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Friday morning arrived the Estramina,

last from Hobart Town, where she arrived the 12th of April from Port Dalrymple, and sailed again the 21st. She searched twice at Cape Barren, and brings three prisoners who had escaped from Hobart Town in an open boat, and after making Cape Barren with inconceivable           risque, were there apprehended by the sealers, and kept to close confinement till an opportunity offered of rendering them        

up to justice.                 About five weeks since she fell in

with the sloop Raven belonging to Mess. Raby and Wills; her people were in

great distress for want of provisions,  

having for some unknown causes considerably overstaid their time. Lieut.   Oxley, commanding the Estramina,             relieved their wants with such grain as could be spared from his own vessel, and parted with her near Port Dalrymple, whither the designed going in order to get their grain ground into meal for the passage up. A tremendous hurricane  

coming on before it was possible she could have made Port Dalrymple, added to her non arrival after such a lapse of time, leaves a doubt of her safety, and gives birth to the most serious apprehension for the safety of her people, who including the sealing gang which she                           was ten weeks since purposely dispatched

to bring carefully up, were eleven in     number.                

Yesterday arrived the Atlantic south       whaler, Captain Swain, six months from England. She saw twelve line of battle

ships, which Captain Swain supposed to be either French or Spanish, cruising off Teneriffe, but no accounts are received     in confirmation of Lord Nelson's last   splendid victory and glorious but   lamentable fall.                

Captain Swain went for the fishery         direct, and has already procured eighty barrels of spermaceti oil.             His object in touching here now is to

examine the sheathing of his ship, which is in some places defective.

Shortly before the Estramina left the    

River Derwent, two men unfortunately

perished by a whale boat upsetting in which they were transporting four valuable kangaroo dogs to the opposite side,

neither of which ever reached the shore. On Tuesday sailed the brig Venus for Hobart Town.        

Same day sailed the Governor Hunter   for Port Dalrymple; and Marcia for the

Southward.                                     Monday sailed the Contest for King's


On Friday sailed the Charlotte for Hawksbury; and this day the sloop               Hawksbury to sail for ditto.