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The Cranbourne race meeting takea place to day on the local course where an excel

lent programme consisting of five events all being for horses will be run off Special trains will leave Prince s bridge Btation at 9 C5 and 11.10 for Cranbourne The first train will take the horse boxes and both will call at South -arra Caulfield, Oakleigh, and Dandenong

entries close to day at 4 o clock, for the Grand Pony Handicap of 75 sova and a £25 trophy five furlongs and a half which ia to bp run at Elsternwick on Saturday next The race ia for ponies 13 3 hands or


Queen of the Weat has been struck out of the Grand National Steeplechase

Trainers and jockeys can obtain their tickets for Elsternwick on Saturday on ap plication at the office to day

1 he following scratchings have been made from the events to be run at the Elsternwick park meetint: on Saturday next -JuneHandi cap-Vascosa. Hurdle Race-3* Urida,Terrick, Darrain 1 ime Handicap Trot-O V O Wait a \V hile Sweet Lavender 1 Isternwick park Handicap - Whukawai Ben Bolt, Don


Last evening at the Pastoral Hotel New market D Boase who is proceeding to .ngland in charge of Mr James Whites colts Kirkham and Narellan, who are in tended for the rogiiah Derby of 1890 was the recipient of a parting gift from a number

of his friends Mr R Donovan made the presentation which consisted of a gold scarf pin, the design being a horseshoe set in diamonds and a locket which on one Bide is ornamented with the Australian coat of arms, and on the other with a diamond horse shoe Inside the locket is a receptacle for a photograph on one Bide while on the other is the inscription- Presented to D Boase, by a few of his admiring fnendB

on his departure to England to ride for the Hon James White in the English Derby June, 1889 The toasts of BoaBes health and success to Mr James Whites horses in England were honoured and Boase made a brief acknow ledgment of the presenta ion which bad been made to him Several songs were given dur mg the evening which proved a very enjoy able one _


The following is the programme of the Cranbourne race meeting which takes place to da) Special trains (the first with horse boxes) leave Prince s bridge at 9 55 and at



(To start at half past 1 o clock).

A handicap of Bli sova. sccoi d 6 sova About ono

milo and four furlonga

at lb

Mr J Cruickshank s g m Aceldama aarcd 10 1° Mr II Conolly a b g Australian Native 0 yrs

or aired _ 10 10 Messrs. J and It Lcci} a br g Burdokin aged 10 0 Messrs J at d It Leek) s br g Ko) oued 10 7 Mr G Welbourne ahm Ltrunctto ae.e_ ..10 li Mr F W Pt! eridge a c1 g.ootman aged 10 G Mr II Chin ey a hi g Maori aired 10 3 Mr 11 Balle) s cb v Denbigh (J rrj 0 10 Mr A Winter a b h Boi nio Dundee aged 0 7 Mr J Richard» s br k. Dollar oe,cd 0 7 Mr J Richards s b g Tempter 4 yrs 0 4 Mr I FM Quade she Great Britain 6 yrs 00 III A i Bradai aw a br ¡, Surprise aged 0 0

CUAN-OU-NE HANDIOAl _ A handicap of CO aova, second G aovs About ono

Mr O Dav is a b li Dexter G yrs 8 G Mr J Cruicksl auk s li er Lhildo Harold aged 8 S Mr A Uorton a 1 rr Heal Jam ft yra or aged 8 0 Mr F lauotleblgRcv,! need "12 Mr II Conoll) a ch g Tvphon Byra 7 11 air J W Kirk s cb f Alexandra 4 ) ra . 7 0 Mr W Glnssoook s b _ Terrick ac,od 7 4 Mr W Osboruo a bl or br h Wouga, ti yra or

aged - 7 4 Mr i_ Bailey na br g Dolo G yrs 7 3 Vcasra J aud H Look) a on m Maid of tho

Mill aged - 7 8 Mr A. * Bradshaw a ch h Tetlow Hammer,

aged 0 7

Bl -LIN- -ACE,

Of 30 sov a. Wo t,ht tor ae,e Four furlonga

selb Mr E Foster a oh f Tho VUcn 4 yra £40 8 1° Messrs J and It Lock s eh m Maid of tho Mill

aged £40 _ 8 12 Mr 1 1 Bradshaw a br g burprise agod 8 I) Mr J Cruickshank a br g -lemont ,gC_ £40 8 0 Mr P F MQuadcnsblgleteril aged £90 7 9 Mr J O -towart jun a bl in Blaze nil G yra 0 12 Mr O VVclbouneabraOUvo GorOvre nil 0 12 Messrs. J and It. Lccky a br g Beelzebub b

yre nil 0 0 Mr J Richards a br K Coolart aged nil B 9 Mr O Daviss be Jackaroo 2yrs _ 0 "C8


