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Yesterday morning, between twelve     and one, two boats arrived from the  

wreck of the Britannia south sea whaler,   Captain Goodspeed, from Middleton's     Shoals, upon which that vessel unfortu-   nately ran between two and three in the morning of the 15th ultimo. Such was

the state of the surf breaking at the time,   that the hands were obliged to take in-   stantly to their boats for the preservation   of their lives; and returning to the ship     at day light, were only able to save a small quantity of bread and a few cheeses,     with which they divided themselves into three boats each containing eight persons, including the Captain, and made the best of their way hither. Yesterday se'nnight two boats had the good fortune to make King's Town, when, their slender stock of provision having been totally exhaus-     ted, the Officer in Command contributed to their relief as much as the state of the stores would admit. The third boat,

in which was the chief mate, having   separated several days before in a gale of

wind, has not yet arrived, though her safety is most ardently to be hoped. — After waiting for a favourable wind three days, they took their departure from King's Town, and after an arduous struggle against adverse weather, at length effected their arrival at Port Jackson.

The Britannia had touched at Norfolk   Island about seven weeks before the me- lancholy event of her loss; but as Cap-   tain Goodspeed had nothing for this place, and therefore did not intend to call here until the object of his voyage was compleated, she took nothing from thence, except some small supplies for     the ship's use.

Yesterday se'nnight at night came in from King's Town, with coals & cedar, His Majesty's colonial vessel Resource,     with Venus and Hope private vessels ; the latter of which cleared again on Thursday for the same place.

The Sinclair has taken in for the  

China market the oil designed to be sent home by the Commerce with 14,000   skins.  

On Saturday night last Mr. Fitzger-   rald's dwelling house at the Green Hills   was entered, and the following wearing apparel stolen — should any of which be offered for disposal, it is hoped detection       will ensue : 2 white muslin gowns, and   1 yellow ditto ; 2 white dimity and 1 very fine iz?ea petticoat ; 3 pair of fine women's cotton stockings, 3 tuckers, 1 trimmed with capital Valenciennes lace,       2 pair of green shoes, 1 shawl, 2 sheets, 2 blankets, and a counterpane.

For the last 14 nights successively at-

tempts have been made to rob the garden   and out buildings of Mr. David Bevan,   by breaking through the lumber yard for spring paling ; and so audaciously have these attempts been made, notwithstand-   ing the appearance of a watchman, that   some of them have had the temerity to   answer when challenged, and bid defiance

to his vigilance. The discharge of a musket among a small group of these nocturnal associants being unfortunately rendered necessary by their own deter-

mined hardihood, will probably demon- strate the utility of circumspection.

Yesterday morning favoured us with but a slight supply from Kissing Point & parts adjacent, and the price of every article bore an advance upon that of last   week. A few samples of sorry wheat appeared, for a bushel of which twelve dollars were conscientiously demanded by a grower, whose losses by the last or any farmer stood never amounted to as many grains of wheat.