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On Wednesday His Excellency made a visit to Parramatta, where a muster of     female Prisoners was held, and next day he

returned to town.  

By the recent arrivals from the south- ward we are informed that nine large ships were seen from King's Island and Kent's Group about the 28th of October last, and that they steered N.E. after they got into  

the Pacific Ocean: From the described size   of the ships and other circumstances, there   is little doubt of their being a fleet of English India ships, bound to China by the Eastern


We have the mortification to find that the Pandora's Packet, a south whaler, has been sealing in the Straits since October; at    

which time she had been five months from

England:- The Captain informed the Master     of the Governor King (whose arrival we     last week mentioned), and other vessels, that he had letters for this place, which he would   not send by those vessels. The Nancy and the George private colonial vessels are engaged to go in quest of the whaler, and to obtain

the letters.

The cargo of the Lady Barlow being   compleated, it may afford pleasure to the Colonist to observe the quantity of colonial  

produce exported on that ship for the Port of  

London :—

Fine sea elephant oil 264 tons Fur seal skins 13,730

She-oak or beef wood 3,673 solid feet    

The Policy and Alexander south whales     are compleating their cargoes with oil and     seal skins, procured in Bass's Straits by the private colonial vessels.  

Two prisoners were yesterday sentenced a corporal punishment, which was inflicted    

accordingly, for frequently absconding from  

the settlement at which they were stationed,   without leave, and without a pass when