A handicap of GO aovs aecoi d 6 aova About two


st. lb

Mr J Malone s oh g Cuckoo aged 11 0 Mr A Barru triona b g Nabockllsh acred 11 2 Messrs. I ni d It Lcaki s br g Ko} need 10 12 Mr J Kiobar (asure. Dollar aged 10 12 Mr W L -redreaiBchgVoltairc Ojrsoroged 10 0 Mr B Balley 1 » b m Ilttvongc 0 j ra 9 12 Mr A Hart s br e Bonolla 5 or 0 yra 0 12 'it W Jobson s g g hlward aged 0 0 ir t J 1 Craddock a bl g M} _ancy 0 or

-)ra " 0 7 Mi J Richard« sue. Tempter 4 yra 0 7


A handicap of JJ aovs sccoi d G aova About flvo


at lb

Mr F Panctt a bl g Bowl aged 8 D Mr W Osbon calm Idalia, 0 yra or aired a 2 Mr A Horton a b m Lady Itoseberry, 4 or G

yra _ _ 7 13 Mr J W Kirk a di f Alexandra 4 yrs 7 13 air J Cruickshank s br ir Clement aged 7 8 Mr B Bailey us br g Dolo G yrs 7 8 Messrs J and It Lecky a ch m Maid of the

Mill accd _, 7 7 Mr W UlasacockibrTerrick aged , 7 Mr A. . Bradshaw a b f It I P 4)ra 7 4 Mr II Conoll} air g Willie 0 yra or aged 7 8 Messra and It Lecky a br rr Roi aned G l8 Mr 1 t M Quadonsbtg Povorlf aged 6 8 Mr J äste art jun a bl m Blaze 5 yra 0 8 Mr el Davis 3 b a Jackaroo 2 ) ra 6 7 Mr F Fostoragf Vi hito Spray 3 yra 0 7


A race meeting was held yesterday on Mr A 1 Bradshaw s course at Richfield Mor dialloc. lbe weather was delightful and there was a fair attendance The fields during the day were rather small In the race for ponies 12 2 hands or under, W Morrison who lode Mr W b Lecky s pony Saucy, was called before the stewards for BUBpieiouB riding and utter investigation he was aisquahfied for six months the owner being exonerated lrom any complicity in the

pulling of the pon) which finished in second place 1 he odds offered against the pony prior to Hie start showed that sne had receded in the b_tting for some reason AU tne ponies were measured by a new apparatus which Mr Bradshaw has provided and which shows the height in figures engraved on brass lhe ponies have to pass under a brass rod which is kept in an exactly hon contal position by the use of two small spirit levels aud the npparutuB mensures from 12 hands to 1C hands or over lhe results ot the day s racing were as follow -


Of °0 aova. Unco roi nd tho course

Mr L E Ptilllussbrglmorurlc Oyrs lost lib.

<r larr)

Mr B D Summer a br m Cottngo Girl aged lost.

71b (Rio«)

Mr G VA augh a ro in Countess accd Ost 121b (F


Bonnio Dundee (Ott 71b.) also starte I

Rettii g-u lo I agst Inverurie 3 to 1 each agst Couuteas and Ootta.c Girl

Bonnio Dui dee made tho running for three quar tera of a milo when ho tell back ai d Cottage Girl lod until abo waa passed in the straight hy lnverurio wl 0 won easily by fo ir loi gths Time "min



Of 40 Bovie 1 our furloncs

Mr F O. Lyoi a a 1 m Lad) Cailislo by Bonnio

Carlisle aeed 7et 1 lb carried "st. 181b nil

(Treble) 1 Mr K, Boneo tun na br g Prism II G )rs "st.

01b. nil (Rlnor) 2 Mr A t Bradshaw na br 0 Goldbeater 8 yra "st

71b . oarried 7st 101b nil (Bruce) 8 Aooldama -it, Gib also ran

Betting -¿ to 1 on Aceldama 2 to 1 igst Priam II, 10 to 1 auat Lad) Carllsl«.

