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Major JOHNSTON, Commanding Officer of the New South Wales Corps, on Monday   last left Sydney at HIS EXCELLENCY's re- quest, on a visit to Hawkesbury for the pur-   pose of enquiring strictly into the extent of damage sustained to the settler's property   from the various incursions of the natives of which we have every reason to believe   the reports heretofore published convey but a faint idea, as few, if any of the out-farms have escaped pillage to an amount more or  

less considerable. The above Officer was  

attended on the expedition by a single Troo- per; and after an extensive survey returned   to town on Thursday evening.

Last Monday a party composed of the set- tlers of the Northern Boundary and Baulk- ham Hills joined by the constables of Parra- matta went in quest of the natives in the neighbourhood of Pendant Hills, in order to disperse them, and prevent any ravages in that quarter, having previously driven off a

number secreted in the Northern Rocks,   who being alarmed by their dogs, escaped, many of the dogs being killed by the settlers. At Pendant Hills the same night one of their   number was apprehended whose vices have on many former occasions rendered his very name terrifying to the unwary passengers. This fellow proves to be Tedbury, the son of the assassin Pemulway, under whose horrible tuition and example he imbibed propensities   of the most diabolical complexion. He was conducted into Parramatta, when in crossing   the bridge he flipped his jacket and had nearly escaped from custody ; but failing in which he was taken before Major JOHNSTON and the Rev. Mr. MARSDEN, by whom the miscreant   was soon brought over, and declared one of the ruffians who volunteered his guidance in quest   of the murderers of the stockmen at Prospect

to be himself one of the assassins. He was fur-  

ther prevailed upon to conduct a party to a cavity in the north rocks wherein the proper-   ty taken from the unfortunate victims to their cruelty lay concealed ; and where a tomahawk     was found, with which one of their heads was cloven. This party fell in with a small cluster, one of whom, called Busa Muschetta,   saluted them in good English, and declaring   a determination to continue their rapacities made off.    

The person mentioned last week to have been apprehended on suspicion of robbing another of upwards of 20 dollars was exami- ned on Monday: when another offence committed against the same complainant was accidentally brought forward. It appeared that a few nights before the above loss was

sustained he had missed notes and bills to the         amount of between 3 and 4l. but considering   his co-resident as incapable of meanness sus-     picion never once attached to him, until by this urgency of circumstances every delicate   reserve was necessarily laid aside; and now    

as luck would have it, the very person to   whom the man in custody had paid the bills, carne upon him "in the time of trouble" to declare the fact. For the first offence he  

was ordered to be brought up at the first     Sitting of Magistrates, when all the evidence

will appear.      

On Tuesday a Richmond Hill native that       accompanied Warby to the Mountains in     search of some of the chief delinquent of his   own colour, fired at and mortally wounded   the identical fellow who perpetrated one of the murders at Prospect. They had passed

several, whom the guide declared to be inno- cent of murder; but as soon as the above   appeared in view, he burst into a transport of rage, and after pointing him out to Warby, presented his own piece, and shot him.

A quantity of property of different descrip-   tions has been found at Jerusalem, near Par-          

ramatta, to which Tedbury led the way,

having confessed himself a party in most of       the robberies committed in that neighbour- hood. At least 40 bushels of corn was found

secreted in a single cavity.    

A robbery has been recently discovered to have been committed on the property of Mr. A. Thompson at Hawkesbury, on account of which several persons were sent down for  

Examination. Wheat, corn, and live stock  

to a considerable amount are missing; and   we are sorry to say that several of his own          

servants are suspected as principals in the


On Monday last a woman of bad character       was banished the Military District with the usual formalities .