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On Tuesday last HIS EXCELLENCY gave     an entertainment to the Commander and Of- ficer's of His Majesty's Ship Calcutta, at which a number of the Colonial Officers attend- ed with their Ladies ; and in the evening a Ball took place which lasted till a late hour.

On Monday last the Civil Court met, when   a number of Writs, Capias's, and Summonses   were issued ; as was also the case upon the

two following days, and on Wednesday the   Court adjourned to Wednesday next the 11th Instant, when some of the Writs are return-


Last Monday and Tuesday, the residue of Spirits brought by the Betsey was issued by Permit granted by HIS EXCELLENCY, prin-         cipally to Settlers.

Yesterday sen'night the pupils of Nelson's Academy were by HIS EXCELLENCY or-   dered with their Instructor to attend Go-     vernment House, where he was pleased per-   sonally to examine into the progress of their         Education, on which occasion MRS. KING also assisted. Afterwards HIS EXCELLENCY   was pleased to confer a Donation upon the   children, as an encouragement to future emu-      

lation, and to promise a further notice in proportion as their affinity might hereafter recommend them. On Tuesday last a second   little retinue were received with the same cordiality; and we sincerely hope that the flattering notice which has been shewn on this occasion will be considered by Parents and Preceptors as too strong a pledge of the interest that is felt by Government in the welfare of the young Colonists, to admit of relaxation on their part, in fulfilling their duty to society and the Country at large.

Some days since a labouring man in a boat laden with wood for the use of the Gaol, was   overtaken by a sudden squall of wind off Gar-   den Island, and the sheet being imprudently lashed, the boat was upset before he had time to call it off. Capt. Scott, who witnessed the accident, immediately ordered his own   boat to the assistance of the man, without which human interposition, his fate appear-   ed to be inevitable ; he was taken up when   almost totally exhausted, and the boat, with       the help of some fishermen, was afterwards   recovered, as she had not sunk, but everything  

she contained was lost.  

Among the Travelling Conveniences we have hitherto noticed, none appears better en- titled to eulogium than a Hawkesbury Cara- van - SARA that set out on Wednesday with all the precaution necessary to a journey  

across the Desarts. From the sun's inclemen-

cy it was sheltered by means of a large tilt, closing in front and rear as necessity should require. In its external appearance it resem- bled nothing more than a Common-stage   Cart; but its interior Accommodation sur-     passed that of any other vehicle: A bed was   spread upon the floor; a handsome larder     filled one corner, with necessary kitchen requi- sites in another; in a third was placed a liquid   treasure poured from the Betsey's bosom; &   in the center RESIDED the little family, tra- velling in all the eccentricity of Persian fable.

On Wednesday last Capt. D WOODRIFFE, Commander of His Majesty's Ship Calcutta, with a party of his Officers, dined with his HONOR the LIEUTENANT-GOVERNOR.

On Thursday next at 12 o'clock, the Launch     of His Majesty's Colonial Cutter Integrity will positively take place.

On Thursday a quantity of Twine and Can-  

vas, which was totally destroyed by the White Ants, and condemned by Survey, was burnt in front of his Majesty's Stores.

The Disease among the Government Cat- tle, and some belonging to Individuals, still continues, and will most probably go through the whole of the Government Herds, which

now amount to 2104 Head. None have died   of this Disease, which begins with a sunguous swelling on the Tongue, preventing them from eating until it is removed ; when vine- gar with allum is applied to it with success after which it invariably falls into the Hoofs which require to be constantly attended to and kept clean, and anointed with cooling applications.- - - We do not hear that any of the Cattle have died or this Disease ; but that they soon after recover their usual good ap-


On Thursday the centers were removed from the Bridge, and a number of spectators beheld the work with much agitation, as an Opinion had been formed that the arch was   not likely to stand. But this conjecture,   which only could have preceded from a want of Judgement in the principle of build- ing, was happily disappointed ; and we con- fidently trust that this Edifice will stand a lasting monument of our industry and early improvement.

An Order being issued to take cognizance     of free LOUNGERS who appeared to be in     WANT of employ, half-a-dozen were the     same day set to work at filling in the ends of the Bridge. To discourage idleness is to encourage industry, and it is more laudable to  

reclaim the DRONE than totally to expel him

the Hive.  

A visitor from Hawkesbury some days since       lost his watch in a singular manner by a   breach of trust in some person unknown. He had repeatedly sent it by way of token to the house of a dealer in Spirits, who know-   ing it complied with every order that accom- panied it ; but like the pitcher that went too often to the well, so the watch went too often     to the FOUNTAIN as it has never yet returned,     and the owner's recollection was too much

impaired at the time to render him any as-   sistance in tracing the messenger to whom he last entrusted the time piece.

On Tuesday night a burglarious attempt was made upon the Warehouse of Mr. Simeon Lord, in which an extensive property was   known to be deposited ; but a guard being constantly kept in it, the design was frustra-   ted. They had torn down a part of Mr. Gowen's fence in Government Row, forced the locks from two garden gates, in order to accelerate the passage to and from the back windows of the Warehouse, in raising one of which the noise was productive of instant     alarm, and the assailants were induced preci- pitately to retreat.

A cutaneous eruption, attended with vio- lent inflammation, lately appeared in several   instances, has been attributed by the parties attacked, though perhaps erroneously, to the heat of the weather, but is likely to proceed from a still STRONGER cause ; and what strengthens the latter conjecture is, that the persons labouring under the malady are with- out exception the avowed disciples of FAL- STAFF, who renouncing " this petations," invariably " addict themselves to ARRACK."

The late intense weather has been very fa- vorable to the amateurs of Cricket, who have

scarcely LOST a day for the last month. The   frequent immoderate heats might have been

considered inimical to the amusement, but were

productive of very opposite consequences as the state of the atmosphere might always re- gulate the portion of exercise necessary to the ends this laborious diversion was originally

intended to answer.