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'THE MAN FROM KANGAROO.' There are many features in 'The Man from Kangaroo,' the first of the Snowy Baker pictures for the E. J. Carroll orga nization, which will be particularly appre ciated by Australian picture-goers. Not the least of these are the scenes in wheh many magnificent horses are used. There are 10 polo ponies, several buckjumpem from Breeza; 'and seven well-known race horses, including Kurracaba and Lady Clara— the latter a well-known racer at -Victoria Park. Several hundred horses are used. For most of bis 'stunts' Snowy Baker rode the big grey horse so much admired in 'The Lure of the Bush.' This horse, 'Bill' by name, is a particular .fa vourite ot Mr. Baker's. He was imported by polo-playef Morris, of New Zealand, in which country he is a well-known hunter and wire-fence jumper. ' He is a most human animal, and already a good actor, behaving perfecetly while under the fire of the camera. Not so 'Mac,' Mr. Baker'* other 'stunter.' 'Mac' is much younger and wilder, and docs Che most unexpected thing*— one of them proving a thrill for the picture. During one scene in which 'Snowy' was riding him, he suddenly de -nded that things needed enlivening, and this he accomplished by jumping into the air and turning a somersault there. ^Snwy' was thrown, but by the time 'Macs' -feet had hit the ground he was up on his back again. The camera man kept turning, and the scene should be very effective upon tbe screen. This fine pic ture will be seen at West's on Monday.