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Wednesday last being Christmas Day, Di- vine Service was performed at Sydney in the     forenoon by the Rev. Mr. Marsden, with a discourse suited to the solemny of the oc-     cassion.The ceremony of Holy Baptism was       also performed on several infants presented for           participation in its sacred rites.  

The indulgent arrangements adopted by   Government on the issue of spirits permitted to be distributed from the Eliza have been at

tended with every advantage that could have been anticipated from so liberal a meafure.— By the acceptance of copper coin at its local value, and the accommodation to fuch as had   Claims on Government, as explained in the General Order of the 24th, numbers obtained a proportion who, from the ímpossibility at such a juncture of complying with the ufual terms of payment, must have been utterly pre-     cluded firom its advantages; while the smooth   faced ? that had hugg'd himself upon the advantage of accumulating dollars at a mo-      

derate loss, had to contemplate, with regret the   disappointment of his sordid expectations.—   While indirect allusion appears so blunt the   talk of censure, and prevails upon the most re-

pectable to suppose his neighbour's faults   are repoached, and his own concealed by cir-        

cumspetion, which may be thrown off its guard         by avarice, yet justice demands a tribute to those who averse to the traffick of a cent, per cent, accommodation, were ready to oblige without the necessity of a fmart.

Forgery -A three pound promissory note of hand was tendered in payment by a boy to Mr. M. Kearns on Christmas Day; but owing to   some suspicious circumstances the validity of the note was questioned, and the bearer in conse- quence apprehended and taken before J. HAR-     RIS esq. who discovered that the boy had re- ceived it from a woman cohabiting with J.    

W. Lanceshire: she being sent for denied the   fact and the instrument was traced to Lancashire     upon his own acknowledgment. He was accord- ingly committed for further Examination, as the   gentleman in whole name the bill is drawn de-       clares it to be a point blank forgery ; of which indeed no doubt could be entertained from its


Yesterday he was re-examined before the above Gentleman; and after several depositions  

were taken that were material to the proseu

ction, the prisoner was fully committed to take this trial before a criminal court.  

The gardener's house of His Honor Lieut. Governor PATERSON was broke into and plun- dered of every thing that could possibly be re-   moved, comprising his whole wearing apparel,     bedding, tea, sugar, and provisions; and such part of which as could not be taken away wan- tonly and shamefully spoiled, A hat was found   in the place, which is supposed to have been worn by Wm. Page, an absentee into the woods;  

from which and other circumstances the offence   is considered to have been committed by him     and his accomplices.        

Among other depredations committed by the     bush rangers lately absent we hear of two   boats, one a large one belonging to Richard Knight, a settler, and the other a small one, to A. Snowden, a carpenter. The building of J. HARRIS Esq. at the swamp was robbed on Fri-    

day and one of the delinquents seen on a small

island in the channel, the measures adopted by the Officer of Police will we trust soon bring to a conclusion a system of depredation which can not at all events be possibly of long contin-


A desperate conflict took pace among   natives on Thursday near the Military Bar-          

racks; and a number of spears flying, a pri- vate of the New South Wales Corps received one by accident in the foot, which penetrated to some depth. The combattants were a long

time prevented by the curiosity of crowds of   

spectators, who pressed upon all sides, from the continuance of hostility; but several Officers and Gentlemen interfering in commanding       that no interruption should be offered to their customs, the battle shortly after closed and in

a few seconds the field groaned beneath the weight of numbers falling under the waddy whole aperient powers furnished in a twinkling an unpleasant spectacle of fractured heads and half expiring veterans. Their mode of assault                 and defence with the waddy is certainly enti - tled to remark; for notwithstanding the most violent rage and impetuosity, yet the head is the only part guarded; every other being here               opens to the blow of the antagonist, who never avails himself of the advantage but hammers at the head of him who endeavours to conter a lasting obligation on his own. The conflict which was truly spirited while it lasted, was provoked by the conduct of Wilbamanan, no

less remarkable to his countrymen for his man- ly courage and prowess than for his perfidious manners; who attempted to force away the wife of a native from Broken Bay; in which attempt he eventually succeeded, after the un-

happy object of contention had undergone the  

terrible fatigues and barbarities consequent on

a savage rivalship that holds in contempt the female choice and inclination.

Hail and Hamburgh ten pins a quart."

at present to criminate offenders, yet suspi-

cion prevails against several of bad character,   who will not it is hoped long escape the vigi

lance of the Police at that settlement.        

                          A party assembled at the house of a friend in Parramatta on Tuesday last for the purpose of welcoming in Christmas with a case of home brewed prepared for the celebration of the festi- val; but to the mortification of the landlord         and disappointment of his assembled guests, the

intended source of conviviality had been grace                 fully rolled away untasted and untapped.  

A few days ago the wife of John Archer of Farm Cove, by accidental fall had the mis

fortune to dislocate her right hip and still con

tinues in extreme pain.          

On Monday evening were interred the Re mains of Mrs. Jeannette Dundas, whose death

we noticed with regret on Sunday last. At four in the afternoon her numerous friends as         sembled in apartment at Government House appropriated to their reception and at five a fu- neral procession formed; at which His Excel- lency andd Family attended, accompanied by           several Officers and persons of the fine respec- tability, whose presence added to the solemni- ty of the occassion.