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The O il leigh park races will be held to da), when special trains will leave Princes bridge nt short intervals alter 12 o clock, and n ill return immediately after the last race Arrangements ha\ebeen made to run trains from the Elstern», ick railway station to meet the special trams at Caulfield, both going and returning. _






Tine weather again favoured the A T C on the second da) ot its autumn gathering and the attendance, although not tin to Mon dtt)'s standard, was excellent, the saddling Maddock being especially well patronised 'Hu* Governor nas again present Large fields were the order ot theda), nnd some lirst class sport wis witnessed the race for the i»dne) Cup being worth a dayspil

grimage to see. Out of the 4b coloured on the card lor the living Handicap .1 laced the starter, Glen 1 Igin sturting most m demand nt 4 to L Vfter indulging Past master with the lead for the greater part of the journey the favourite drew nwoy in the straight, and won casil) from Ins stable companion Tuscarora W ith the exception of Dreadnought, the held for Hie Maiden Stakes was not ver) brilliant, and Mr White s colt on whom odds ot "i to 2 were laid, achieved a very easy victory from the well bred Bluenose Notwithstanding his 101b pcnnlt), which was nullified partit b) r>lb gelding allon ance, Rudolph was a strong lavountp for the Cliampngne btakea, the bookmakers demanding Ti to 2 at the close The hackers of the tavounte were ver) unens) when Sinecure tackled Rudolph m tho straight, and their fears nen» not alla) ed until the numbers were hoisted, Mr Towns verdict being only a bare head in Rudolphs favour A held of 13 turned out for the fa) dnev Cup, the withdrawals being 1 he Australian Peer and Lonsdale Ihe Australian Peer broke a small blood vessel while runuing in the Vutnran Stakes on the first da) of the meeting, hence his withdrawal Aoercorn maintained hts position of favourite right up to the Mug full, and be looked particular!) well Keith had a thoroughly trained appear ance, and Carbine's gallop on Monda) had e\ idently done him a deal of good, and he hardened down to 8 to 1 Melos never looked better but before the start he went back in the netting, duel!) owing to a run on Hone) dew, whose friends eager!) accepted 12 to 1 about Ins chance, lochiel was in blooming condition, and no fault could he found with Papua und Plutarch, both of whom were regarded us having au outside chance, but Recall and \ abba were almo»t friendless Lad) L) on cut out the pace at n great bat, and when she retired about halt a mile from home, Lochiel toole her place and headed for home with Abercorn, IIone)dcw, Melo«, and Carbine in hot pursuit Lochiel and Honey dew were beaten betöre renchin, the dis tance, where Melos and Carbine joined Abercorn At the hall distance Abercorn gave wa) to Ins t»o )ounger rivals n despe- rate rice ending in favour of Mr Wallaces champicn, who won a truli run race by a head Abercorn finishing two lengths from the pair, with Keith on his quarters Ihe entliu siasmatMr Wnllaee's victor) was immense, and both horse and rider were cheered vociferoush, the Hon lumea White being one of the first to congratulate the ou nero! the popular magpie jicket upon his success Under the circumstances Carbines perform ance was simply marvellous, for three lur longs from home he was interlered with to such an extent that he dropped back abso lutely last, and it really seemed 103 to 1 agninst him, but O Brien set lum going ngura, and the colt answering gamely to ever) call cut the leaders down one by one, and eventually won by a head from Melos, who ran a remarkubl) good colt borne sensation was caused winn it became known that Mr Gannon, the owner of Melos, liad lodged an objection to the winner on the ground ot jostling, but as the jockey 1 His had weighed belore the pro test was entered, the stew ards refused to entertain it. Trie unuouncement waa re ceived nilli cheers Alter the race the spec tntors stood about m knots discussing the wonderful performance ot the winner The time, Smin ilsec , is the fastest recorded for the b)due) Cup A large held contested the Selling Plate, which the favourite, Spoilt Child, won easil), returning to the stable at £220 Hie proceedings terminated with the r-iratNurser) Handicap andarín a numerous held faced Mr lorn Watson 'lest Ianthe, and Alchemist, were most in request, but neither had an) thing todo with the htusli, which «us left to Reund Ant-ens ni.ilAma.UB, coming with a fast run m tue straight, won easil) The winner is the propiru uf his breeder, Mr II C W hite, and is b) the ex- patriated fair Modre. from Nellie, b) cirmidmiiBter He is ii ver) promising colt, and it is therefore unfortunate that he is not engaged in nu) of the big events ot next aeasou lollonuig are the details -


Of 5 so vs. each with .00 sois, added, second, CO

sois. Mx furlongs.

Mr D Cameron t b g Glen Eluln by Sir Arthur

Distrust at eil, "st. iib. (Galnstorth) 1 Mr 11 cameron na br m Tuscarora 6)rs, Tat. 71b

(Harris) S air II Glltlnan jun ns br f Lad) hliigsborou-h

_)rs, -st. 21b (till.}) _ S Mr M A Lone a eli f Consequence, 1 ) ra "st Jib

(I oiver) 0 Mr v\ Houses li g Hopplokcr, r jr« "st "lb

(Cal laman) 0 Mr Joact li llron na clio Golden Croan, 4) rs Sit.

