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On October 9 the yroriaVlongttt mots fMtest air nee will start at London Airport It wiB finkb at Hutwood Airport, CfarHtcfaurcfa, New Zealand, 14,000 mile* awajr witfain 24 Jwun . Some of the air craft will readi speeds of more Aaa 10 p&m a minute ontotneof the less «f die flurht in order to do the diatttnea in tbia time;

Urn «f tks wrWs Isadac jel bonUn wffl cwapbU agttat cfteh «IW (or the coratsd Do. l*osi tfoa, with which gws the Hartwood G«U Cap and fMJtM is prUe ???*?. The RAJLV. has entered two Auatrsllan-built Can berra Jet bombers to be flown by Wing Commander D. R. Cumlng, A.F.C. and Bar, and Squadron Leader P. P. Raw, D.F.C., Polled Croaa of Val our. Tbe Royal Air Force has entered one Valiant four engtned jet bomb and three Canberraa. The Australians consider that the four-engaied Valiant la the greatest Ulreat to their winning tile race, but they still retain high hopes of bringing home the honours for Australia. Also In the epeed section are two De Ha villain Mos quito bombera flown by two Australian!, Mr. A. K. J. Oatei and Captain J. Woods, and a Mustang elngle engtned built by Commonwealth Air craft Corporation, Fisher men's Bend, Victoria, and flown by an Australian Pilpht Lieutenant, J U Whtteman. The air race will commence at 4.30 p.m. English tine, on October 8, whicn la 2M ajn. Australian Eastern standard tune. Hii Royal Highness the Duke of Gloucester will start the race. The aircraft will take off from London Airport with abort time Intervals between each entrant. The aircraft judged to be the fastest In the race will take off Bret. This will be the Valiant The rftn*.in*nc entrants In tbe speed section will be allotted to Ulte-ofl time by the Judges. Last February a special unit called Mo. 1 RjUJ, Long Range Flight was formed atXaverton, Victoria, and nine &AJLF. pilots and navigators were posted to it The Commanding Officer of the Flight Is Wing Com mander ^w^tng who la also captain of the RAJLF. No. 1 entry. Since No. 1 Long Range Flight has been formed, tfce

air crews and cround staff have been working Industri ously on many modlflcaUons to their aircraft, naailsUia; plans for the ran and settling un * nuts to Ay.' As the rules o- the sir race ?tiled that all aircraft must have their fiying logs stamp ed at a itoj.ptni-0* Place be tween SOdeg. East and IRMtg. East, the K-A-AF. teams plan u put down first at Bahrein in the Persian Gulf, -from Bahrein, they &y to Kat roalana, Colombo, then «n to Cocoa Island In the India* Ocean. After Cocoa they land at Culldrord near Perth, West Australia, and then take off on the final leg to Christ diurcu. H Perth ia weather bound the TLAJLF. plan an alternative' retutUlng post at Woomera. To condition themselves for the long hours (hey will be in the air during the sir race and alao to finalise the msss of pre-flight data that they have been working on, the B.A.A-F. crews have spent the whole of August on tons flights at 40400 feet- One Canberra flew from Laverton to Colombo via Darwin and returned through Christ church, N.Z. Another Can berra flew to Darwin, Perth and then 3146 miles non-stop to Chrlstcburch before re turning to Lavtrton. Other individual long flights were made to Perth and return, and Townsville and return. In all these flights the ILAJlJF. sir race Canoerrss each flew more than twice the official London-New Zea land air race dlstiincf of 14,000 miles. Tht shortest hop they flaw was between Christ church, Ni. and Laverton, Victoria, U20 miles. The longest atop was the non-stop SMo.mlle* from Perth, WJL to Chrlltchurch, Ki Safety aspects of the flying side of the race have not been overlooked by the air race offldala or the RAA». The RJULT., -at the request of the New Zealand Govern ment, has sent Ground Con trolled Approach and an ex pert team to work the equip ment at ChrlsUburch. This equipment Is a safeguard

against bad weather hinder Ing the aircraft as they make their nnal approach to land at tbe end of tbe race. The RA-AJ. Is stationing long-range Nsnuma recon naiaauce aircraft at Perth, WJU Cocos Island and East Sale, Victoria. These air craft will be on constant standby to «o to the assist ance of any aircraft which may strike trouble between Colombo and ChrUtchurch, I most of which route li across the sea. The crew or the Brit n_A.A-F. Canberra Is Wing Commander Q. R Cuming, A.F.C. and Bar, of Melbourne, captain; Flying Officer R. Atkinson of Queensland, sec ond pilot; and Squadron Leader C. Harvey of Mel bourne, navigator. j The crew of the second j RJIA.F. Canberra Is Squad-, ran Leader P. F. Raw, DJ£. { of Melbourne, captain; Flying Officer F. X, Davti, D.F.C. of Ipswich. Queensland, aecond pilot; and Flight Lieutenant W. D. Kerr, of Melbourne, navigator. The H.AA.F. Canberra will be refuelled by the oil com panies who have combined aa refuelling teams st Bahrein, Colombo and Perth, W.A. At Cocci and Woomera the HAA.F. will 4o Its own re fuelling with special portable hydrant refuelling units. At each stopplng-ofr place the R-AJLF. will have a team of ground staff to service the two Canberra Jet bombers. The ground ?tall team will be led by a RAA.F. navigator whose main task will be to provide a complete Bight plan lor the following leg of the flight for the race crews. In this sray, the time on the ground for the race teams will be cut to a bare minimum — may be ten minutes. There will be no time to eat on the ground and oxygen masks prevent eating during flight. Special equipment his been secured from Ungland so that the crews can suck fruit juices through their masks. The race la a teat of human stamina as well aa In telligence.