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(from ova own conBEsroypexT,)


A Meeting took placo in tho Court House, on Thursday ovonmg last for tho purpose of re organizing tho Cnrcoar Auxiliary Church Society. Tho meeting was not numerously attended, and very few of thoso parties who are well able to assist tho Sociotv. and whn ought tn set an

example to their poorer neighbours were present. Tho Roy. Mr. Burko opened tlio meeting by Prayer, and introduced the- Rev. A. IT, Bull, incumbent of Cook's River, Sydney, and alluded to tho personal inconvenienco and expenso tliat the Jlov. Gcntloman liad incurred in travelling to forward tho interests of this society. Tlio Revd. A. H. Bull then gnvo nu account of the useful ness of tho Society which was formed by tho Bishop of Sydney in 185C, since which period £14,000 had been collected for tho purpose of providing clergymen nnd churches in those parts where none had been provided by other means ; previous to the Bending of clergymen in their places tho Lord's day was unknown amongst them nnd no attempt was mado to keep it holy j there was no person to sooth tho bed of sickness, to protect tho mother, or to baptise her infants, all thnt was thought about was to look out for tho rich pasture lands to feed their flocks and herds upon, or to dig tho gold out of the earth ; tho residents on tho Lnchlan River (ubout three years ago) subscribo 1 amongst them sufficient for tho support of a Clorgymon, and tllo Rev. Mr. Brownrigg was Bont to thorn who 1ms been travelling amongst them ever since and has done a large amount of good in that part ; sinco tho Luchlan gold-fields broko out ho liad exerted himself greatly for tho moral improvement of fhe niggers. In Sydney £3150 had been subscribed in one year, out of which sum £2700 had beon expended, leaving a balanco of £750 for the benefit of tho country district ; nt Jambaroo whore thoy received no assistance from tlio Govemmoirt, the people had now n clergyman, had built n church, rectory, nnd school-house; nt Shoalhaven £250 had been sub scribed during the yenr ; lit Coot's River £100 had been subscribed lost year; the society hnd built 5i churches besides Kcctories, nnd rendered assistance to tjiirty clorgymon ; Tho society was composed of clorgymon, nnd laymen, and ns parsons were had bookkeepers, some of the greatest of tlie Sydney Merchants liad under taken that portion of'tho business for them. Tho Society was continually receiving letters from country Clergymen asking for a trifle to assist to build their clmrchca, which was always granted, 03 far ns tho funds would allow. Did the Govern ment talk about doing away with State Aid ? it was necessary that tlio funds of this Society should lio augmented, for when (he Government lock thoir coffers against religious support, tlie country Districts must tlien do as well as thoy can. If the Minister were not properly Biippor tcd he. would bo taken from the Bistrict, but to prevent this, they should petition tho Govern ment for Stnto Aid, nnd return no Member to Parliament but who would plcdgo himself to support State Aid, so ns to prevent us from becoming heathens. Tho Kcvd. Gentleman thon stated that a small Committeo in which Ladies could join should bo at once formed, and ho trusted that the peoplo of Curcoar would givo with n freo hand, Tho Rcvd. Gentleman then Bat down having been attentively listened to in his able description of tho usefulness of this Society. The Rov. Mr. Bourlco stated thnt ho ngrrcd in all that tho Rov. Mr. Bull had stated, and read over tho Names of tho Committeo for tho present year. Captnin Gennys stated that our church was already indebled' £200 to a gentlomari, nnd wished to know if tins Society would assist in paving thnt debt. The. Rov. Mr. Bull slated that at present the Society liad moro pressing demands upon it, and cotifd not do so. Captain Gennys then returned thanks to the Rev. Mr. Bull for his address- of that evening, when tho sura of £11 was collected, and the meeting separated. Robbery. — On Wednesday night two new tarpaulings wero Btolcn out of tho Btack-yard of Mr Wm. Glasson, of King's Plains, where thoy had beon loft to cover some thrashed wheat. Ocr Membkb. — I am sorry to say that this gcntlcmnn has. not proceeded to his Legislative 7)uties ; wo wero in hopes thnt aftor his boing nbsent from tho Assombly nearly tho wholo of last session, ho would have- seen tlio necessity of appearing in that house ns early as possible, so that ho would Iiave tried to urge tho Government to put our roads andbridges in proper repair, to enable them to stand tho im mense traffic that is passing along them to tho Laclilan, nnd Lnmbing Flat Gold Kclds ; we have nlso ofhor local wants that need attention. As this gentlomnn seems so unwilling to nttend to his Legislative business, wo wonder his friends who placed him in that high position do not ask him to resign, so that wo might got a member who would attend to tho wonts oftho district instead ot allowing it to bo dwindlo into insigniflcuncc.