41b. (Marsden) 0 Mr loseph Drown a b f Marset 3) rs Bat lilli, car

rlelGst Ulb (.iel)) 0 Mr VV J Dangar a b f La \ alette, 4 ) ra. Sat. 101b

(Nerrlkcr) 0 Mr C 1 Hobarts a eli f Little I ad;, S vrs Cit.

lill) (Fielder) 0 Mr 0.1 lioborcss br g Bustler, 4 vrs Oit -lb.

(VI ilson) - 0 Mr Jamas VV hite a br g Escort, 3 j rs "st Dib

(IIu\lcv) 0 Mr J .wan naboStteltrap Sirs Ost. (lib (Cohn! 0 Mr II I Whites b g leutagon a >rs Uat Tib,

carried Sal (Dunho) I 0 Sir .1 Monaghan na b o Cmaron .1 J rs, Oat lilli.

(rarker) 0 Mr T lamonds eh g lasturvster _)rs Cat -lb

(strickland) 0 Mr VV Kelso nach g l'addv, (¡vrs, Ost. -lb (li

Williams) 0 Mr J -' m Melodj.O jrs, 7st Tib (Gil

more) 0 Mr VV Lyona bli Too boon, _ vrs Tst 111b (Gar

land) 0 Mr s. en-liner a eh g Surprise aired "at (o Neill) 0

llettin» -4 to 1 apst Glen . Igln "> to 1 acst lina ron Little Ladv and tall) s to 1 agst Iseortind 1 id) Kiunsborou?h, 10 (o 1 avst La \ alette and iteel


-teeltrap Jumped aw a) toan Ind Recent start Past

master and tadti) followin,., iritli Molodv last. After ttoiUf, two furlong« lastinaster took tho lead olen Klglu taking secoi d ] laet attended b) 1 add) an 1 bt-eltrap I aatmastcr led rout d the bond, ilo«el) pressed m Glen fliln ladd> .seort and Go den Crown and tho order was the same as they swept into tbe straight but al the distanco 1 ad) Kin.

borough and Tuioarora joined lasuo with tho leaders. At the half distanco I aatmastcr and laddv retired an I Glen _l(,in betting the baiter of his atablo com panton In tho run home, woncaailv b) hall a length a neck scparatlut tho second and third Pastmaster was fourth, Ieut-ikon Ililli llopplclier sixth Con sequence and 1 add) next, the last to finish helm; La Valette, Cinaron, ami Surpiiac. lime, Imln lOlscc


015 sovs. each with 200sovs added second

ftOaovs Ono nillo and a quarter

Mr J Wlilio a ch o Dreadnought b) Cheater-Tra

falcar ,yrs "st. (liuxlc)) 1 Mr li li Howie) s br n bluenose 3)ri, Sit. 21b.

(Illlcv) 2 Mr J Dvkes br 1 Second II ought 3 )rs, Sst

(Dobinson) S Mr VV A. Long» Ir 1 llroadilde, 2»)rs, on 121b

(Farrell) 0 Mr II 1- Lord a b o Claremont, 3 )r», sst "lb.

(.nuth) . 0 Mr U Donnell) ns ro g Emulous - ) rs, Hat. 91b.

(Clc-il) 0 Mr T Lamonl nsbcS)dne) 2)r« "st (Fielder) U

U.ititi. - to - on Dread nought, 0 to 1 a_al Ulue noae lu to 1 bar two

Second wasqnlcl cat awa) nitionosoanl Dreadnought fo low ing w ith i lar mont last lasstti). tutu s broadside rushed to the front, an 1 made the running, aloni tin bael attLudcdb) Second TIIOULI t linulous liluenosi Sjtlnev Dreadnought and Claremont Mounding th b»nl Broadside retired at d Secon 1 Thoui.11 taking her i laic led into straight, with Ulucnose and Dreadnought In alten danot At thu di taupe Dreadnought an I liluvnost passed «eton I Thought and tho lavourlto dravvltg awa) trout llluetioso won In a canter bv three Ui-ihs two lengths betwe n second and third the) carno ~)dne) ( laremont ktuulous with Uruadsldo last Time -min H ¡ace


01 20 soi» each with 1000 sow ad (eil For two

vearolls s corni,-Delsois, third, 100sovs. _l\ furlongs \

Sir J w hite s lir g llmlolpb bv Martini Henri

Husk Dat (iib. lue lil lina, loila | elialt) (Hale«) 1 Mr I Whltescl.g~lnc.uri- b) Martini Hi uri

lite Sulent, -it lib, Inclu-lui. ,Ila. penalty

(liuxh)) 2 Mr T Camon la ns li f Prettv hate bv Iron ii

Irhce-Urlto Sit Sib (Power) 3 VIr VV Cannan s bro vicrriment, I jr Collai roit.h

-llaipv Thought Dsl _lb.>vincludln» "lit.

1 enaltv (I Ills) . x 0 Mr T Lamonds b o Poet I) Fplgram (Imp.)

