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There aeema to have been a kind ot epi- demic of crime among aomeof the Europeans in the New Hebrides ot late Last month I reported the shocking murder of Captain GreenlesB on board the schooner Colonist, of Sydney, in this harbour The Colonist ia still here, having been pronounced unaea worthy by the authorities For some time the accused Weaver, after having been com nutted for trial for murder, was kept a prisoner on board RM b Opal On the 2nd current H M S Lizard arrived from Noumea, and having taken Wea ver and the witnesses in the case on board left the same day for liji There are strange atones ti) ing about na to the myatenoua cruise of the Colonial

Weaver, before the crime waa committed, bad told to diflerent persons various stories, as that he was on important business for the Imperial Government ot a private nature that he waa going to play the part of Rajah Brooke on some island to the north, and that he waa going to an island wherethere waa an immenae quantity of penrl shells ready collected, and waiting for him jle gave himself out as a ver) rich man, and boosted of the suma he spent in charity and church work, and professed his belief that Christianity was of no use without civilisa tion, and civilisation ot no nse without Christinnit), and enid that in his proposed bouth Sea colony he was going to have a uimsionarv as absolutel) necesatiry to its well

being On the other hand the Colonist was found almost empty and having alto tether a poverty-Btricken aspect, and-ao it ia credibly reported -with three augur holea in her hold filled with clay Probably aome thing will be brought out at the trial which will throw h"ht on this *_)Stenous and tragic affair

hews baa just reached here of another rujatenous crime or alleged murder at Ainbrjm It appears that some lrenchmen living on that island, a considerable propor tion ot whom are liberated convicts trom hew Caledonia-we have now airead) between 20 and 30 such men in this group have been at loggerheads One named Lebel died a short time ago, and his neighbour, well known na François Rossi, has been lormally accused by two resident 1 rench men of having given him poison _ he 1 rench war v easel Saone has therefore had the body of Lebel exhumed, to be taken to Noumea and examined for traeca of the poison (arsenic) Another Prenchman named 1 uma rob, living a short distance along the coast, was recently killed by the natives or by a native, and it is enid that the natives had .ecu put up to do tnis murder by the person accused ot the murder by poison This seems scarcely credible, and for the sake of human nature let UB hope that it may be found not true _ he native said to be quilty is a pri

Boner on board the baone, and will be taken for trial to Noumea. Roth the Opal and the baone have been at Ambrjm within [the last few days T hua the mixed Naval Commis sion is doing good work, and is having a good deal of work to do It IB certainly the most effective arrangement that could have been devised in the circumstances for dealing with Buch mattera na those just referred to 1 rançoia Rossi haB not been arrested, though the most grave accusations have been laid against lum Ihe exhumed remains of Lebel will be first examined at Noumea. Ihe Saone, which arrived here on the 1 ith from Ambryui, left on the 14th for Noumea. It ia said that 1 rançois haa a large number of the Ambrym natives under his mllucnce and, on the other hand, soma are hostile to him Ihe other day the hostile natives had prepared an ambush to kill him when the Opal happened to steam in and frustrate their plan On the subsequent arrival of the Saone Trancóla proposed to the captain a joint military expedition into the interior against his enemies, and offering for his part to provide a contingent of 200 nrmed Ambrym 'Ihis proposal, it nei ti hardly be said, wns not entertained

I would lil e specially to cull the attention of Australians to the above Btatement, that there oro now already in this group from 20 to SO tibtrei, or I rench ticket of leave men, and that for mi) thing that is known to the con trnry this number ma) speedily increase to two or three hundred, or indefinitely Now what, I asl, is to hinder any of these men from passing by ship from the New Hebrides to Australia, if they wish to do so ' Suppose one of them presenta himself on board one of our Australian mail steamers at Hav minti Harbour and pnys his passage to Sidney or Melbourne, what right would the captain have to refuse to take mm ' None that I Y now of besides how 13 the captain to 1 now tint he isa liberated convict ' In tina way, even withoutannexation, is there notthc most emous danger of the New Hebrides becom in" the back door tli.ou.Ji which the liberated convict stream or rising Hood that 13 swamping New Caledonu may escape into Australia ' Meantime I would be¿ most eirnestl) to suggest tint Sjdney and Mel

1 nurne combine, and all the other colonies that have shown so much interest in the New Hebrides to secure the running of a monthly Australian steamer not only io, but also thou ih, this group, and that without more tiela) It is reporti 1 here that the 'lannis is to be subsidised by the 1 rench Government to run to uni through the (,roup, and will carry at extremely

low rates.

H M S Opal arrived here from the north on the 13th and leaves for Noumea to day Ihe A _SN steamer Tetiterden arrived from Sydne), and left to day tor 1 iji m tho

usual course