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The Windsor Murder ? ♦ ? Mki.bourhk, Tuesday. Among thn raanv remarkable features of tho Windsor tragedy bin boon tbo numhnr of' extraordinary epistles that have been indited and addressed to all sorts of persons, from the Governor tn the murderer, upon the grim subject. The Ohief Commissioner, by tliJ last English iniil, was tbo favored recipient of one of these brilliant effusions. I' puiportcd to come from an indivMnul completely in the confidence of the Roynl family and all tho authorities connected with tbel ending secret societies in London. H-i statei! that Dpntning wns the tool of n plof inspired by H.R.H.ihe Prince of Wales, anil assisted by oilier distinguished personuf^os, to supplant religion tliroujrhont the world l-y freomusonry ; also that Dooming was the authorised Australian agent of tho conspiracy, and according to tho writer has nppoared here undor various aliases, to wit, MarciiH Clarke, George Oarrell and Christie Murray ; being, moreover, of taro literary talent, such works as ' His Natural Life,' ' The Sunny South.' and ' Ned's Chum,' boiu£ ascribed to his authorship. This very imaginative informant further goes on to state that the Prince of Wales lias frequently visitod Australia under the cognomen of Willig, and that Lord Carrington was a leading and most bloodthirsty member of the Mafia, having been frequently cuncernod in the secret poisoning of ptlests and other dignitaries of the church. Tnen the startling fact is announced that the Princess Louise is the Queen of the Mafia, of which Deeming was one of tho most trusted emissaries. He is declared to be ' Jack tho Ripper,' and is alleged to have no less a prsonage than the Prince of Wales as his uc'ive associate and accomplice in the atrooitii ? of Whitochapel. Tho letter is written throughout in the style of printing, with the obvious object of dis guising the identity of its wi'iter. Tho Chief Commissioner is of opinion that tho epistle is the nroduct of a lunatic.

It is roported that a statement of consider ablo importance has been made to the police authorities by a resident of Lilydalo, who was a 'bus driver in London in 1SS9. The infor mant states that he has seen Deemiiiy's photo, and recognises it as that ot a strange man who rode on his 'bus in 1889. The stranger was very peculiar and, after con versing with the informant, be producod a large clasp knife, which opened by moans of a sprint; nt the back, and said that if the police saw him with it thoy would say he was 'Jack the Rippor.' He then closed the knife and put it back in his pocket. What lends color to tho statement, is that among Decmin^'d effects a knife similar to that one described by tho informant was found, and on Detoctiyo Cawsey producing the weapon he at once recognised it as tho ono tho man had shown him on the 'bus. It is rumoured that tho medical profession intend to bring1 lie fore Parliament the question of the examination of tho brain of Deeming with the objoct of ascertaining what tho Government intends doing in tho matter.