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The Dandenong races will take place to-day. The programme contains six events, two being for horses and tour for ponies. The horse-box special train, which will also con- vey passengers, will leave Prince's-bridge at 11 o'clock, and a second special, for passen- gers only, will leave at 10 minutes past 12, returning immediately after tbe races are over. The trains will call at South Yarra, Caulfield, and Oakleigh.

The well-known raciug filly Lady Betty, by St Albans-Pardon, was sent to Sydney yesterday by rail, in order to be placed on board the Orizaba. Lady Betty ia to accom- pany Mr. James White's colts Kirkham and Narellan, who are being sent to England to prepare to fulfil their Derby engagement of


The following scratchings have been made from events to be run at the Epsom race meeting on Saturday :-Mordialloc Cup Ernest, Abrupt, Recall, The Lawyer. Hurdle Race-Rainbow. Epsom Handicap-Agíaos,

Tbe Lawyer.


Mr. Bradshaw held another mixed meeting at Mordialloc on Wednesday, but owing to the unfavourable weather, which was very cold and boisterous, the attendance was only moderate. Inverurie, on up-country per- former, secured the Handicap Hurdle Race ; and Clarendon won the Selling Race from Clement, who came out later on, and start- ing at 5 to 1, won the Richfield Handicap.

Details :


Of 20 »ova. Once round.

Hr. J. A. M'Lood's br g Inverutlo, by Salisbury

Potatoes, ti yrs, Ost. 121b. (Barr).1 Mr. G. Warne's ro ra Countess, aged, Sat. 121b.

(Wise). - 2 Mr. 3. Floyd's br h Rouge-ctNoIr, aged, lost

(Londonclly).3 . Tho other elanora were-Artiohoko (12st 101b.), Aceldama (lOst 101b.), Lady Annie (Oat 12!b.J, Frlaui

II. (Ost 101b.).

Betting.-0 to 4 agst Inverurie, 3 to 1 agit Acel-


Won by a neck ; a bad third.


Ot 40 sovs. Special vvelgbts. Winner to be sold for

£00. Four furlongs.

Mr. J. Griflln's br li Clarendon, by Torchlight

Dllkc's dam, aged, Sat., carried Sst. lib., nil

(Uah).1 Mr. J. Crulckshank'a br g Clement, aged, Sst 01b.

(Hámago) . .. 2 Mr. It. Boneo, juit., ns b h Autocrat, aged, 8st.

(Ulnc).3 The othor starter was Lady Carlisle (7»t. 121b.). Bottine:.-Evens Clarendon, 5 to 4 atrst Clement

Won in acanter by Uvo leugtbs; two lengths be-

tween second and third.


Ol 20 sovs. 14.2 hands. Five lurking».

Mr. J. Davis'* bl m Sapphire, aged, Sst (Warke) 1 Mr. A. Klommcr's b ( Lucre, 2 yrs, Sst (Tomlin).. 2 Mr. J. Gardner ns bl m Jonnie, 0 yrs, Ost

(Gardner) .3

The othor starters were-Oulda, 7st 101b" carried Sst Sib.; Tottle, 7st 101b.; Goldbeater, Ost 71b.,

carried 0«t 101b.

Betting_Evens Sapphire, 6 to 4 agst Jennie, 4 to

1 arst Lucre.

Von easily by Ilvo lengths, a limitar distanco between second and third.


OI 20 sovs. 14 hands. Special weights. Winner to

bo sold for £30. Four furlongs.

Mr. J. A. U'Leod'ach I Lucille, S yrs, ist 121b.,

carried 7st 131b., £10 (Thomas) .. .. - 1 Mr. W. M'lvot's br tu Norai, aged, Sst Gib.

(Cfcwoll).2 Mr. II. S. Biddulph na g o Chance, S yrs, 7st 71b.

(Oovo).3 Betting, S to 2 on Lucille, who won in a cauter by three lengths ; a bad third. The wiuuer was sold to

Mr. E. Weeks for ¿33.


Ot 25 sovs. Four furlongs and a half.

Mr. J. Cruloksbank's br g Clement, by Julian

Avenel-Clementina, aged, 7st lib. (Flood) .. 1 ¡ Mr. W. Newcomens ch g Barefoot, 6 yrs, 7st,

carried "st lib. (Toogood).2 Sir. F. C. Lyons's ch I Llboratress, 3 yrs, 8st Sib.

