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On Monday last a boat with a load of wood and two men in her upset, owing, as has been before the case repeatedly; to her being much overburthened. The men could neither of them swim ; but yet were saved by the assistance of the spectators.

Part of an unfinished building near the Hospital Wharf, that had been left standing by the tempest which carried away its better half, on Tuesday last fell in during the   afternoon with an alarming crash, but happi- ly no one was injured by its fall. Several persons had been within the standing walls a few minutes before ; but very fortunately escaped injury.

The beginning of the week presented a na- tive warfare the most malignant that has been   witnessed. On Sunday morning last a num-     ber assembled at Farm Cove for fhe purpose of inflicting punishment on the heroic Wilhamannan; who after avoiding an immense     number of spears, received one at length in the hand, through his shield ; the wound brought on a stubborn conflict which for nearly an hour was general ; during which time the white spectators were justly astonish- ed at the dexterity and incredible force with which a bent, edged waddy resembling slight- ly a turkish scymetar, was thrown by Bungary, a native distinguished by his remarkable courtesy. The weapon, thrown at 20 or 30 yards distance, twirled round in the air with astonishing velocity, and alight- ing on the right arm of one of his opponents, actually rebounded to a distance not less than 70 or 80 yards, leaving a horrible contusion behind, and exciting universal admiration

A suspension of hostilities took place as abruptly and unaccountably to those who were not in the secret, as the affray had commenced ; and the wounded, after passing a few unintelligible invectives, sat down per- fectly satisfied with the event.

Nothing more passed of a hostile nature   during the day ; but as perfidy is inherent to some whatever be, the complexion or con-

dition in life, whether of polished manners   and fascinating address, or moving in the   humble sphere of nature's naked sons, the   tranquillity of the unhappy creatures was at   midnight interrupted by a villain of the   darkest hue, who treachously discharged a   spear among a dormant and promiscuous   group, which was received by Musquito in   the arm. A general alarm was the immedi-

ate consequence : and between the hours of twelve and one the most dreadful shrieks and  

lamentations resounded upon all sides. By   the spear the premedidated assassin was im-

mediately known and pursued ; parties took   different routes towards the Brickfields ;   where falling in with the fugitive they com- pelled him by the light of the moon to de- fend himself for a time, but was at length severely wounded in his turn.

The affray at Parramatta yesterday se'nnight, in which Yaranibi (commonly called Palmer) was said to be wounded, was

misrepresented ;—there were two wounded   very severely, but he was not one of the


A theft of a ludicrous nature was last week

very nearly productive of serious conse-   quences to the delinquents.——A couple   of mischievous boys finding a canoe unoccu-   pied, considered it a lawful prize, and with-   out ceremony shouldered and carried off the   little vehicle in unobserved security. The   owners, shortly afterwards discovering the   very heavy loss, and unacquainted with the   track the bark had taken, outyelled the   Cyclop's disappointed fury when the Royal

wanderer of Ithaca escaped his vengeance.   By this time one of the youngsters was seated   in the vehicle, which was now converted into a car of triumph, supported on the shoulders of many others, shouting forth peals of acclamation : hither the exasperated native flew; his little highness was surprised —his faithless subjects, seized with trepida-   tion, forsook him to his destiny, and throwing down their graceless burthen, precipitately

fled. Unable to recover in an instant from

the effects of a dangerous fall, he fell into the hands of an enemy, exalted to the very pinnacle of exasperated fury. Up flew the waddy, whose single stroke might have put a period to the exploits of the vanquished culprit—but a certain something suspended still the blow—-perhaps humanity! Reco-   vering the little he had lost, he seemed con- tent, and left the duty of correction to those whose province nature has decreed it.  

A short time since a large stack of wheat

the property of John Glade, a settler at   Kissing Point, was destroyed by fire acciden- tally communicated during his absence from   home. The poor man, who has a family of  

several children, had on the morning the dis- aster happened gone to Parramatta to visit  

his wife, who had laboured under a painful illness of 19 weeks duration and was obliged   to remove thither for the benefit of medi-     cal aid.—Instances of generosity are not uncommon even in a southern hemisphere; and when it is the pleasure of divine provi- dence to inflict suffering and loss upon such as are deserving of humane commiseration, it imposes but a temporary scourge. Affliction infallibly distinguishes the good member of society from the bad one; if misfortune befal the former, his friends may probably forsake   him ; his oldest acquaintances shun his con-

versation, and still venerate him—at a proper   distance : but well it was for him that he had a friend to lose—his opposite even in prosperity could never boast one : and con- solatory are the very consequences of a sad reverie, that stripping the visage of its mask, displays the genuine character of those whose pride it was to share in his acquaintance—

in these the other never was deceived; de-  

tested always, poverty can only influence   contempt. Relatives, too, sometimes rank   in the animal creation as amphibious, being   at liberty to pad along the strand of amity,   or should it be less disadvantageous, to am-    

ble on the gelid current of indifference;     when every glance that meets affliction's eye  

teems with reproach unmerited, and harrows     sensibility with obstinate reflection on the       past, which ardently comparing with the    

present, almost bedews the cheek of manly     fortitude—Misfortune may be endured ; but    

the slight semblance of unjust contempt la-    

cerates the generous spirit, and on the brow   erects the crest of melancholy, Fairness of  

character, philanthropy of disposition, purity     of sentiment, integrity of heart, and affability of manner, with every amiable perfection   that can enrich and beautify the character,        

are yet incompetent when opposed to the   prolific genius of detraction: Whither are  

the virtues flown then, or where their advo- cate ? Why, in the admiring World ! tho' friend and kinsman disregard true worth, yet affliction separates the rich mineral from its surrounding dross, and when the severer pa- roxysms of disappointment are gone by

the comely hand of principled and real friend- ship extends the hospitable portal, and bids

the wanderer welcome.

On Friday eleven servants of the Crown, employed as smiths in the Government   Work-shop, were complained of before His  

Excellency by their superintendant, for   insolence and repeated refusal to comply  

with his directions. Two were selected

from among the number, and as principal aggressors ordered to work in irons in the gaol gang; the others to return to their    

former work : but as a punishment to labour in a sinlge iron every evening until dusk.