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Ship News.

On Monday last the Alexander whaler, Captain RHODES, came into the Cove. She

left Norfolk Island the 7th of the present   month, and brought up in Broken Bay the 16th; was at New Zealand in February last,     on the 22nd of which she sailed from thence.  

It is the intention of Captain RHODES to proceed from hence to Adventure Bay to fill   up with elephant oil; and proposes returning    

to Port Jackson about the latter end of Octo-


On Wednesday morning arrived the Edwin and Raven from Newcastle.    

The latter freighted with 22 fine Cedar   Logs, and one ton of Coals. She is only 11 tons burthen, and made the passage down in       fourteen hours, with 24 persons to join the       Establishement, besides her own people car-        

ried 17 Casks of Provisions, besides Water,  

Baggage, &c. &c.    

The Edwin brought up 12 tons and a half of coals. By these vessels we are informed of the progress that is making in that Settlement ;     and that the numerous Natives in those parts     are on the most friendly terms with the Europeans.

On Thursday sailed the Mersey, WILSON,                             

for Bengal; she had on board 66 fine spars,   and 74 logs of she-oak.

It is the Commander's intention to perse-   vere in making the passage by Torres' Straits, following Captain FLINDERS's route ; and       should his efforts prove successful, as there is every reason to hope, the latercourse between   these Settlements and India will be much faci-     litated, both in time and consequent expence.    

The Integrity will shortly be ready to pro- ceed on the intended Expedition to the South-


Boats.- Arrived from the Hawkesbury with grain on Tuesday last, the Improvement,   Argument, Speedy, and William.

Sailed for ditto on Thursday, the William and Mary, Miller; and the William.  

Last week eight very fine Pheasants were shot at Perrara, on the South Branch of the

River Hawkesbury, by one of our most ex-    

perienced foresters. These birds are some of the finest that have been killed for a  con- siderable time past, and will no doubt find a speedy market.  

The person accused on Monday last by the criminal at the place of Execution with a de- pravity equal to that for which he atoned to   the Law, was shortly after apprehended upon a warrant issued by the JUDGE ADVOCATE,         and was yesterday brought before the Bench of Magistrates for Examination. Such wit   nesses as were likely to elucidate the suspi cion were also strictly interrogated; but no-       thing appeared to justify a doubt of his inno-   cence; wherefore he was immediately or-  

dered to be discharged.