(Troblol.8 1 Tho other starters wore-I Shouldn't Wonder, Ost; Odd Trlok, Sst; Haste, 7st 121b., carried Sat lib.; Ilonnia Jean, 7at 4lb.

Betttnir.-6 to 4 agst Bonnlo Joan. G to 1 each agBt Uasto and Clement, 0 to 1 each agst Odd Trick and


Won by half a length ; a length between second

and third.


Of 20 aovs. l8 hands. Four furlontrs.

Mr. W. Frederick's bl m Vlxcu, U yrs, 7st 71b.

(Osborne). _. .. .. .. 1 dr. c. Itudlngs's b 0 Paris, 4 jrl, Tat 111b.

(Oundon) .2

Mr. W. Qatos's br g Sunflower, 3 yrs, Cst 71b.

(Flood). .. "8 Tho other starters »ero-Glengarrie, Ost 41b.; In* felloe. Sit Ulb.

netting.-2 to 1 on Sunflower, li to 1 agst any


Won easily by flvo lengths ; half a length botwecn second and third. _



The following entties were received at turi V.R.C. office yesterday :


lied Wind I'robltus Luorotla Joo Boll Maud li. Hawitduo Nelly Bly Tommy Cadger.



King Billy Woodbine.


¡a Shamrock Sheoak.

Toe Irishman


Iarold Sir John King Billy





Judge-Ernest Gatenby. Slipper-G. J.



For 32 all ages, at S guineas each. Winner, £35, and a

piece of plate, value 60 guineas, presented r Hon. Sir W. J. Clarke, Cart; runner-up, £2C dogs, £9 each ; four dogs, £3 each.

Second Ties. Good Nowa beat Zampa. Otterburn beat alajor.

Wetterhorn beat Windsor Beta, llenowii beat Huon.

Toird Ties. Good Mows heat Otterburn. Renown beat Wetterhorn.

Final Course.

Mr. H. Bore's f vv b Qood News, by Gooroo-Latest Nowa, beat Messrs. Wallis and Flnlay's f w d Heuown, by Padlock-Cupidity, and won tho stake.


For 10 puppies at 3 guineas each. Winner, £25 ;

ruuncrup, £12 ; two dogs £4 each.

Second Ties Wilga beat Sibyl.

Honeysuckle beat Waterlily.

Finnl Course.

Mr. W. It Hall's vv bk or hu w b Honeysuckle nv Rout Charge-Red Hind, November, 1ÏS7, boat Mr O. WhlltiiiKliaiii's bo w d Wilga, by Wreklu-Wblld», October, 1SS7, and won the stake.


The weather was windy and unpleasant at the Oval on Wednesday, when the West Bourke meeting wita concluded. Tbe at- tendance was Bomowhat smaller than on the previous day, it being known that the card waa only a abort one. The secretary, Mr. John Munday, made an effort to get up some supplementary stakes, but did not meet with much encouragement from owners of dogs, and it was decided not to run the stakes oil'. In the West Bourke Plate the winner proved to be Good Newe, a last and clever bitch, the property of Mr. Henry Gore, M.L.C., a well known and popular patron of coursing. Good Newe performed very creditably in each of her trials, und the first one she ran on Wednesday was a vcrysovere test, the bare giving Good News and Zampa a great run before Zampa killed. In her next trial with Otterburn, Good News found an opponent who was a little too fast for her up to her hare, but in an excellent run she had the best of Otterburn in tbe after work, and won. Against Renown Bhe carried things all her own way, and despite the two previous severe runs ahe had experienced, Bhe won without allowing Renown a chance of scoring. Good News is a second sea- son performer, and at the previous meeting held by the Victoria Coursing Club thiB Bcaaou she divided tho Ernest Stakes, for eight nil ages, with Sonnet (late Rhyme), who was yesterday purchased by Mr. P. F. Kelly from Mr. E. It Scott The Oval Stakes, for puppies, was won by Honey- suckle,' Mr. G. Whittingham's Wilga being tho runner up. Waterlily, another of Mr. Whittingham's, waa in the last four, but Bhe. experienced a piece of bad luck in getting un- sighted when racing Honeysuckle up to the