Won eaell) the fat ourito finishing last. T mo


1 Inner was sold to Mr Upborn for £°1 and

Aceldama nus sold to Mr J Adams for £60


Of 20 aovs 13 ° banda or under Three furlo

and a 1 alf

Mr J Bon 11 an na b in Belle agc I Ott l"lb


Mr W 8 Lecky a or m Sauoy 6orOyrs,7st. 101b

(W Morrison)

Mr F Poole . 1 r ni Milly agod Sat. (Butler)

Jumbo 7»t 41b Spurious (tato Glitter) Oat 121b., Fly Mo Ost 71b and Ma) field Sat alio ran

Bettln? -0 to 4 agst Belle G to £ airat 8p irlous

Vionb) a lentrth from bauov Mlllv bein), third Ma) field fourth upurl us lllth Jumbo alxth and


Of 20 BOM - our furlone.8 an I a half

Mr W Osborne s b m Idalia b) lhe Diver-Croan

Ojrsornjied 8at 41b (Oaborno) _

Mr J L)_ohsbh Clarendon aged Ost ((lardner) Mr A F Bradshaw s b I It 11 4)rs st 71b

carried 7»t 91b (Uruoo)

Batting - f to 4 on Clarendon 2 to 1 agst It 11 , d

to I agst Idalia

Won bj half a length RIP who waa left at tho post flniahine, in tho rear Ti 10 GSsco


Of "0 aovs 10 1 hands or under Four furlongs, Mr li II Dalton a br ni Dora 4 j re Dit inn.

(Boneo) 1 Mr Crookes I r it Jo) ni t aged 7st lb (llanos)

Bcttli g -G to 1 on Dora who tvou ter) easily

Tine linln lace


01 21" aovs About tivo furlongs at 1 a half

Mr J Lvncha br li Clarendon b) Torchlight

Dllkoadam aired 8st l°lb (O ord nar) 1 Mr J W nioka a oh t Alexandra, 4 yra, 8)t

(Jamloson) .. 2 Mr F O Lyona a bl m hvergroen G yra 7«t 41b

(Dull) 3 TI 0 othor runnera vvoro -Uarpoonor 7at. 71b , I!, I I 7at 41b

Betting - G to 4 ant Aloxandra 4 to 1 each ajst Clarendon Harpooncr, and It I .

non «tally i y a length (our longtha between second and third It 11' wa« fourth and Uarpoouer



[ The following are the weights tor the meet

mgto be held on June 20 -


Two mile« St lb Artichoke.. .. 11 0 Oocan .. . 11 5 Prosper .. ». 11 0 Wild Dog . . 11 0


Mispah .. St John .. Jasper

Childe Harold Rhetorician Sorrento ..

at lb Ren) _ _ 12 8 Irishman . 12 0 Yankee Grab . 11 7 Shamrock . 11 - Kulk) ne .. .. 11 0 Adeline . . IO U Wild Dog .


One mile

st lb «t

Bluohor -, .. 7 King Billy . ..7 Soldier Bov . 7 Propeller .. -7 Grandee .- ..6 Lllllth .. .. 0 Little Rota _. 6


Two mile« and a half.

«c lb Charcoal " " lo lu Coliban . "IO 9 Antimacassar __ 10 2 Hard Time« _. 10 O Tarramia _ . 0 12 Diver " .. B12 Sheoak ,. -. 9 10 N R D. BOND, Handicapper


The two stakes for eight all aged and the two for eight puppies, to be run off at Moonee Valley on Saturday next are all filled, though nominations did not close nntil to day Dogs must be named by noon to day, and the draw will take place at 3 o'clock this afternoon, the card being called over at Bowea's Tatteraall's on Triday evening at 8 o'clock The coursing will commence at half post 11 on Saturday.