Aureola (O llrieu) 0 Mr VA Go»pcr» jun li I Nota b) Hie Drummer

(Ititi )-.o un, null) (Harris) 0 Ililli j.- tu _ on llu-ol] li 5 to I agst Sinecure

10 to-1 lartio

Hu* statt was delved some tlmebv the fractluus i ess ol the favourite I ut ultltiiiuli the Ila: fell to a

loo 1 start Mcrrime t ant Net i Jun l lue au al first nilli I ram hilo last At ti o liait mile t ist Ncti tool ll| tho r lui In/ cleir ol Hu loll h au 1 bl licilrr who were together l lill I rettv hate lo« ti) Netta Iel ro ii Ile b ni and lila the »here I -doll It an 1 Si leellrc ea it thro l h at I ran a .real ra o loin Hu lol) li wli nlnç o t tile post 1 v a abort head three lei itl a scparalli L the too I au I tlur I

NeUv a« fourth Merrltuoi tuext and loct last lue 1 niiti 1 .see

Tilt Mr>N_T Cbl,

Of 0 soi«, each nth 1-00 «ois ni le I second,

\Xlaoi«. Hint 100 sots T to tulle«.

Mr 1» S Wallace »b C-rbltie b> Vlusket- Merse),

3 vr« list (el Brien) 1 Mr William Gannons Ir o Molos 'Un .st "Ib

(Elllal 2

Mr J Whites oh o Abercorn, 4 )rs Ost 41b

(Ila es) 3 Mr G O Stead s br li Lochiel, aged, 9»t 21b (Chf

lord) 0 Mr 1 «anderas b li UCCJ!! 0 )rs Sst, 4!b

(Campbell) 0 Mr J «lutos br g Plutarch 6 )rs, 7at 101b.

(IIiiNley) , 0 Mr J Ma)os b h llonejifon C vrs 7»t. 101b

carnell t 1 lb. (J Gouzh) 0 Mr i. II Ki n,hta b li Keilli, 0 )rs Sit 21b , in

cludli e, 7lb ) enalti (Smith) 0 Mr J Cook m eh li Yabba, (I ) r« 7st 71b (lander

n anlcn) 0 kir * M Donalds b f Amina, 3 \rs, fist. 101b.

(Dunhe)) 0 Mr J Marshalls br I rearlshetl 3)re, oat 101b.

(«elder) 0 ilr \\ J Noud ns cn c Papua (lato .New Guinea)

4 ers (19L.4K (Moroni 0 Mi ». Talbot ns l> f Ladv Lvon 4ir« Ost (Parker) 0

Bottine' -" to 1 air«t Abercorn S lo 1 aast keith an I Carbine 10 to 1 aest Plutarch Melo« and Papua, 12to lagst Uoueiden and Lochiel 20 to 1 açst Pecall and 'S. abba "o to 1 agst Pearlshell

Alter a fen minutes delà) tho flag tell to a good start, \ abba jtiint ¡ng an av i i from of Amina, Hecall, Hone)dee Lah Ivon and Keith ultli I apua list

Passing the half mile pon Iadi Lion shot out and at once assumed a coiutnandiiic lead, her nearest at teudnnts beirg Amina 1 hitaron I o hie!, recall

Keith and Can me n hilo Papua ftlll braucht Uli the rear lound heben 1 Lad) 1 ion stt If iriherii crease 1 lier lead and cnteted the straight ¡>1\ lone, elis in front of Keith «ho nas followel 1) Lochiel Plutarch, I ecall a id Carbine Melos fell back into I apua s oom pan) Last ihe stand Lady Lioli nas quite a dozen lengths to the coo I Amina Plutarch Lochiel

Pearlshell lu ¡til Hecall Abercorn lionel de« aid \abba follovrim: lil that order the last three b-luc 1 anua Carbine al d Melos Passing Cutts s Lochiel lud reduce 1 Lull I.) on is lead to six lengths tho position of the others beln" much tile sam- Along the back Lady Lion waa on!) hall n leuc._ In Iront of Loch c1 nho nas foliontd at a lenztli luterial bl Anuna al d 1 lutarcn and then at a tlinihr distance caine Pearlshell Keith Recall au I Honeydew In a ehi-t r, with Carbine at the head of tile others and Melos last. Pasiin" tho half milo post, uid) L) on retired and Lochiel appeared at the head of affairs dosel) press,«! b) Plutarch "crcoru and Pearlshell Carbine who hsd been interlered with fell back laut. Lcchlcl maintained his advantage round the bend Abercorn and Honeydi w coiiiiuu next "rhine at tho svnio time rapid!) ran throucli his horee-s auil took up a danaorous position I oolite! miept luto tho straight with lionel den an 1 Abercorn on his quar

tera 1 apua, Melo« mid Carblno 1) lug han ty on tbo outside At tho desunce both Lochiel and Hone) den cried cnouch and retired beaten and Melos and Carbine jnined iss le M Ith Abercorn The race non la\ betneon Abercorn Melos and Carbine At the half distance the weight told on Abercorn, who ImineiliateH gai o na) lo Melos and Carbine. The pair ran locked together to tho nianing post and the verdict nas in favour ot Carbine nho non n magnificent race b) a head Abercorn tno lenctlw ana) ins third Keith a cood fourth I apua Bfth Hone) den sixth Vabba scicnth I-ochiel eighth Pearlshell nliitb Amina tenth, Hecall eleventh Plutaich twelfth and Lad) I ) on last lime Smln llscc A ) rötest iras entered auainst carblue on the ground that ho nad Intcrrereel vvith Melos but as the objection was not lodged lu compliance with the rules it was not enter



OI 200sol«. Millner to uo sol I for .00 sors Seven


Ur 1 P Kennodi » b e, spoilt Child b) llacld Ila)

-Doll) Varden £60 aged Ost. 1.1b (ltlle)) 1 Mr C, li WocxU bl ^ Ilcni-lst LM ae.ed tar l<>lb

(Calllnan) S Mr I» Cameron rsbf Chic ¿50 3 )rs (Ut 101b.