hare in the second ties. The judge was ap-

proaching the doga at an angle, and probably through seeing him Waterlily lost sight of her game for a moment or two, and ran widely, thus allowing Honeysuckle to get first to the hare. Honeysuckle afterwards held her own, and won. There was not very much betting indulged in over the meeting, but the winner of the West Bourke Plate, Good News, was second favourite throughout, Renown being the most tancied. Betöre the meeting com- menced his price was 100 to 12, while Good News was at 100 to 10. In the iteciding trial 2 to 1 wa» laid on Renown, and in the deciding event for the puppy Btako 6 to 4 was laid on Honeysuckle. Messrs. Gatenby oa judge, A. F. Thompson as slip Bteward, und G. J, Bignell as slipper, each succeeded in giving general satlafaction in tho perform- ance of their duties. The catering arrange- ments «vere, as usual, in the hands of Mr. C. D. Struker, of tiwanston-Btreet, nnd full justice waa done to the luncheons which he provided. The wind on Tues- day night was so strong that Mr. Straker'* marquee was blown down, and he was put to some inconvenience in conse- quence, After the meeting was over the health of the winners was druuk at the lustauce of Mr. W. M'Mlltar, Mr..Munday

responding on bebalf of Mr. Gore, who WM not present. Mr. Hall, owner of 'ne winner ol the puppy stake, was not present, but ha wag represented by his trainer, Walter Mel* rose. Mr. J. C. Jerome proposed the losers, and Mr. S Willis responded, and several other toasts were also honoured. The de« tails of yesterday'! running are as foi«

lows -

W KST Bonn»* PUTS -Second Ties -Good New» led Zampa, by four lengths up to the hare, the while dog not taking much auvantago of tho chances which he afterwards hod of scoring The trial waa a long: one, and tho hare made . great struggle for Ufo, but after Good Mem had done most of the work Zampa killed, leaving hi» opponent a winner. Major waa quicker from tho aupa than Otterburn, but tho last named wont past bim up to the baro, whloh be plotted up and killed at onoo, thus winning a Tory ahors trial Wottorhorn led Windsor Bon Irom the slips, but tho laat-namod worked bia way up, the two dogs reaching their bato about togotber Wettothorr» snado a drive and Hooked the haro, Windsor Bon then getting in and Wetterhorn again got to work oil turnod hia gamo over Into Windsor Bon's mouth, Wetterhorn being the « inner Renown was qulokcrt out oí aupa but Huon went past him, Renown again coming and reaching the haro first Ile displayed superior paco and working powers over Huon, ano won the hero cacaplng

THIRD TILS -Otterburn went past Oood News up to tho haro, and the pair thou ran a capital give and

Uko trial towards the olose ol which Good Nena maintained possession, and did a lot of work, aha gaining the Judge's vordlot when the hare escaped. Wottorhorn led Renown up by a longth, and Booure tbo turn, then flooring again. Renown got to work and retained possession, Wetterhorn not doing any work afturwards Renown took a couplo of turns out of the hare, and still retained his place, belog a winner when rho hare gotaway

DKCIDINO Couiis_-Good ¡Sows led Renown up by four lengths, and scored tho tura. She then worked beautiful!} and oloaelj, and scarcely allowed Renown to get next tho hare After a splendid trial, in which Ûood Nowa was all tbe time close ballin her haro, abo enabled Renown to k11!, Good Newa thus winning bandeomoh

0\ AL STARKS -Second Tica -Wilga waa too fan for biby!, and the haro being a good one farosre tho faater puppy, and did not allow Sibyl to get ta work- the trial ending in an easy win for Wilga. Though Waterlily was quicker out of slips than Honesuckle, tho last named got first to her hare« and only gave Waterlily one possible chance after- wards Mr W bittinirham s roprceentativo did not perform as well as waa cxpooted, and she suffered an cosy dofeat.

lJFciuiNO Counss -Wilga hod the least possibl« advautago over Honeysuckle Irom the allpa, bul Honeysuckle, by a fine effort, got past her opponent, and waa threo lengths ahead aa she goc to tne hare. Sho scored the turn, and afterwards turned aga!nB \\ ilga tailing to use tho hare whon ho had a chance. Ncithor puppy had much of a chanco of doing any- thing afterwards the hare, a very fast and strone olio, escaping, and leaving Honeysuckle n goctl



The Melbourne Hounds w ill mect'at Werribee part on »aturday next, Juno 10 A special train w11! leavs ^poncor street station at 10.56, returning from the

Vi orrlbee at 6.10.

