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An Entertainment was on Friday given by HIS EXCELLENCY, at which were present His Honor the LIEUTENANT GOVERNOR       and Captain KENT, with their LADIES, and many other Officers, Civil, Military, and Naval, many of whom were accompanied by their Ladies also. At half past four the com- pany, fifty-four in number, sat down to dinner; and in the evening a splendid Ball commenced, which was supported with spirit and vivacity until an early hour.

The new road cutting from Perroquet to the Brickfield Hill promises an essential  

addition to the many useful improvements     that have been rapidly made. No underta- king lays stricter claim to public attention

and exertion, than that which promises to be   conducive to its welfare and accommodation, which is the avowed object in this as well as in every other instance whereupon their as- sistance has been found requisite. Twenty   are called to the above work every day, and   altho' many of that number generally   attend, yet others are found remiss; but as a  

return is regularly kept, none, that evade   the order can possibly escape the censure due to so reprehensible a conduct.

The violent southerly wind of Friday last was particularly felt at Parramatta ; one of the windows at the west end of the new church was blown in by a gust, and several  

other trivial accidents occurred.

A boat was yesterday disposed of at the   wharf, and the following sums deposited on delivery: 1 stuffed squirrel, 1 ditto koolah,   3 parrots, warranted to talk in six weeks, 1 bandycoot, 2 native cats, and 1 tame kangaroo.

The prisoners who were last week men- tioned to have been brought in by the Edwin, after innumerable vicissitudes in consequence of their absconding from the   Settlement of King's Town, were on Tues- day put on board the Integrity to be re- turned thither.—That their deplorable con- dition might have lain claim to compassion is but natural to suppose ; and altho' their attempt was no less criminal than unfortu- nate, yet every attention was ordered them, together with such in indulgencies as might promote their recovery. In the event it   turned out, however, that they were no less capable of abusing humane indulgence than they had been of exposing themselves to an almost inevitable destruction, by their first act of rashness and absurdity, in flying from   a state of safety, under the weak presump- tion of regaining these Settlements through   the trackless woods, in momentary danger of falling beneath the hostile hands of the

barbarous inhabitants. They were con-   fined within the limits of the Town Goal,   but owing to their apparent weakness, were unsuspected of any design or even inclina- tion to attempt an escape. On Monday   morning however, Munday and Coleman,   the latter of whom it was that had been   speared in the temple, were surprised in an effort to ascend the wall, and on examina-  

tion it appeared that Hughes had actually got away. As it was not possible from the length of time elapsed since he had been seen, that he could have proceeded to any great distance, a hue and cry was immedi-    

ately set up, and diligent search com-

menced. The offender was afterwards       found by his pursuers concealed behind a   ledge of Rocks in Cockle Bay, where he had with fragments of stone erected a kind     of parapet in front of him. Whither they could intend to fly was a mystery neither       could explain ; but means for their better   security were necessarily had recourse to, and the latter attempt must considerably

aggravate their first desertion.  

Four women of troublesome character were likewise sent by that vessel, and five others were taken on board the Bee and Wm.

and Mary yesterday se'nnight. This measure promises to be highly beneficial to the cause of morality, as it may tend to re-   claim the abandoned objects of its rigours     by a removal from the scene to them of   dissipation, while to those that remain it   furnishes a wholesome argurment against the impropriety of infracting too openly the     observance of decency and decorum.    

Two labouring servants of the Crown vere last week corporally punished on a   charge of embezzling Iron, the property of


On Saturday last Fergus Gallaghan was     received in the County Gaol at Sydney,

under a commitment from the Magistrates of Parramatta, charged with uttering a Promissory Note there which proved to be a fogerry. The Bill had been accepted  

at the house of an eminent trader for the full value expressed ; but was traced to the utterer ; who being unable to give a satis-

factory account of its falling into his pos-   session, was in consequence committed.

Several acres of barley were cut in the course of the last week at Hawkesbury; in

which district one settle has already reaped three acres, and immediately prepared the         ground for a second crop.      

A ludicrous contest some days since took       place, the parties engaged in which were a     sein attendant and a stinging rae-fish. The       former perceiving that it had disengaged itself from the net, hardily ventured to oppose   its escape, and forcibly to drive it in towards the shore : but received so warm a reception upon the onset, that he no longer considered glory as a counterpoise to personal safety.

To the enormous bulk of his antagonist was super?aded an irresistible address ; and the     first pass lodged the point in his left side; a       second thrust he received in the leg and the ferocious sea brute would in all probabi-       lity have conferred the coup-de-grace, had   not an indignant boat-hook interposed, to vanquish him in turn. The poor fellow   suffered ?????ing agony for many hours               after, nor could the glory of the achieve- ment at all alleviate the consequences of a     rencontre worthy the prowess of La Mancha's          Reign, whose rueful countenance remains   his only spoil.