(J Deland) 3 Mr M D Lees b g Brunswick i-M 6 jrs Ost,

101b (Smith) 0 Mr J « C. HunterabgSomoDa),£jO aired 0_

lilU (williams) 0 Mr li 11 Lonl s cb I Charming, JwO 4 v ra Ost,

131b (slelv) 0 Mr \\ drennan lisch gibe Hvpocritc £ 0, 5vrs,

list rib (1 arre I) 0 Mr S. Holders be. Scatterfleld £ .0, 6 jw Ost

l°lb (Pield-r) 0 Mr I Swan ns bl Creeper _>0 3)rs, Otu 101b

(Cox) 0 Mr )> Cameron ns ch g Soldier a Wind £_ oe,ed,

Ost. l"lt (Parker) 0 Mr II Oxei ham s ch h 1 hion £'0 G) ra 7st lib

(l\ Delano)) 0 Mr P. M Carthv iii), DI £60 a"cd, Cst,

1 lb ()1 Null)) 0 Mr T camon I s oh g Paymaster, £J0 3 yrs. Oit

01b (Strickland) 0 Mr r Dunning stn- f lad) Lovel, £60, 4 )rs, Ost

131b. (Corian I) 0 Mr John Coue.hsb g Master Crusoe £60 4 )r«,

(¡st. 1 'lb (Cleat) 0 Mr li Andrews lisch m Buttertl), 6 yrs, £dO Ost.

IDIb (Noud) 0 Mr Jas. Pa) ten us b e Artisan, £50, J ) rs Ost,

121b (Huxlc)) 0 netting-5 to 2 a:st Spoilt Child 6 to 1 agst Scattcrlleld 0 to 1 asst Artisan S to 1 azat Lad) Lure) 10 to 1 ae,at Phaon

Alter going a fen «tri tes Scattcrflold went to tho Iront attcn leil I) tho favourite nho carno ana) in the stralvht and non casllv b) three parts of a lene, til from IleliList vv ho beat Cnlo 1 ) n le for second llaeo ti en caine--cattcrlleld Artisan n ith Master Crusoe last Lad) Lovel fell lime luiill oOlroc. Tho mimer was bought in for c2 al.

TUE ntuYl NUItSEItl lUNDlC«1,

Of 6 sois each nith 100 nova, added second, 60

»ov a b or tvv o v ear ol Is Fiv e furloi es

Mr II C Whit** bo Ant-Dun I) air Modred

Nellie b) brandmaster 'st. Sib (Milne) 1 Mr Vi kclsoshf I e "sr. bib (11 Allllric)

Mr O Don lellv ns ro c t iniilou» 6>t (Ucal) I Mr IV A Lon-t s oh L' Itebellion "st lilli (1 owcr) li Mr M A I on.- s cb u Daniel Sst. (( eo"han) 0 Mr J Baronet s eh o Clare nee _t. (Harris) d Mr T Sampson s ch ( sot li) ._. (lui (Siel)) 0 Mr 1 M hite i bf lautlie "sr 101!) (Iltixle)) 0 Mr w h. Itovil a bro Alchemist, mu 121b (Kile)) 0 Mr It. C Allen s eil f I arthoma "st (larkor) 0 Mr T Ivor) air! reatra) St 21b. (Uarelei ) 0 Mr 1- M Douai 1 < br t -ieagiill, Sat. lo b (Dun

ho)) 0 Mr \\ Trank, jim s ch f v. orkshlrc Las« (¡st,

1211c (Noud) 0 Mr J Abrahams b o Llttlo Bernie, Tat 121b

(Galla.hcr) 0 Mr C Baldwins oh (Test, 7st. 21b, (\andernar

deni . 0 Mr 1' Lamond s b t nose Oit 71b (strfokland) 0 Mr J Marshall «bl .Necklet Sst. Sib (O Brien) 0 Mr *. Gardiners bri lurplo and Uold, 7st fib

(Gatnstortb) 0 Mr A Mintcrs ch f Irish whisper 7_ 101b

carried 7st 111b (A Campbell) 0 Iletiing-S to 1 agst lest 0 to 1 agst Alchemist and lantuc S to 1 acst Itc IO to 1 asst Lillie Denne 10 to 1 (at first 6 to 1) a"at AnUms.

