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Sydney March 14, 1807.           ABsconded from the Employ of Government Thomas Miller, some time a Labourer

in the Dock yard, and James M'Glade, lately capitally convicted. All persons are cautioned

against harbouring or employing them on pain of prosecution, but to aid and assist in appre-     hending the said Absentees.

By Command of His Excellency.

L. HARRIS, Magistrate of Police.

;'^TbTtcÈ'.-I hàtchj.'caution*-th'V Pübííii^hóit" "^ T ' to pay over to 'William EvansU'ñy Mb-, ney payable to me "as;Próvoft ; Marihal,- having' djicharge'd.-him from; niy' Eht^lo)'.'.-' " ','vy . " '.''

:. ¡yV^XLL.lAM'öoR.E', ]Pfbvofi''Matß'ttl-\

Yft/'anted, a fteady aiiive'^Ärr, caj^ablè of ^ V performing the.,dVity oT Deputy ^royofr Marfhai ?..his c^àraâ'ef 'forlobvi^ty^and hónef:'. ty mM^bcar ; the ftri¿ieíP "fchit'ihy, ?< and 'w'hcn 'âppfQVéd'bf fcc.ufity adcquite-'to the' 'Prüft re poled in ' him and the 'confidence1 .neçeilary. in ^tclvà'iitu^tioh '/Half b# giveñv;r^ppj vost ions r{^rjb('nali^bvr ;by ¿lette'r; di reeled ; to: tiië^y ÍÍ|«$£h& -inihiediately attended "to! :. ,',." ,."..:,; T/" "'..,' ?i-;i:; ? '.. :,:: . AVjilfianvGoreyC^

;: N-. '.^B.. I ' 'particularly/ Ycqu.éíV alfil Ue?:orri ':met k1"forthei'rvown.' föelir¡Vy,. tfâtíaüíVpcttons;

-who'diay* p^

.the hands of Winiani-';EvK;i-i'?i m'y.'larè'iBailjrîy m his oÏR'cjal capacity mu/'fif forthVftiv;lranihii<r :to_ Met h e*r itàieyivents 'of' t:Yq ft ¡ es : ' :fif piïd" ;and" upon what and .whofeaccount. ". * ??"vy^^r-t %:.?;:"? *.' ; "V }^W\ 1 !iarh:;G<?.re.-,:'#xW$*$&$&fí

S; eut

'Ai\:'í.i. p«r.fons to whom ;j:.d

i.^* indebted arc hereby ;;ré.queiíéd',.tp pceien tb^r, Accounts,,fer ^

.?!fr.o"oi: the preis ¿itperiod ; .and all t-ÇfcifcJiídiebéed*

,to him-áre--.requeíted to lettie their acconnts jw:kh j n the term.¡ahoye...fpöcj ned'; V-vjvs,f'.-.álK /\%hoí

.fail' here.ni. will be fu ed? without : any esceptíoiil jwhatfoeyer.. . ,: .,-..;. ?...,'.,. . .,, ,.??'. . ??? ,:-¿Y '?'?

¿^ MPI y Case:«..- ÍU\y peïum 01 «erionV/u {3iu Vi(1g, fuch to« diùffc of a'c requeued, t » make the lame known to Thomxs Rciöic, vvîi.) .will párchale,any quantity at a'iiberal pnns'. - i Alio wanted, ? few Muflen for the u'e oí a colonial vi ile). Apply as ab'sv -.

\,i i. claims t*r demands up^n Aîi«. Arm

^~*L Kennedy, of the rUck Row- Ea'r, SvJ.icy, are requeued to be p'eleni ed to I» r witnout delay, as ihc intend*; l--avin¿ tb,o "colony n' <*" 1 eaily oppoitunity : And ali perfons i v-ikel

to ho, »icàt the Urne time icquueö'-to ivne lo an immediate feulement; orhe.*-iT 1c£a1 meaiuie- foi enforcing pi)nient wrli be le

íoiícd to without fjrthei notice

"^oa on Saleit the-houle »t Joftu Di iveu x^ Chapel Kovíí, the following Good«; i¿te!\ mpoittd, .it ieaionablc puces vi*. £nc d*rk chintzes, plain cotton fio: kings and v/o:k'<¡ clock ditto fine and fo«íri>, ¡>o^i bio^cPrh,

J am .ts* ra icy iilk hgndket chiefs o'ick ..*«).<-?! ma'

t'tto .> inuflm ¿i bundie. handí:erv..i.c.-M #ii(»"d, phi in, gild fío at red nu/Äm 01 m ¡tv. j^eiiitisj black lace, filk .tiimmmjr, o,i*ait.ri! hi aid comb?, e<r ri; gs, wadded bon,.ers biie-ic dito, black net Upct-, attif.cial fiowes a fi'c . ¿ >'t

?mei/t of lache«.'c-mbs-csdtoi«. ¿nd Hanoi-, ¡g.t».,

jj! ted t. ble and tea ipo *s el eg«» it l>»ci>ers Urge and fro a li gi]c and pUtcd hu ton?, ,.i\»n dei viAtcr, r*matum, men's hats fuie .Unies, ' Mp, lu r*r. pins, 4ice'lles, ladie^ttid « h¡.drm\ íAiavv ¿iid Leghorn bovníiVts horn Jo to 15«.. c ¿cb. of the newctt1, fkihion impoitedin the /hip Dait, lowing filk of'all CoViurv fm.;ll waiteis, and womens and childi en's íhoc-s

\ LL claims or demands'On'W. R^kn, No. ?*-*. 49, Chapel Row, aré to be prefented im- mediately ; and peilons indebted try Him* are requeued to liquidate theil account«;, iri failure wherc+jf coercive meaíures w'ili be \'u\û ibtoiirfe1

to -without further ho ¡cc.

MEW SOU'! H WALES -CORPS'. '; . The Pa,y_ Notes ¡liiied-by the ravmatter will' ' *- be Oconfolidated-in Caih or biil-> ¿t AarfJQP

Johnston's ijartracks, bydncy, o««.iV]oiim»ív^ the 30th of March, agreeable co-the pimtel Notice-of the 28 «.h oi September, 1ÍJ0&.

'Parramatta, M au h 20, 1807. -; ;/, \ To be Sold by Private Contract, a valuable  

Thirty acre Farm delightfully situate at   Hawkesbury down the River, the property of and in the present occupation of Mr. Thomas


All the above is clear, 6 acres fenced in

for a paddock, and 4 acres of corn in a flou-

rishing state. For particulars apply to the   proprietor, or to W. Baker, No 49, Chapel