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    Aboriginal Item: "Young Tedbury was set at liberty yesterday se'nnight, at the intreaty of the friendly natives who assisted in the capture of Musquito, each having pledged himself to bear every severity that any future mischief on the part of Tedbury should expose them to. " see also Dennis Foley at

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On Monday morning last HIS EXCELLEN- CY made an excursion to the Cow Pasture     Plains, from Parramatta, accompanied by a   number of Officers Civil and Military ; and    

at five the same evening returned to Government  

House to dinner.        

A private Letter from Norfolk Island de- scribes the extraordinary rise of the water that         took place the 8th of May last in the follow-      ing words. '' At half past three in the af-     ternoon, it being then almost low water, an   unprecedented efflux took place in the channel which though seldom containing less water than from 2 to 3 fathoms, in the space of two minutes were left dry, then the water flowing     suddenly, beat up against the Barracks, which are more than 20 yards beyond the high wa-

ter mark, returning with extreme rapidity to

its former distance. At each recoil of this tremendous surf the whole space between the   channel further than Blockade was laid nearly

bare, so as to discover frightful rocks and    

fragments, that before had never been visible. The water dashed against the barrack pale, & at the next returned reached to their very top, in one dreadful mass threatening destruction to the whole town; and our fears suggested,   that had it then broke upon us its fury must have been irresistible: this happily was not   the case, though many houses were much   damaged, and one swept totally away. This rage of the element continued the whole night;  

nor did the tide recover its usual flow until

the third day following. Between us and the Little Island many rocks appeared at intervals which had ever before been secreted from the eye by a depth of water. In Pigrun Bay, from the exposed situation of which such a rapid surf would be less unaccountable, no difference   was visible, nor was any part of the Island,   to the eastward of Far Bay, at all affected, tho' an easterly wind prevailed almost the whole


We are sorry to say, that a new insect of the

moth kind has occasioned much destruction   to several stacks of wheat belonging to individuals, insomuch that the wheat has in many instances lost more that half its weight.

On Thursday se'nnight Mr. and Mrs. EVANS were unfortunately thrown out of a chaise between Parramatta and Hawkesbury;   and Mr. E. had his shoulder dislocated. We

have nevertheless must satisfaction in adding        

that Mrs. EVANS with a beautiful infant in

her arms, escaped unhurt.                  

Last Friday G. BLAXCELL Esq. as Coroner, convened an inquest upon the body of Mr. Humphrey Evans Settler of Seven Hills, who died the evening before in consequence of a tree striking him in its fall. The Jury       returned a verdict accidental death.—The   deceased leaves a widow and two children to  

bemoan his unexpected loss, and was universally respected throughout his neighbourhood. On the Inquest it appeared, that at four in the   afternoon of the preceding day he had gone out to procure paling for a stye ; but not returning when expected, his wife expressed much   anxiety, and at dusk dispatched a man in search of him, but he returning without any tidings   of his master, his mistress directed him to       accompany her, and after a long research   discovered the unfortunate object of her anxiety outstretched, and across his breast a heavy oak

tree which he himself had fallen.

On Thursday last at Parramatta Richard Phillips was detected in the act of embezzling his master's property, and committed for   examination. On Friday night he was brought down, and yesterday morning the charge came before a Bench of Magistrates, at which the Officer in Command presided. The circumstances of the case admitted not of doubt, but   suffered aggravation from the insolent and   daring conduct of the offender, even when   detection had overtaken him. The Bench  

considering the weight of the offence, reminded

the prisoner that it was a serious and       enormous tendency, of all others the least   pardonable, and aggravated in the extreme by the

decided persuasion that wantonness could be the only incentive to his perfidy, which was still heightened by the crime of ingratitude and even the unnecessary provocation of contumely and insult to a kind and worthy master.—   That upon a criminal so obdurate as he   appeared, a reformation scarcely could be hoped    

or any mode of treatment; nevertheless,  

example, was unfortunately requisite to the   public security, and as he upon unquestionable  

testimony had been convicted, the sentence of the Bench was, that he should receive a severe corporal punishment, and be confined three years to the gaol gang.  

John Gordon yesterday se'nnight received a corporal punishment at the above settlement for stealing wearing apparel and other property belonging to Thomas Abbott as did A Rowson   on Monday for stealing planks the property of

a Gentleman.

John Montagu, a prisoner was found secreted

on board the Ferret after she sailed from   hence, and was secured with intent to be landed in a British Port ; but in consequence of the vessel's putting back, was surrendered to the custody of the Gaoler.    

Yesterday morning two whale boats, started from Bennelong's Point, on a race round Shark's Island at the entrance of the Harbour;   one belonging to the Brothers the other the Honduras Packet ; at about a quarter past 9 they took to their oars, and at 20 minutes past 10 the Brothers' regained their ship, leaving their antagonist a short distance behind.

Young Tedbury was set at liberty yesterday se'nnight, at the intreaty of the friendly   natives who assisted in the capture of Musquito, each having pledged himself to bear every severity that any future mischief on the part of   Tedbury should expose them to. The lenity extended to them at all times when the spirit of destruction ceases to predominate, must     sooner or later have its natural operation in convincing them, how little their safety depends upon their own ability, and consequently   how much they are indebted to the liberal     clemency of our Government.

SHIP NEWS.—Last Tuesday arrived from Norfolk Island His Majesty's armed tender Lady Nelson, in 24 days ; and brings agreeable intelligence of the date of the place and   appearance of the growing crop of wheat, that of maize having turned out as well as could possibly have been wished : in consequence of which stock is very plentiful. By this vessel came four privates of the New South Wales Corps, and several prisoners whose labour could be dispensed with.

The day following arrived from the same place the schooner Governor King, Mr. Edwards master, having left the island the day before the Lady Nelson. She sailed from hence for the Southward the 27th of April ; but experienced much severe weather, in which she sustained considerable damage—she     sprung her bowsprit ; carried away her starboard bulwark, unshipped her rudder, and lost three boats, but a calm soon after favored, and she got her rudder hung again at sea.

Off Reed's Mistake she lost one of her peo- ple, who unfortunately fell overboard, and al- though perceived when nearly along-side, it being moderately calm at the time, and a boat instantly got out, yet could not be saved. His name was William Crossman, had long been subject to a hysterical complaint, and was   supposed to have fallen overboard in a fit.

The Governor King brought from Nor- folk Island a few casks of pork, 6 tons of salt, and a quantity of excellent plank.

The Ferret south whaler returned to this

port on Friday, in consequence of the ship's becoming leaky soon after she sailed.


On Friday came in with a cargo of cedar    

from Hunter's River His Majesty's colonial vessel Resource; she left King's Town 7 days   before, but blown to the southward, nearly to Jervis's Bay, occasioned her unusual delay. She brought back five prisoners, whose good

conduct became their recommendation.

Also arrived with cedar the Governor Hun- ter and sloop Raven.