The Hag fell to a moderate start, seagull Itebellion Ile and Partbontv cettliu best away. Daniel and Rose dwelling at tho jost Hound the lieml Seagull dropped out, and larthonia neat on In Iront o( Ile bellloi Teatrav, clarouce and Autxius Entering the straight Clarence rushed to the front hut imtue dlatclv retired again and U ft Ho In command

Hie half dlstanco AliU us joined Ho and for a few niorncnt9 tho Issue se ince) In doubt but Autu us sta)ed the longest and non easil) l)aleiuth three lengths tetneeu second an I thin! Clarence was fo irth Little Hernie Ililli seagull sixth soph) next,

and Daniel last Time Imlii 3sec


The following weights have heen declared to day in connexion with the A J C Yutuuin Meeting -


er, lb.1 Plutarch 11 0 Itusilov 11 o Hoievdan 10 7 Sleel "row IO 0 Mil O Connor II 11 Vabba u 11 Colenso 0 0 Aberdoen 1> 0 Monte Christo 0 0 Carcoal . ) 7 Drllldool . U " llollrliiktr . S 7 Hugo _ .96 Lnlritda 0 3 Tusearora 'I 1 remar dez 0 I Minstrel Ho) J

1 earl --lull j 0 Miss Alice 0 0 1 antagon . 9 0 Touchstone S 11 Helicist 8 11 Unnamed S I)

Abercorn . 10 0 Carl) on . 0 S Cranbrook Î .. n 0 Molos . 0 4 Keith . 0 2 The \ coman 0 0 1 lutarch .- 8 12 ludustr) "87 Theorist " !> 4 Wv combo 7 11 .Nonsense .70 \abba "70 LaValetto 7 0 Abcrdeon -70 Colenso 7 4

st lb ni s n Thotis . s 7 Jael S 7 Brunswick S 7 Mormon 8 6 Allan ii 6 ts ort S 3 Artisan S J

ThcTclogram S J Dann S 0 Market 7 li luchelon 7 11 Cinaroil 7 1) I linn " t

Seco id Thought 7 7 Blucher 7 7 Ctrlitnorth _ 7 4 Lal) /flinn 1 7 4 Itemcml raneo " . Speculation .72 Hogarth " u Bega . 7 0 Home Rule _ 7 0

Golden Cronn M Illeroo Anilna

1-speranco . Fornandcz M Clogs

Papua , Belirlnger .

Hluenoso . Miss Allco . Melissa

'I ho following are lett in the Tint Toa! Stakes after pa) ment of the last forfeit - ..Inociiro Iludol| li Drcadnousht.

lrett) Hate

I lie follow ins are the Intest Rcratcliincs - All -nRiu.cruei.ttv-Lonsdale, I he AuKtrnlinn Peer, Manton, Locksle), Ci.dljznn, .tepha nous \\ elter-landican-]tone)ilevv, louch .tune Cit) Jlandiciip-Melos, \coman


The April mectint' at Itichfiehl waa liokl )eitcrda) J ho weather waa beniitilnll) Imp, lint the attendance was limited, owing to ita Lie ins BiittltiiR ila) in Melbourne over Hie recent Tautet exenta Some of the events produced excellent finishes Hie foi lowing ore the resulta -


Of 20 sovs. lor ponies 14 1 an I« and under Once

round tho course.

Mr J Edmonds a b t I alph Leh,h 1'stOlb (Gar

diner) 1 Mr VV h. Chambers a h m Glpsjr, Ost 71b carried

fist, lilli (11 Alllator) 2 Mr 1 Kell) its bl or linn Hizabcth Ann lOst

411 (lllair) 3 Dot (Hat Tib.) Wellington (lOit lilli) U)alert (D«t Tib) Harriet (Ost) and Clara (list) aso


llcttlng - S to 2 each agst ltalph I elgh and Dot, . to 1 aist Harriet 4 to 1 agit Gips)

Won In a neck a similar distança scpantlng the third horse. lime Sinln 44sec

TiUNt «vii (iionsrsi,

01 40 sot s Spoclal weights VVlnmr to lie sold for

(kisots lour atti a hall furious.

Mr 0 Holbourne s b in Ollie, "al 1 lb. nil

(Uurton) 1 Mr A 1 Bradshaw s b in I! I P, Tst Lib, nil

(Bruce) .. 2 netting -" to 4 on Ii I P

Won l) a tong neck rime &8see The winner was boue lit In for ¿"U.

1J.2 li .ND_ V U 10NV. HVND1CM,

Ol'-sots Winner of atti Inn Imp alt r declara

ti ot wclullts to catrv 71b ecuilt) eouranla half fnrlo is.

Mr W liol ertaon« ol ni Mlzpah Cat 71b. carried

sj-t Ml (lloaten) 1 Mr I) lou tilis it g Mort Ai is Hit 101b (Foun

tal i) 2

Mr I 's Jenkins s sk m stool Ines bat 101b (Uur

to ) I

l riet o is (0 t Oil ) 1 unil o ( st Oil ) tlw ood ( st 111 ) I litter ("st) at I Vlhs Jane (Oat 1-lb)

alai slant I

II* b) a length an I a half, three lengths separat uv. second and tltlrd


01 "0 lots Special tve .lits Wiiiio. to be sold for

£30 7lb "lowed for el ery £10 reduction. Thrfo and a half furlongs. ." ,

Mr 1 Johnson us Amv 7st 1-lb . _.10 (robson) 1 Mr It Seviors b g -red Arclter, "at 21b, ntl

(Ta)lot) . - Bettin. -Even on Fred Archer

vv on bv i length an 1 a half Time 6-iec

The winner was hou).litbv Mr îtouportfor £3.


