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At ten o'clock this morning, the New South Wales Corps and Inhabitants attend- ed at the place of execution, and Robert Jillet

the Criminal under sentence of Death, and

James Hailey left the Gaol ; Jillet appeared   at first little affected at his situation ; but when the cart reached the Provision Store, for rob-

bing of which he had been convicted, he burst into tears, as he also did at the upper end   of Pitt's Row, when passing by the avenue which led to his former habitation. Here the recollection of his family overwhelmed him with an anguish which, if possible, heightened as he approached the intended place of execution. Hailey had read several

passages of Scripture to him on the way, to   which the Criminal paid much attention, but afterwards upbraided him in harsh terms,     declaring that he had not assisted in concealing the cask found in the co perage, (the cir-   cumstances of which are stated in the trial of the prisoner in our last week's paper). When arrived at the awful spot, the prisoner got out of the cart, and was received by the Rev. Mr. Marsden, who had attended him while under sentence, and who now emphatically performed the duties of his function. Jillet   again ascended the cart, and, after he had been delivered over to the executioner, his

Reprieve was received, and published by the  

Provost Marshal. Convulsed with unspeaka-

ble joy and gratitude, for so unexpected an   extension of mercy, he fell motionless, and for some moments continued in a state of in-   sensibility ; when he recovered, he was taken   back to his late confinement.

James Hailey, late cooper at His Majesty's     Stores, now heard his sentence read, in pur-   suance of which, he received 200 lashes under

the gallows ; an example, by which we ear-   nestly trust others may be deterred from the   commission of such offences.

The Store attendants at Sydney, Parra- matta, Castle-Hill, and Hawkesbury, were     indiscriminately ordered to attend on the oc- casion, to be spectators of the punishment.  

On Sunday last ST. JOHN'S CHURCH, at Parramatta, was opened, and Divine Service performed by the Rev. Mr. MARSDEN ; who delivered an excellent Sermon on the

following Text, " But will GOD in very deed dwell with men on the earth ? be- hold, heaven, and the heaven of heavens cannot contain thee ; how much less this house which I have built !" II. Chron. c. vi. v. 18 : In the course of which he made some animated allusions to the structure of Solo- mon's Temple, and afterwards gradually traced the progress of Religion in succeed- ing ages, adverting to the many solid advan- tages that must be necessarily derived to this Colony, from a proper observance of the   duties of christianity, and a religious wor-


The concourse of persons that attended  

from all parts of the Colony, and the be-  

coming silence that prevailed, added much   to the solemnity of the service. Many Ladies of the first respectability were present, some of whom went purposely from Sydney ; and   the Military Detachment on duty at Parra- matta, were also partakers at the sacred fes-


St. John's Church may justly be stiled the finest building in the Colony ; the paintings  

are well designed, and tolerably executed.   The Altar Piece, tho' somewhat heavy, is nevertheless entitled to praise. The pews are not yet put up, but when they are, it will certainly become a handsome, well-finished,     and commodious place of worship.

On Tuesday last a Fete was given on   board His Majesty's Ship Buffalo, by Captain Kent, at which were present His Excellency the Governor and Mrs. King ; Lieut. Co- lonel and Mrs. Paterson ; with several other     Officers Civil, Military, and Naval, and the

Wives of those who are married.

The Buffalo was dressed with Colours, and the Yards Manned and on the GOVER- NOR's going on board, he was saluted with 15  


The Ladies were received by Mrs. Kent, who did the honours of the table.  

At 4 o'clock the company sat down to a hospitable and plentiful dinner ;  

In the evening the band of the New South Wales Corps was introduced, Dancing took place, and at a late hour after supper the Company withdrew, highly gratified and amused with their entertain-


A Correspondent says, " Upon perusing a paragraph in one of your Papers, which sug- gested the propriety of converting the Rocks   into an Academy for TUMBLERS, I rather conceived that you might, with an equal pro- mise of success, recommend some parts of the   BUSH for an improvement in the talent of DANCING, as there much instruction might be expected from the assistance of the accom- plished KANGAROO. This extraordinary idea insinuated itself upon my stepping into a   house of HARMONY a few nights ago, in which an illegitimate descendant of Apollo   sat moving his elbow to a group of caperers'   whose motion rendered it difficult to deter- mine whether he scraped to their dancing, or   they hopped to his fiddling. I BELIEVE they were all human beings ; yet am persuaded, that if they actually were so, they were in- debted for their skill in the art to the Teach-  

ers I have herein taken the liberty to recom-


The inhabitants of Hawkesbury feelingly observe, that altho' they generally have to   lament a rise in the Sydney markets, yet they never experience much change from their





ON Monday next, the 18th Instant, will be opened for Inspection and Sale, the fol-  

lowing Capital Investment, per the CATO,    

Capt. Parkes ; in the House formerly occu- pied by George Croisly. Any person wish- ing to make a wholesale purchase, on apply-    

ing at the Warehouse of S. Lord, may see   the particular Invoices, with prices annexed.  

MEN's white linen Shirts, frilled Worsted Pantaloons and Breeches Leather Breeches Canvas Trowsers      

Shoes of various qualities (Men, Women, and  



Great Coats     Felt, plated, and fine Hats  

Men's Stockings of various qualities

Irish Linen  

Russia Sheeting  

Bed Ticking and Feathers      


Fancy and furniture Chintzes  

Pullicat Handkerchiefs  

Threads, Tapes, Needles, and Pins    

Men's Beaver Gloves   Women's Gloves and Mitts Norwich Shawls

Ribbands   Bleached Duck Sailcloath

Cordage, Twine, and Tar Fowling Pieces and Pistols

Patent Shot A Sword

Saddles and Harness    

Water Buckets    

An assortment of Glass Ware  

China, and Earthen-ware, in sets    

Looking-glasses and Sconces Brass Cocks and Cutto's Paints and Oil

Candles   Cheese Butter


Refined Sugar  

Madeira Wine

Arrow Root

Musical Instruments     A Three-barrelled upright Hand Organ  

A compleat collection of select Songs, and

other Music Watches


Ornamental Head Jewellery Perfumery.  

N. B. Copper Coin will be taken from Retail purchasers.