Tito Melbourne Hounds will moat at Essendon cross rood« on Saturday, Juno 22, at 1 o clock




This match was played yesterday on the Melbourno Cricket ground In the presence of an unusually large number ol spectators. A strong norther!) wind blew aorosa the ground, favouring, to a oonBiderablo ox. tont, tho side kicking towordB the railway goal

Brown the Grammar 8ohool captain, vron the toss from Hall, and tbua obtained lint uso o( tho wind Upon tho ball being kicked off tho Grammar boys commoncod to foroe tho play and YVhlte from a «hot tor goal, scored their tint behind Kelso and Mus grove then Bhowcd «arno good defenBlve play (or the Scotch Collcgo, but Pringle with a fine run, again carried tho ball Into their end Some oxcellont play upon the part of Hall and Ramsay gave Firebrace an easy shot (or goal, froru which bo kicked first behind for tho Collcgo An other behind! was rushed immediately afterwards. At quarter timo tbo game stood as follow« - Scotoh College, 3 bohlndB Grammar Sohool 2 behlnds The Scotoh College now had the wind at tholr baoks, and were nob long in making tbo best of their advan tage Nevertheless three or four very easy ahots were missed before Bond with a running kick secured their first goal Somo fine play on tho part of Henty and Langley followed but W augh with a splendid run forwarded the ball to Cohen, who In turn passed It to Reid who from a grand kick scored second goal for the Scotch College During tho rest of this quarter tho Grammar bo) s were kept on tho defensive but the line back play ot Brown, Pringle and Patterson prevented

moro goal» being scored At half time Booro stood-Scotch College, 2 goals 7 beblnds

Grammar School, 4 behlnds After the interval, Reid Boorcd another behind (or the Scotch College Hooper thon missed an cas) shot for tho Grammar School, who were now bav Ing somewhat the best of tho game At three quarter time tho gamo stoo 1 Scotch C0U01.C 2 goals 8 behlnds, Grammar Sohool, 7 behind». During the last quarter the Scotoh College fairly hemmed in their opponent«, and Croft, M Lcod Shaw, and Murphy all missed easy ehot« (or goal Just betöre timo the Grammar School made a great rush, and A Henty with a long running kiok, «ocured their first goal Reid and Bond then bad two easy shots (or tho Scotch Collcgo, but (ailed to «core The match tbua re- sulted in a viotor) (or the Scotch College by 2 goals 10 behlnds to 1 goal 7 behlnds. The Scotch Collcgo played this match under protost on the around that one o( the opposing team wa« not a bona fide pupil ot the Grammar Sohool White, Langley, and Abbott played splendidly (or the Grammar School, andthcywero well supported by Brown, Bcchor, Henty, T Smith W Langley, Pringle, and Patterson lor the winner« Itamsa), Cohen, and Hall played a wonderlul game, and were llkoivi«o well supported by Firebrace Korrigan M'Eacharn Morrison Shaw, Toms, and Waugh Mr Thewlls, as central umpire had an unusually hard position to fill, mainly owing to the vory (roquent occurrence o( rough play throughout the match Ile performed his work well, aud gavo ovorv satiE


Eleotrio Tolcgraph v St Kilda -A match will bo played on tho St Kilda Cricket ground to-day, betivoen teams representing the Elootrlc Tolegrapb and St Kilda cluba Telegraph team - Angtivo, Beggs Blake, Burrowes, Bruoc, Canon I Hut Hogglo, Hopkinson, Howard Hickey, Johnson M'Mlllan, Matthews Oldrleve Simpson, Truman YVUkluson, Webster (three) Windle)

Trinity Collcgo v. Ormond College-Tho annual match between these University collcgofl will tako place to day on tho Unlv orsitv Crlcket-ground play commencing at a quarter to 3 p ra The following aro the teams - Ormond collogc-Aitken (two) Beti., Bell, Rallour Dodds Groom Hagenauer, Levy, Martin, M Arthur M Kay Meok Morrison, Murph), Quirk, Schutt Shaw Tait (two) omergency, Grov Trinlt) Collège-Adams AU insou Brooke» A. A Charnley, Currie Frazer, Graham Griffith«, Holroyd, Macartno), Molesworth Morao O Rourke, Read, A. G Salter, bhuter (captain), spence, G Wallen, Wilmot, Wray, emergencies C N salter, Balmer, Argyle

Cnrlitian Bros , Victoria parade, v Christian Bra« , St Kilda -rill» match will be played to day (Thun- da)) on tbo ground of tho former The following have bcou "elected to play (or tho Parado team - Cahill, Cody, Deane, Dunphy, Feehan, Fiugerald, Havca Hart, Knolso Kerrigan, Mccaffery, Naughton, O Mara, Quinn, Rice, llocklort (two). Salkeld, Wblto (two)