OfSOsovs. Wtnnerotativ handicap niter tho uoclara

tion of weights to cam 71b, penalt) About lite furlong1! anti a half

Mr VA VI liorsbrmlShouldnt Wonder, 7st61b

(Cowell) , _ Mr U L. Smith s ch m Henrietta Tst (Dlalr) .8 Mr J Kirk s dim Alexandra, Tsr. Sib., carried ist

Dib (Warke) - 3 lialrarapa(0«.4lb) DavsUr (Ott 4IIO. Ubor-trcss (Sst7lb) I_phou(-at), Ltcr-r-cil (Sit), and Oon salvo (7sl) also started .... ._

I '?hoitldn t Wonder beat Henrietta by half a length Alexandra was third, two lengths ofi. Time, Dum SJacc


Of SO sov « VV inner of ant handicap alter declaration

of weights to carr) 71b peinltr once round the

Mr H Connoll) s ro m Fintlv Tst 121b. (Toogood) 1 Mr J Barness br g Masler Gil« 7st lib, in

ellidin. 71b penalt) (Wallace)

Mr VA chambers « b m Oh» «<t lib. (Flo-1) ..

Hotheram (0 t 61b.) Oscar (7s' "li ) I-Iv ing-sen I ("st 41b) Hiddle (Oit l"He) Mliabetli Ann (bal 1 'lb.) Tavlor a ti Chance (ti t. "lb ) also started

Melting -2 to 1 tacit a"st I mill anl I rincfss 4 to 1 agst G p«v

Mnll.t led the field front start to finish Time 2mln wlsce_


Hie tollovviiignre the nomination«! for the meeting to take place on Saturday Mav 4 -


0(100 sovs., and s sot«, each second, IO sov «. slx

furlongs an I a half

Mr C Unding« ns h g VA alrarapa aged Mr W J Au tin s bli Abruet t)rs Mr \V hraftnsbor-rnanl l)rs

Mr I Gardiner m g I A ermotit 0 rra Mr h Onunol. s cb g T) phoon f>>rs Mr J Harpers b g Julial Grat 4) ra Mr J Harper s b l Unoas agett

Mr M. Jacobs s It m Umbra. I, tri or aged Mr Ii Haines s bli Raoul 5 ji-

ll r I T Carslaken bg traveller 2)rs Mr M Jacobs« be little U b 2>rs

Mr I T Carslake u« b 11 picurean, 4 > rs Mr C Carter abo boiuuell S ) ra

Mr J II VV hit« s bl f Sumatra 4)rs Mr P Kelly s br o Moorhouse 4 ) ra

Mr V, ex steel us b K llhctorlcian aged


Of 150 sovs , and 3 sovs. each secot d, 30 sov.. One

mile an I three-quarters. Mr It Orrab^O oan ai-d

Mr J GardlncrsggDreamer aged

Mr H Connollv ns or ni Grace Darling II aged Mr H Watsons b g Australian Natlto aTed Mr D Fountain a b g Tinton AorOvrs

Mr F Muserai o nat j, Ihe Trader aged Mr J Munros b g .arramall aged

Mr VA A .ilgatensbli Darkne)« ag»d Mr A. iii man s eli g Fair Saxon aied Mr N. Millers br in lingara, 4 jrs

Mr J II Gills brj. Whalebone aged Mr G Daviss li in lho Duchc«s aged

Mr J Cruickshank s g m Acel lal ia aged

Mr C Wilson a eli l Incident 0) ra or aged


OfOOaovs. and ft soi«, each secon I 30 sov s Ono

milo and a quarter and 100 vards. Mr D Greenway s b h llusslc) aged Mr VV Ivraftnsbsirnaul 3 vrs

Mr J Harper« be Julian Crav 4yr« Air It h Maltlan 1 s b li Meteor need

Air J Harper jins, oh g Vagrant aeed Mr John 1 Sa |ui s b li Ben Uah aged Mr C UartcrsIigStalTortl niri Mr P Holier s cb g .rollo t vrs

Mr J U White« bl f Sumatra,4 )r9

Mr C1 VV heeler a bl o Neuuilsluatlst J ) ra Mr J Cripps s br It Bo. 4 ) rs


Of 200 sots, an I G sov«. each seoond 40 sovs

About tit o miles and a quarter Mr It Orr a li g Game age I

Mr s Fergus se i Icter Osbe-1

Mr VV Neils 11 g Ills k Prince -torOvrs Mr T Corrlian s It g Kildare aied Jlr S Millers b g Studley net Mr s- Miller's bg. aglet a"ed

Mr - Miler'sbglîcdicip 4 )rs

Mr 1 Mlllera b g It nmark 4 yrs Mr J Brewers n ni Societv aged

Mr K T Moores b g Southern Cross, 5) ra Mr VV Neil « b g D nmark, aged

Mr s Miller « gg The Irishman ne eil Mr J It Li) cr s bniAdelllli aged

SLLLlNtî ll.cfc

O! 100 sovs. Winner to bo sol I for £100 Special

weights Five furlong«.

