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His Majesty's ship Buffalo and her small squadron taking advantage of the first favour-   able wind, got clear of the Heads at half past 11 in the forenoon of Monday last, and were   out of sight by two in the afternoon.

On Monday last John Maxwell, employed   in providing fodder for Government cattle, was detected in having converted to his own pecuniary purposes the provender so procured   to the extreme probable injury of the said cattle, in consequence whereof he was senten-  

ced to and received a severe corporal punish ment;— The offender was then ordered in irons to hard labour on the hired Government

grounds at Cornwallis Place, as was John McLaughlan also, for aiding and abetting in the offence ; the purchaser being commanded   to restore immediately the quantity so pur- loined. This example will, it is to be hoped shew the eccessity the strictest caution in   purchasing or receiving,, under any species of pre ence, this or any other article of which the smallest doubt of the propriety of its being vended can be formed, as the re-     ceiver thereby become, accessary to the fact, though in some cares through thoughtless       inadvertency ; and must in conscience reproach   himself as the real cause of every affliction that may befal the thoughtless offender, who     can alone be actuated by the accommoda- tion and encouragement held out as a reward to his guilt.

On Tuesday, night last a dreadful ravage was made at Long Cove by native dogs upon the joint flock of Messrs. Mann and Kable.

Six ewes were found dead, 11 others were torn and mangled so shockingly as that few were expected to recover from their wounds,

and 35 were at first missing, all but four of which have since fortunately been found.—   The stock-keaper was in the course of Wed- nesday apprehended, on strong suspicion that the loss was occasioned by his total negli- gence of the charge committed to him. —Unwilling palpably to ascribe so serious   a mischance to such a cause before it be re-

gularly ascertained upon mature investiga- tion, yet generally considered, there is but

little doubt that most of the accidents of the above kind are more or less to be attributed to the negligence of the indolent herdsman, in whom a want of vigilance is a crime, not to be measured by the extent of actual da- mage sustained, but by its possible conse- quences to a species of property, a strict at- tention to the care of which must in this

Colony be long considered an object, of the first importance.

The following are the particulars of the unfortunate circumstances attending the death of the child at Hawkesbury last Monday   se'nnight in consequence of the bite of a snake. Two sons of Mr. John Howorth,

settler, went together among some standing   and fallen timber, to look after a small flock. The eldest boy, sitting near a large tree in which three apertures had been cut     for the purpose of searching after the bandycoot, unhappily stretched one of his arms within the hollow, and suddenly withdrawing it   much terrified, acquainted his brother that he had received a bite from a black snake. The poor little fellow, conscious of his dan- ger, with an air of despondency remarked that he should soon die; and complaining of sudden illness, made an effort to return home- ward. But his faculties yielding to irresist- ible lethargy and stupor, he lost his way be- fore he had proceeded many paces, and was observed by a neighbouring settler, who en- quiring what ailed him, received in a feeble tone the information of his illness, but with- out aligning any cause of complaint. The good man took him into his house, and lay him on his bed. The parents were made acquainted with the state the child was in,   and immediately attended him; but he was   then wholly insensible, and continued so du- ring the short remaining period of his exist-

ence. About four in the afternoon the dole- ful accident occurred; and at about the same     hour the following morning he expired, to the extreme regret of his parents, who were     totally unacquainted with the cause of his death until after the event had taken place;    

when the other disclosed the above circum- stance, and the body being examined, a wound appeared upon the left arm, thro' which the noxious viper had poured the con-   taminating fluid.  

Among other instances of virulence in the   poison of the loathsome reptile is that of a valuable dog, bit some time since whilst in pursuit of a kangaroo. The animal made a   sudden stand, foamed at the mouth, his eyes   fixed and glaring; and was supposed to have been seized suddenly with a hydrophobia expiring in less than five minutes from the first appearance of affection. The viper was shortly after discovered near the spot

upon which the dog had fallen, and was instantly killed; but from which circum-   stance it was concluded, that the departed animal had never stirred from the posture in which he received the contagion until he fell lifeless, when a quantity of air which had swelled him to an immoderate degree,   instantly evaporated.

There are certain improprieties which we sometimes are induced to gloss over upon the scene of convenience, or perhaps necessity ;   among the number of which is to be reckoned that of too early endeavouring to render use- ful, though as it may sometimes happen at the exposure of its life, the innocent to whom nature has endeared us by the strong ties of parental affection. The woods, particularly during the summer season, are known to be pregnant with danger, sometimes unavoidable to persons arrived to years of caution an dis- cretion. As this is too well known to be the case, from experience taught by many fatal accidents, how heedless, if not unjust and un- feeling must it seem, to expose youth and in- experience to the dangers of the talk ; inde- pendent of probable fatality in the perform- ance of which, we should be conscious that by

doing so the little creature must sustain ir- retreivable injury from the neglect of even a common education ; without which few dif-  

ferences except in speech and form distinguish the human from the animal creation. Cer- tainly a proper care of those whom indulgent   Heaven enables and requires us to provide   would convey a far more grateful sentiment  

to the liberal mind than could possibly be

derived form any little service that can       be rendered by their incompetent exertion in agricultural or domestic concerns, at least until they arrive at a proper age to share our worldly labours ;- then should we be amply requited in a charming prospect, whose basis has been formed upon a virtuous early in-