The following aro the umpiroa appointed (or noxt Saturday 22nd lost, -bouth St Kilda r North fork, J Philips, South Brunswick v North Carlton mpcrlal, J Savage Star o( Brunswiok v Britannia, J Vivian Brunawidk v Union Jack D M'Mahon, Marylebono v Camberwell W Greenwood, Eaat Richmond r South park F Lucas Essendon D18 trlot v Marltou, M V Duffy Ferusldo v Moonee Ponde, F Simmons Fitzroy Imperial v Parkside, IV aschaolor Kew v St Kilda ksplanado K Fitz

patrick, Albion United v Clifton, J G Coon All ' matches to be pla) ed on the ground of the first named clubs. Permita were e,rauted to P L)ons, W Hoare E. Archer Slbo T Cox, W Robinson 3 Doboll.T Donn W 0 Dell J O Day, J Comber,». Clough, T Bowtell, W Brew, K. Mid wa), It Page S Rjan, A R)an J Cropp, IV M Carthy M'Mahon, J Harvey, J bvans I Owen A meeting of the delegate« will bo held on Friday evening next, at Young and Jackson s at 8 o clock


The Melbourne Cricket Club offer a prize, ot «even guinea» and a second prize ol thrco guinea-, for a singlo handed handicap tournamontopcnlo member» of the M CC onl) Thoentrica will be, recaivod at the club a office. No 1 the Lxchange Melbourno, or by anv member of tho lawn tonula committee, up to W odncsda), the 17th July Kntrica must be accom pnnied by a lee ot 5»

A meeting of tho member« ot the Albort-park Tennis Club (South Mcloourno Cricket around) was held on Tuesday evening Juue l8. Mr H F Doneh occupied tho chair and thorn waa a good attendance of members. Mr E. D Heather, secretar) of tho 8 M CC 1 laocd before the meeting a oop) of rules. The same was carciully considered and unanimously adopted and the following gentlemen wore elected as tho first ofllce-bcarera -President Mr D A Madden, vice presidents Dr Daish and Mr II F Dcnch commltteo Messrs l> J Dunlop, J IO - lop E C Crockford F a Madden, and O. pt "".Jlner, hon aec and treasurer, Mr E D Heather A voto ot thanks wa« pasted to the chair


A match will bo played to da) at Middle-park, between "The Argus and 'Ago Club«, oom mencing at half ) ast tw 0 The following will com pose Tlio Aren« nine -Allen Bleach, Brennan, Cummins Morris Myers Windle), William«, W orthlngton, and W alts.


A meeting of the members of the South Melbourne Skittle Club was held lu clio now »kitti0 alley that has been rccontly erected by tho South Melbouruo Crloket Club on Tuesday evcnlnc June 16 for the purpose of adojitlng rule« and election of office bearers. The secretary of tho S M CC (Mr E D Heather) placed b.forc Ihe meeting a copy of rules which had I eon prepared b) a aub committee Mr H F Denen was in the chair, and 26 membora wore present The rule« a« propose^ wore unanimously adopted, and tho following office boarore ware dul) elected - President, Mr O I Christmas vice prendents, Mewn H M V Fisher and G Wilson ooiumlttoc, Mesar« W F Arnold T G Cox J E. Klug E. Kittle, and a Paulin hon seo and treasurer Mr h. D Heather Tho club now number« upwards ot 70 members Tbo practice night ha« been arranged (or every Tuesday cvoulng, (rom half past 7 to 10 p m




The Maori footballers to day played a Kings College Rugby team at Parramatta, and defeated them by 21 points to mt

The \\ inter Meeting of the Liverpool Turf Club wns held to day, when the Winter Handicap was won by Rosicrucian, the Trial Stakes by Delegate, the Disposal Stakes by 1 uclid, the Town Plate by Sovereign, and the Stewards' Mile by Brunswick There wns A good attendance, and the racing proved highly enjo) able


The annunl fontball match between the St Peters and Prince Alfred colleges was played to day, in the presence of about 3 000 spec tutors Ihe game resulted m a victory for the latter, the scores being-Prince Allred, 7 goals and 12 behlnds , St Peter's, C goals and 5 behinds It was 11 Bplendld game


1 bo horses Shillelagh, Artist, Longaroo, nnd Le Clair will be shipped for Sydney to morrow by the s s. Te Anau.