Mr C Ttudlngs ns b g \\ nirarapa aged nil Mr II HalneashrgKntilli J)ra nil

Mr 1 1 Carslake a li m Urllomatt- 2 yrs £2 Mr A Matheson a eli m Anareh) aged £20

Air C. Uliott s br in Atnltasaa tress, a"cd ¿.20 Mr A Campbell s b i ltlbltr) a,«! _10 Air 's Grimwood a ill f liaste, J vrs nil Mr J latersoushrf Ipi 2)rs A"0

Mr I Cruickshank s I r i Clément aged nil

Mr J Cruickshank s g g Little Dick, a.ed, nil


Of 100 sovs and S sots ca-h »omul 2i)sott Ftvo

furlo gsand a half Mr J Harper « eli f Mere) Vlerrlck Mr L» I-outitain she Laueaster

Mr I T Carslal ons b g Traieller Mr M lacobssli.l ttlo Hob

Air I T Carslal e « I f Ilntomarte

Air A Ilalltibouri, its It c l>a»|iarone Mr s Miller «lit Ills

Air 8 Hiller < oh o Crown Jewel Mr S. Millers bf Hfl

Mr b. 1 Darlots bf Aiota

Air J Itetlfearn s he Tarcoola.


The Springvale meeting tool place on Tuesday 'Hie weather was cloud) but line, and there reas n lan,e muster of visitors. De

tails -


Of £°a One tulle mid a halt

Mcrsrs J and It Led.) a br i Burdekin aged,

lOatlOIK (Williams) - 1 Mr C. Kudinga h h Enniskillen aged, Oat Tib.,

carried list Dib (IV Uno t) 2 Mr A. O A oung s br i Hector aged, Oat Tib,

carried Ost bib (Opie) 3 Artichoke -or. vrs (list Olb ), Countess aged

Mat lib Aceoiii) llahed 0) ra (Oat 71b) .(reworks, 0 ) rs (1st), also started.

Uettini -Leen agst llunlekin 4 to 1 agst (at first) evens Artiehoko G to 1 each a^st Enniskillen and


vAoncasllt hv a length two lengths I ettt con second and third lire torks tia« fourth Aceompllshcd ai d

Artiehoko ran orí lho tra-k

TON. ll.ND.CAl

Of £10 U hands, lour furlongs

Mr M Quinllnaoin. va aged 7st loila.(roogootl) 1 Uri VV swords I Ig-oniiii) the Nut 3,rs Oat

71b (tonne) 2 Mr T Johnson «b m Am) It re Cst Sill (Hobson) J

Kitt) 4)ra (Ost He) ¡sherwood 4 .vrs ( at lilli

carried bst 211a.) Hld I) 4 vr« ("st 10 b) Prince Charlie r ) ra t at "Ita ) also started

netting: -Etei s Lia J to 1 ut,st hlttr, G to 1 agit


Won bv six lengths half a length between second and third Biddy was a good tottritt


Of ¿"0 One mile

Messrs. I and It I eckv a ch m Maid ot tho Mill

a"crt 7st Sib iCtttlor) II Air J Cruickshank a g ni Aceldama agod, 7st

131b. (Ftddes) t2 Mr F U 1 >an s cb m Liberatress, J ) rs, Sat 101b.

(llo-erfaou) 3 Civil lo Harold, aged (Oat ), and Teddington (Cst 71b.)

aI«o starte I

I ettin), -G to 4 on Aceldama 5 to 2 agst Maid of

tho Mill

Dead heat liberatress a couploof lengthsatvav third Icdtington fill Orllllth« the Joik.) ana

tot ting a broken collarbone Ita was sent to tho Mtlbourt o Ilo«pltal

Deciding Heit - Hotline-5 and A to 4 on Maid of lho Mid, who won ver) cash) Hobson rodo tile


Of 10 «ov«. 11 banda. Four I irions?

Mr M Mues bl g Sherwood 4 jrs "st. 01b

(Cutler) 1 Mr T Johnson s bin Am) 3 yrs 7st 71b. (Hobson) 2 Mr R Seviors be. bred Archer S)I* Git, 111b

(Ta) lor) ?> 3 »lisle 4 yrs (7st l"lb ) Burwood, I or 4 yra ("sr, lilli carried Sst Ile), BonlbeN 4yr*(7st. 61b, carried "st "li ) Mia oced (7st 61b ) also started

llottlig- f and Oto 4 on sherwood J to 1 agst


IA on b) a couple of lengths, halt a dozen lengths lictneeu second und third The w Inner nas bought

In lor Osovs


Of 10 «ova Io} hands Four furlongs

Mr vv. Co« oil s cr in t airy Queen 4 or 6 jra Ost

lb (Flood) 1 Mr O A King' b m Mai fie-Il 6 jrs, Sit HU

(Devine) 2 Mr M \oun.a IarttIJi.L 1)r< "at, 31b (.ounej S

Dobbin J )ra ("st dib.) Belle, ajed ( it.) also


Bettln--Oto 4 acst Mai Odd 6 to " a_t lair) Quecu J to 1 at it Belle lion b) half a


OI £16 Winner to bo sold for 30 sois. KI io


Mr P ! M Qtado ns Pel eril, aged, Sst 01b car

del St. 10 b (Williams) 1 Mr It. Heaths bl Huckle) Sirs Sst (Marko)

Mr Gardiners b g Inspect 6 )rs 8»t In.

(Itoberts) 1 -nl| (Sst, 61b, carried Sit. Lilli) also

.tarte I

lieitlnir -2 to 1 on Poierll nho non ver) oxsllv ¿Tho «Inner »as kno kcdduvvuloMr Siiorclt tom sois. _




1 Of 20 sovs. About ono lillies an 1 three quarters. Mr Ii .Stansmore s eh g Mini oil aged list "lb

(U Nu Ion) 1 Mr J Hancock ach g Larri aged lost (A Han

coek) 2 Two horses atarte I Time 4mln t>ee,

rltlAI STAkFS,

Of 20 sors Mvo an 1 a half furlongs,

Mr G Sitlorland ns bio Jerusalem .1rs "it (Iii

(Steer) 1 Mr a Mahon*eg H»P|y Jack, 4)r* "at lill)

(Mkmau) 2 Mr I I aingcr s ro g Ondit, »-¡ed, gat Dib.

