above vessel, a Carpenter and three seamen.                   NOW on Sale at the house of Mr. ???? ????, Sydney, the remaining part of the Cargoes imported in the Dart and Parramatta, consist      

ing of bolt and flat iron, iron hoops and rivets,

steel, nails of various sorts, bullock harness   compleat for teams, blacksmiths', bellows,

anvils, vices, hammers, and tongs, compleat sets of cooper's tools, steel yards, beams and weights, several bales of slop cloathing, red baize, white kersey, blankets coarse and fine,     printed cambrics, sprigg'd and plain muslin, su perfine coats and common do. Port Wine in  

bottle and Brandy of the finest quality. THOMAS TABER, Vestry Clerk and school Master of the Parish of St. Phillip, Syd

ney, most respectfully begs leave to acquaint                    

his Friends and the Public in general, that he has removed from the Rocks to No. 23, Upper

Chapel Row, where he intends re-opening his School on Monday the 13th instant.—Parents

and Guardians who wish to place their chil

dren under his tuition may depend on the

strictest attention to a speedy improvement in spelling, reading, writing, arithmetic, book      

keeping, &c. on the most reasonable terms.  

WANTED, a steady, careful, and honest per

son to look after a flock of sheep ; any one that understands the management of sheep

who can be recommended for the above qualities, will meet with every encouragement, by applying to Thomas Hobby, Esq., Hawkes-bury.

WANTED, a careful Ready Man to attend a Garden and Orchard near Sydney ; he must

be experienced in the care of trees and plants, and be of good character. Any person answering this description will find a comfortable situation by ap plying to H. Kable.      


WANTED, a person or persons to make and well burn 30,000 Bricks.—For particu

lars apply to Mr. Thompson, Green Hills, Hawkesbury.                     WANTED, a person or persons to fell 70

acres of land, thinly timbered, chiefly   with the small apple tree, at Richmond Hill.       For further particulars application to be made

to Mr. Thompson, Green Hills, Hawkes       bury.          

WANTED, a Wet Nurse, who will be trea ted with liberally. Apply for reference to the Printer of this paper.    

TO be Let, or Sold by private contract, two Dwelling houses situate near the General Hospital, occupying a Lease whereof 13 years

are unexpired, the property of Daniel


Also, a desirable situation in Upper Chapel

Row, with pallisade fence, & well worthy of notice. For particulars apply to the proprie tor.            

BIRTH. — Friday morning Mrs. Nichols         was safely delivered of a fine boy.  

PRINTED AT SYDNEY ; AND ADVERTISE