The Oaklands hounds will meet on Saturdav at Dunhclcu _etate, uear Broadmeadows, at half past 1

o dook


A nicotine- of the Victorian Football Association will be held noxt friday evening, at S o clock, at Young and Jackson s Ilotol

University v litrroy Wanderers-This match will be plated on the ritzroy ground to-day The follow- ing will represent the Uni» ersity -Aitken, Aogwio, Berry, Bell, Christie, Divles, Edwards, Dodds, Fullarton, Gleeson, Hallows, Jackson Joyo», hellj, Kennedy, Macarthur (two). Meek, Mouritv, Neill, 0 Kourko, Sobutt, Strahan, sha», Thomson

¡scotch College v Geelong College -This tnatobl will bo played on the Corio Cricket-ground this after- noon The Sootch College will be weakened hythe abaenoe of Bond and Reid, who will be unable ta pla> This match will not count towards the publia school prorniorship. The following w11! represent the Scotch College -Cohen, Croft, Firebrace, Gay, Hall {captain) Jenner, Kelao, Kerrigan, M'Eacham, M hean, M'Leod, Morrison Murphy, Musgrove, Philpott, Ramsay, Shaw, Toms, Waugh, White-


Ormond Colicgo v Scotoh College-This mate was played on the University Cricket ground on Wednesday Tho rosult was -Ormond College, fi goals , Scotoh College, 1 goa!


Tho following umpires havo been appointed for Saturday -Coburg v South St kilda, J Philips j Moonoo Pouds v Soul- Brunswick, W Greenwood 3 Brighton s. Coast, U M Mahon . Albion United v. North Carlton Imperial, W C Scbaefer , North parK v Britannia, M V Duffy , Camberwell v Kow, J. Vivian, St. hilda Esplanade \ Fernside, J. O Coon ; Marylebono v Marlton, F Simmons , Union Jaok v. Star of Brunswick, K. Fitzpatrick , Clifton v Park- side, J. Savage, Fitiroy Imperial v Kaat Richmond, F Lucas To bo played on tho ground of the first named clubs Permita havo boon granted to W. Slatter, T Ullot Oakley, 0 Hope, A. B Ladyen, J. Jewill, J Cameron, T Listen, W Beggs, Qtbaul, A. Butler, J Hill, J. Paterson, Uouitau, Shaw, W. Bartlett, W. Boyd.


At the monthly smoke concert of the above association at Young and Jackson's Hotel on Tuesday   evenlng, the gold medal won by Mr Scarborough on the Queen's Birthday, at the football carnival, was presented to him by the chairman (Mr R Law).


The annual dinner of tho members of tho Albert. Eark Bowling Uub will be bold this evening lu the

lechanloa' Institute, South Melbourne, commencing at half past 7 sharp.



This tournament was continuod (last night, nltll the follow tug results -W K. Vlrgoev. 0 Fleming C fleming had a bye, J A Buckley v F. M-toy Won by F M'ltroy by 40, u Ljous v T Row landson-Won by T Rowlandaon by 29, O Fenner v. T Haydon-Won by 0 tenner by Si , X. Toblaa V.F. Watts-F Watts a bye

The hoats for this ovenlng aro oa follows -J. L) oua (roeelvce 85) v W tl'Millan (receives Iii) John Cohen (reoolves üO)r J J Crane (receives 150), W. Woolf (receives 143) v W H llogau (reçoives nil, scratch), Jos Leek (reccivca 9J) v. - Gatenby (re-

ceives GO).

r>¡0_ the official returns periodically pub- lished bj the l'rimrose League it appears that the increase in the number ot members still averages upwards of 2,000 per weak. 'Hie enrolment of knights, dames, and associates invariably receives an additional impetus as Primrose Day approaches ; and it was anticipated that before the 19t_ ult. tho league would number SOO.OOO members.