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    abaft, adv. and prep.A. adv. 1. Of direction: backwards. Obs. 2. Of position: literally, back, behind, in the rear. From an early period, it seems to have been confined to a ship (in reference to which its immediate source baft is also found in the 14th c.); the bows are the foremost, and the stern the aftermost part, hence abaft means ?In the after part or stern half of the ship.?

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The appointment of Mr. Blaxcell as a De- puty Commissary, and the mode about to be adopted of issuing the Government Invest- ments in Barter for Grain, at each of the three principal Settlements, must be productive of the most beneficial consequences to the distant Settler ; as by such an arrangement the in- habitants of Parramatta, Hawkesbury, and their Districts, will be enabled to avail them- selves of the advantages offered by the In-  

investments, without being subject to the fa- tigues, and necessary loss of time to which they have occasionally been expected.

The articles mentioned in our last week's Paper to have been taken out of the passage boat and detained, were restored to the owners, upon a compensation being made to the seizors for the trouble they had been at.

At one o'Clock on Friday morning the 6th         instant, an Out-house belonging to Mrs.         Cummings, laundress, was broke into and robbed of diverse articles of wet linen.

On Saturday the 9th instant at an exami-   nation before R. Atkins Esq. Judge Advo- cate, Thomas Parsonage, a watchman, stood     charged by another watchman, with being     found asleep on his post. The accused had in charge the whole of the Government Provi-   sions deposited in the lowermost ward of the

General Hospital, which might have been   plundered during the interval of his ill-timed     slumber. The relieving watchman, who   now become accuser, said that he went   on duty at the Hospital at 12 o'clock, that he     walked several times round, the depository unquestioned, and was much alarmed to find the post vacant ; but that some time after, Parsonage made his appearance, saying that he had gone into a room nearly adjacent to light a pipe, and that the fire had drawn him  

to sleep. As he had nothing to offer in his

own justification, he was dismissed from the   Watch, and ordered to labour at one of the Public Agricultural Settlements ; an exam- ple which, however lenient, will, we hope, operate as a caution to others against so dan- gerous a breach of duty, of which the profli-   gate is ever ready to avail himself.

On the evening of Saturday the 7th instant a Celebration of Nuptials took place on the Rocks, at which a numerous group of con- gratulants assembled to greet the enamoured TOUCHSTONE and his beloved AUDREY.---  

Compliments at an end, the circling planet   of the board was briskly courted, and a fidler with his merry crowd, received a universal welcome : the merry dance commenced, and  

the fair bride led down the Country Bumpkin, which was performed in character. The Cheshire rounds and Irish trot were also gone through with equal success, after which a contest for the BREECHES ensued, but was determined in favour of Madam Beatrice, and the ladies at parting, withdrew in tri-


On Monday evening a grand serenade of CULINARY instruments waited on the new- married pair, which in harmony came little short of marrow-bones and cleavers. The   musicians demanded a fee, imposed by cus- tom, and which being complied with, the YOUNG couple were left to their domestic


On Wednesday last the following state- ment of Timber, &c. sent on board the Glatton on account of Government was concluded, viz.

162 Pieces of crooked and straight Timber,

from 41 and a half feet to 10 feet in  

length, and from 10 to 20 inches in Dia- meter : The species consist of Mahogany,   Stringy-bark, iron-bark, Black and Blue Gum, and Box ; most of which are fit for   Ship-building ; the number of solid Feet   is estimated at 4,700.

55 Pieces of a Wood resembling Lignum

Vitae, lately found ; It dyes a light yellow, and may be useful for that pur- pose as well as for the Pins and Sheaves

of blocks.

30 Casks of Blue Gum Bark, which has

been so successfully used in this Colony for tanning Leather. Some Grindstones.

2 Casks of Iron Ore, as a Specimen.

Exclusive of the above, 113 Plank and Logs  

of She-oak have been sent to different indi- viduals.

On Thursday at noon 79 Reduced Soldiers of the New South Wales Corps, with their Wives and Children, embarked on board the Lady Nelson, from the Hospital Wharf  ; All the Privates and Non-commissioned Offi- cers off duty accompanied them, and on

leaving the shore, they received the good   wishes of their old comrades, with three earnest cheers, which they returned. If any thing could add to this interesting parting, it       was the assiduity and attention shown by Mr.     Harris, who steered the foremost Boat that     towed the Lady Nelson with his fellow sol- diers, along-side the Glatton.  

One of the soldiers, who had a dog remark- able for his attachment, thought to secure the   animal the better by cramming him into his     chest- - - an experiment that had nearly proved fatal to poor Fidelio, whose apprehensions during his confinement, lengthened as it was   by unforeseen delays, were equal at least to those of Ferdinand Count Fathom whilst im-     mured within the German's wardrobe.  

Last week a tame Kangaroo was sold on board a vessel in the Cove for the sum of five guineas !

Last week one of the Heifers brought by the Castle of Good Hope, which strayed from the Government drove a few days after they were landed, was secured by a party of la- bouring men, at work in the brush near Ma- jor Johnstone's farm, after a long chase, and     brought into Sydney in excellent condition.

The Artist who painted the Ship BEFORE the Wind, in Pitt's Row, was perfectly happy  

in his notion of display, but not altogether so in his ideas of propriety: With a fresh breeze     abaft, her ensign projects, in an exactly oppo-  

site direction, at least half a yard over the    

stern. This may be the fault of the Colours, which, perhaps, scorn to submit to the gale.

On Tuesday evening a woman accidental-

ly fell overboard from a boat near the Hos-   pital Wharf, owing to its putting off before

she had time to seat herself. The Steward   of the Bridgewater being in the boat at the time jumped in after her, and, with the boatman's assistance, got her safely on  


Last Tuesday se'nnight as some young men were amusing themselves with the rough     sport of wrestling in a house at Parramatta, one of them received a fall, by which the splinter-bone of his arm was broke.