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SHIP NEWS.        

At 2 o'clock on Sunday afternoon His   Excellency the late Governor and family      

finally embarked on board His Majesty's ship     Buffalo for England, accompanied to the wharf by His Excellency, who expressed   the most sensible regret at taking leave ; His     Honor the Lieutenant Governor and ma-        

ny Officers attended, also to share in the last duties of respect. At half past two the boat left the wharf, and was saluted by His Majes- ty's ship Porpoise as she passed ; the following morning His Excellency's Dispatches were   on board, and on Tuesday the ship sailed. Go- vernor KING designing to touch at Norfolk   Island on his way.  

The Perseverance sailed on Monday for Canton.

On Friday arrived from Pulo Penang, the ship General Wellesley, of 14 guns, Captain Dalrymple, in 45 days, with the following

investment, viz.

silk, thread, & sowing


parasols and [????]

bottle stands and waiters

card boxes & [????]


4 trunks, 2 bales of piece-[????]   1767 bags of rice

2396 bags of wheat   a quantity of canvas     dammar cakes

fish sauces and pickles  

lines and twine

6 chests of tea

38 sets of china

ladies' shoes and fans trunks and tea trays  


Brandy, Rum, Gin, and


This vessel brings the very unpleasant in-       formation of the loss of the Sydney, Captain    

Forest, and the Tellicherry, Captain Cur- zons; the latter of whom reached Canton in an American vessel the 1st of August last, having been wrecked on the coast of Laconia: the officers and crew arrived safely in the ship's boats at Manilla, from whence they proceeded

to China in the American.

The Sydney met her fate on a reef upon the coast of New Guinea, crew saved. Captain Forest's subsequent arrival at Calcutta is an- nounced in the Prince of Wales Island Gazette of Nov. 29, as having taken place the 9th of October last in the ship Varuna from Penang, which she left the 4th of the same month.

The William Pitt arrived at Canton the 3d of October.      

The China market was overstocked with rice by the prodigious influx produced by the importation from Bengal.          

In confirmation of former accounts relative to Sir Home Pophan's expedition against the Spanish settlements on the River de la Plata,         we have now the satisfaction to add upon un- questionalbe authority, his successful descent upon Buenos Ayres, a ransom of two millions of dollars was tendered, and accepted by the  


We are happy to state likewise; that the apprehension entertained relative to the designs of

Jerome Bonaparte

so far as related to the Cape, was void of foundation, the squadron under his command having never made their appearance there. His destination is there-

fore concluded to have been the Mauritius, where the French have alway found it their interest to support a respectable naval force ;

but upon which important station two Frigates only were employed when the last accounts          

were received at Pulo Penang ; which   doubtless must have proceeded from their ina-

bility to attend to the object.                

The doubt and anxiety which we have long   endured respecting the situation of our valuable  

countryman, Captain Flinders, so far from         having relieved, must suffer aggravation from

the accounts we now receive-that four  

months ago be remained a prisoner in the [?]

of France.