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  • peter-macinnis 8 Oct 2013 at 18:27
    The warretaw appears to be the waratah, which flowers at about that time of year.

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His Excellency and Family returned to Town on Monday evening.

A select partie made an excursion on Sa- turday morning last to Jerusalem, which

lies about six or seven miles from Parra- matta, towards the Northern Rocks. Se- veral hours were occupied in contemplat- ing the natural beauties of the variegated scene, surrounded by the stately forest which protects it from the scorching summer sun.

In the centre of its valley, encompassed by stupendous rocks, "a murmuring stream''    

delectable to the taste meanders to the un-

taught notes of nature's feather'd care, that  

charm the ear with wild irregularity. Here     caverns open to the uncloath'd tribe, whose far recess forbids the approach of rude and

chilling winds. The warretaw there lifts   its crimson head to decorate the bough, and   to enrich the romantic seite with its spon- taneous beauties. Meditation here might find a blest retreat, where every object would present a theme of adoration to its great Creator.—Highly gratified in an excursion that could not fail of exciting admiration, the Company returned at noon to the house of a Gentleman at Parramatta, and were joined by His Excellency to dinner.

On Monday and Tuesday the Civil Court continued its sittings, and was on the latter day dissolved. A number of sum- monses were called that had been issued against servants of the Crown, labouring  

under the sentence of the Law. The Mem- bers of the Court in consideration of the

impropriety of determining any plea of debt wherein eitherof the parties was so circum-   stanced, referred to His Excellency's General Orders on that head, which ex- pressly prohibit all responsibility before a Civil Court; and also reminded them, that   whether Plaintiffs or Defendants, the com- plaint was only cognizable to the Magiste- rial Authority, which was ever ready to re- dress the servants of the Crown when ag-     grieved, as it was capable of regulating their conduct whenever it should appear re-   prehensible.

''The Court also severely reprehended the   conduct of various plaintifs who were non-     suited by reason of their non-appearance,   as it strongly santioned the defendants' com-       plaint that the Actions were groundless and malicious, and designed merely to give them the trouble of attending, whereby they were  

much injured in their domestic or agricul-   tural concerns; in serveral of which instances full expences were awarded.    

A favouite cat, tho' in fact little better than a sad-dog, was some time since unfor- tunately for himself, detected in a hen's nest   greedily solacing on the brood in embryo;   which circumstance not being regarded in   as ferious a light as it ought to have been, the culprit was permitted to pass unpunished for his first offence.—Thenceforward it might reasonably be concluded he became less cautious in concealing a propensity which he might securely indulge, and upon every occasion made it a point "to suck   the eggs and kill the chickens" Correc- tion was administercd, but not till the disease by habit had been rendered incura-   ble, so that recourse was of necessity had in the end, to the means of prevention that   should have been adopted in the beginning   -the culprit fell a sacrifice to innumera- ble offences, and thus finished a career, in the   last few months of which he stood justly  

accused of crimes and misdemeanors that 20 years such servitude as his could never have


During the bad weather on Wednesday night, many of the garden fences on the   open side of Back Row East, were stripped of their paling, by which contemptible spe-   cies of depredation the grounds were laid open to the incursion of swine, who avail-

ing themselves of the opportunity, had be- fore day light the next morning, ravaged every bed. Were the wretched spoiler to weigh the probable extent of injury to be   sustained by a poor family whole industry     in cultivating their little gardens may form   a chief dependence, against the very trifling advantage possible to himself, honest repug- nance would surely mount the abdicated feat of conscience, and although incapable of the exquisite sensation consequent upon a good action, bless them at least with the   negative consolation of having once desisted from a very bad one.

Character is as essential in civil society   as is morality in Religion. As we are     studious of preserving it, so must we ex-  

pect to rank in the esteem of the world, and tho' credit may be impaired and even annihilated by misfortune, yet it may main- tain its independence amid surrounding dif- ficulties. The opinion we entertain of our- selves, tho' few of us are apt to entertain a very bad one, can have but little influence upon our circurnmstances, as they are more or less affected by the conception of others, so far: as our worthiness becomes its theme. Situation alters the mode without destroy- ing this dependence upon character ; for tho' the circumstances of the master cannot be

susceptible of change from the opinion of the servant, yet in proportion to the grati-

tude his kindness entitles him to, must he be affected sentimentally-and so does a virtu- ous Monarch reign in the affections of a brave   and generous People, because from the ge- neral happiness he derives his own.

Upon character depends every social com- fort to the subordinate; it forms his very trea   sure, bereft of which he must be "poor in- deed." What spirit then must actuate the slanderer, who in the very presence of the Sun yet strikes invisibly, and without in- terest to himself, yet robs another of his     future hope? To such a one contempt and         infamy belong; and last of all shall he des-   pise himself.

The marriage ceremony was on Monday last performed at Parramatta Chuch, by the Rev. Mr. Marsden, to several couple, and that the hymeneal torch may confirm the triumphs of the wanton god, be the univer- sal with.-One instance of the magic force   of all inspiring Love engaged particular at- tention. A twain, before impervious to the   thrilling touch, unus'd to bend in beauty's       suppliant train, at length beheld the object     heaven had created to rule his roost, and share his rural joys. Unslight-unseen his an-

cient mother undertook the suit, and better versed in courtship's wily-way, charm'd her   love-lorn boy with joyful tidings. The coup d'æil had been productive of a double     flame; and the envied bride and bridegroom   led each other to the sacred altar.

A prisoner was lately apprehended at Par-   ramatta on a charge of uttering counterfeit Sixpences; and the offence being clearly   substantiated, the offender was ordered by   the Bench of Magistates a severe corporal         punishment, which was inflicted according-       ly; and the example will, we trust, effec-     tually operate against the reputation of so  

heinous an offence.

A party of natives some days since attacked   the farm of Robert Broughton, near Parra- matta, whom they robbed of all his wearing apparel and small stock.

Michael Young, whom we last week mentioned to be missing, has not since been     heard of; and circumstanccs sanction the apprehension of his having fallen a sacrifice to the barbarity of some of the natives into     whose way it may have been his misfortune to fall. He had frequently related a former adventure which had nearly proved fatal,   during the ravages of Pemulway. On the

route from Parramatta to Hawkesbury he met a man that had been stripped by savage banditti, from whose fercious clutches chance had alone delivered him: notwith-

standing which, Young thoughtlessly pro- ceeded on his journey, confiding in the ami-   able treatment he had before experienced   from them. He shortly then encountered, and was surrounded by the party, whose first   attention was engrossed by a small bag that contained his provision; they next became enamoured with his apparel, and signified a wish that he should oblige them; but mani-   festing a reluctance to comply with the de-   sire, the miscreants became impatient, and were about dreadfully to convince him of his impolicy in resisting their barbarous authori- ty, when an Officer of the Colony appeared on horseback, and happily then averted the

intended murder.