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Secretary's Office,

May 5th, 1804.

WHEREAS the following Persons only ap-        

pear to have paid the QUIT-RENTS   due to the CROWN up to September, 1802, for the respective Grants and Leases they are possessed of, and some of them for the last   Year ; it is expected that those Persons whose Names are not in the following List do im-  

mediately come forward and settle the same,                 or I must proceed as the Law directs for the   recovery thereof, to exonerate myself to the    

Committee of the Institution those Sums are appropriated to :---  

Lt Colonel Paterson | Serjt. Whittel John Palmer, Esq. | James Wood Rich. Atkins, Esq. | Mary Bray

Major Johnstone | Rich. Hawkes  

Thomas Rowley, Esq. | William Floyd   Mr. Laycock | James Hortel

M. Minchin | Michael Dunn Mr. Moore | James Larra   Mr. Williamson | J. Hubert

Mr. Cox | Jane Codd Samuel Barnes | E. Bennett Serjt. Cox | I. Ramsey

Capt. Abbott | Sarah Nelson

Mr. Bloodworth | Thomas Storer  

Mr. Grimes | S. Burr

Serjt. Major Fleming | I. Anson

Mr. Campbell | Mr. D. Bevan Mr. S. Lord | W. Sherwin

Matthew Kearns | I. Morley.

Serjt. Trotter  

And should any hold Receipts whose names   do not appear as above, I request they will   apply to me at the Secretary's Office, in or-      der that such mistakes may be rectified, and their own name be inserted instead of that of the original Grantee.  

D. D. MANN, Collector.

Secretary's Office,

May 4th, 1804.    

ANY person knowing whether JOHN BUR-     DETT, who came out to this Colony in   the Britannia in 1791, is dead or has left the  

Colony; and JOHN DAVIS, tried at Wick-        low in 1798, and came in the Minerva, is    

required to give Information thereof to me       at this Office.  

D. D. MANN, Clerk

NOTICE.   ALL Persons having Claims or De-

mands on the late NATHANIEL     FRANCKLIN (who was Steward to Gover-     nor Hunter at the time of his Death) are     required to render an Account of the same   specifying the Securities they hold, and the   particulars of their Claims, to Mr Simeon  

Lord, within one Month from the date here-   of, in order that a Dividend may be distri- buted of such of the said Nathaniel Franklin's Effects as are in the Hands of the Admini- strator.             Sydney, May 4, 1804.


WHEREAS Public Notice has heretofore been duly given, CAUTIONING Per-  

sons generally against committing Acts of     Trespass upon the Farms known by the names of Watson's, Aicken's, Ikin's and Warner's  

Farms, lying and situate near to and about  

Lane Cove, now the property of  


Notwithstanding which, a number of very    

fine she oak and other trees have been lately     felled and removed by persons unauthorised            and by whom no previous application for per-      

mission had been made without any regard to     the remonstrances of the Overseer in charge of         the Grounds and Premises.    

Notice therefore is hereby given, that   should any individual whatever be at any     time hereafter detected in the commission of         such or any other act of outrage or encroach- ment upon the above-named Farms, no labour   or expence will be spared in putting the Law     in force against him, unless authorised by the        Proprietor's permission in writing to be pro-            duced to the Overseer (such timber alone  

except as shall be selected and marked out for the use of Government.   Sydney, May 4      


A Steady Man as Servant in a Small re-  

tired Family, the ordinary Services of       the Household will only be required of him,         but if he understands gardening it will be more agreeable. Such a person with a good     character may have a comfortable situation

and due encouragement.

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