On Friday se'nnight information was re- ceived by the inhabitants of Prospect from   several natives, of the dead body of a white man being in the woods ; and further that he had been an exile from society for a length of time, and had fallen a victim to grief and   famine. This was probably one of the thoughtless bandits who in the beginning of   March last joined the party of insurgents ; and fearful that after the expiration of the term limited by His Excellency for the exten- sion of mercy to those that should surrender themselves chose rather to perish in a state of misery the most deplorable that can be     depictured to the mind, than prostrate him-       self at the feet of an authority which has in- variably evinced a benevolent desire of snatch-           ing the penitent from destruction and despair.  

Strange, very strange that man should himself prepare the dreadful storm whose rage must fall upon himself alone.  

We are sorry to state, that the late rains   and heat have produced a number of destruc- tive grubs and flies, which have greatly da- maged the growing crops of all kinds, and more particularly the backward wheat, flax, and maize. As the early wheat is generally filled, it is hoped that grain will not suffer much ; bat it has been necessary to pull the half grown flax, and all the grounds planted in maize must be re-planted.

The Barley harvest has commenced at Hawkesbury ; but its produce will be small in comparison to that of former years, owing

to the rains and very mild weather in the winter and spring bringing that grain too far


Those whose crops are suffering from the grub and fly are recommended to turn all the poultry they can collect on their grounds, a similar method having preserved one year's   crop of wheat on Norfolk Island in 1799.

"The discovery of a preventative to flies       destroying turnip crops, for which two hun- dred, guineas were given at Mr. Coke's sheep shearing, is to sow two pounds oí radish seed   on every acre of turnip land with the turnip   seed, which is found so to attract the flies as to prevent their proving injurious to the turnips."

On Monday last a sawyer expired suddenly       at the Hawkesbury, while employed in his profession.  

Upwards of 2300 gallons of beer has been made at the Government Brewery at Parramatta, since it first began on the 16th   of last month : the malt kilns and coppers, with the brewing materials and large premi-

ses allotted for that purpose, are capable of brewing 1800 gallons a week; and when  

some additional working tubs are made, up      

wards of 3000 gallons can be brewed weekly,           provided the supply of barley and hops con- tinues. The raising and supplying of barley   will greatly depend on the settlers ; in ex- change for which they are assured of beer :—   And it is hoped, from the favourable appear- ance of the few hop plants, raised from seed   brought in 1802, that the Colony will posses       this necessary ingredient for ensuring that wholesome, cheap, and nourishing drink.

The following account of a Death copied from a London Paper, gives a strong in instance   of the superiority of a malt liquor to any  

other in preserving the constitution and hereby conducing to longevity:- " Died lately at Richmond, in the County of Surrey,    

John Towers, aged 77 years: he was born in Winsham, near Bagshot, in the year     1725 ; by his first wife he had fifteen chil-

dren, the youngest of whom now twenty five years of age; by his second wife seven,   the youngest of whom is three years old : he was a great grandfather ; had worked in   the farming business all his life, and had been     a useful member of society. In his hours of   conviviality he drank ale only—let the squallid gin drinker copy his example."

Last Monday eight Rams, of the Spanish     and English breed, were sold by the hammer   at the Green Hills, pursuant to advertise-      

ment-- the net produce averaging 5 guineas

a head.      

Last week we were favoured by a group of natives with a warlike spectacle, to the extreme danger and annoyance of every passenger. The opponent warriors had made choice of the new bridge for the cele- bration of the games, and the threatening spear whistled responsively to the uncouth jargon of a hundred tongues. Changing the scene of action to Bennelong's Point, they re-         commenced hostility, which after a display of several hours terminated without blood-

shed. The obstinate fracas had originated   in a cruel adherence to custom, no less bar- barous than absurd. The lady of the cele- brated Wilhamanan had experienced the fate of a fair Sabine ; and after enduring the

brutal rigours consequent upon resistance,   was forcibly borne off in savage triumph, and, agreeable to the rules of Chivalry, con- cealed from mortal eye within a subterranean recess. The champion sought her diligently,       but with sentiments far different from those of Menelaus : for when in their high dis- pleasure the Fates consented to their inter- view, he requited an attachment manifested as hers had resolutely been almost at the expence of life, by darting a spear which pierced the unfortunate creature through the body. Her death being reported gave rise

to the above conflict ; but as this report since

proves unfounded, custom is satisfied, and   the general harmony once more established.