(Porter) 3 rime lmlii 16 4 6soc


Of "0 »ova Kilo hulong* and a half

Mr O Turner s ch in /ut! Sst 121h. (Hell) 1 Mr I Alsops li in Lill Mrs Sst 1 Hi (Orchin!) 2 Mr M Oooiatmhr ni Iolanthe aired Sit. I«lb

(sun a.'c) S lime 1 um ISsic


OIUsoVB Two miles

Dr Winnc s g u I ixrd Up aged rice, behind

«cr (St, quint ni 1 Mr M coolan'* li c Bv) Charlie agoil lOioc. be

bin I scratch (Currie) 2 Mr A. Hursts tr k ^lo- I*0111 a ed, scratch

(Omer) 3 Xlnl 0 nlit "o'sec


Mr A Dvvers ch g Mr «Ulla i "st lb

_(Strachai ) 1 Mr T J Darcv st ni U tv I In) aacsl Sst "Hi (Hell) Mi II -, Bddulphsbr I Ladv lion) I yrs st

1Mb. (Steers) _ 3 Time ltnln olsec


Of li «ovs About one mile.

Mr II a Biddulph.'« br f Lad) Itouip, N)rs, n«t,

lllb (Iluldiilph) ... 1 Mr r. J Dare)'s bru Hdvlilrd, aged. Hat. 71b

(Darev). . ,2 Mr. II staiisnioro'9 b I Sunlight, 3 )rs, list. Hlo

(Bishop).S Time, liulii 604 _oc

PONT li VC!,

OflO «ova. i our furlong*

Mr T Fowler s brui Mar), 4 )rs Sst. (Atkinson) 1 Mr VC M Ka) a ro ni Lue), aged, Sst. Ulli.

(Whiton). .2 Mr 11. E. J. Francis's cr m Jerry, aged, 7st, lllb,

| (-sheehan) . - 3

'lime, 5-,-co


Malden Plate, 120 vii« -A Hlchiuoiii!, I, J.Mooro, 2. \>onb) tluec)ards. Maldon Hurdle Race-A ltlchiuond, l,s Tri-e.g, 2, L. L. OAK*), I Won easili Mile Lace for maldi n runners onlv -J.

I \\itcombo, 1, 11 West, i ttoiili) 15)ards. Time-,

6min 40«ec

BALR \\* U,D (N s vV ) RACK CLUB.

si-UN D DVY.

Hurdle Face -Kenneth I , Joker. 2. Vesta, J Pom Hace--Oil M), 1, I «He Dick 2

Handicap- Dalhe,hr, I , MieMlve 2, Lockhart, 3. r-tllllli Race.-Apollo, I swain, .'.

llraci let-kenneth and ! oikhart ran a dead heat ;

Froto* Gnml 3

Consolation stake« -Tupio, 1, Lad) Maud, 2.



At a committee meeting held last evening nt the Rovnl Mail Hotel it was decided to Dostpone the running for the Mclhourue Plate meeting until the weather and ground are more suitable for coursing.


A football match will bo plav eil on tho Fast Met bourne mound on Saturdav, bi-twccn representatives of the South Melboumo and Carlton club«. Iho uro cecds will bo handed to th« ciiiplo)e-a euirageel at tho Bijou Theatre, which was destro)est by Ure ou Mon- da) Tue Maori vu Militari Bind, by cornent of Messrs. Council and Short, vv ill perform selections ol music at Int nats during tho afternoon.


Tills match will be pla)ed on the Scotch College ground to-dal, plsv to eommcncu at t o clock Tho scotch Collego team nil! bo chosen 'rcm the tollón lug -rYoeman, ltam-ai, Hall, Cohen, Morri-oii, M'Lcod, tirebrace, Shan, Kelso, Murph), Reid, Qrillltlu, M'hoan. Mmgrovc, Croft, valantlnc. Jeûner, Dawson, whitelaw, Armstrong, Philpott, I'.oss, Hutchison, smith, Ga). Milson Mouin. Ander- son, Parr), M'r-arlaiid Hie Unlversit) te am vv ill ho chosen from tho fellow lug - vut-iiln, narrctt, Brookes, Champion, Dxile* ttno), Fullarton, Gor- don, Grcsoit, Hallows, Jovce, Kell), Konnoilv, Moles worth, M'Arthur, Mount?, Mci!) Ramea). Hooke, Schutt, Strahan, Shan, Thomson, Woiiiarski, \\ettcii


CRICK i:r.

liawtliorn Club-Tho Hawthorn olub mado a Gippsland tour during the lester holtdx)*, am! plav ed the follow hu; matches -Goal Iridav, at Rosedale, \ 14 of local club-Mosedale, Us. Han thorn, i-lNuiekets tor 14a On satimlav. at Ualru-dalc Uawtliorii, 2-4 BvfrnsJale-, two for 61 On Laster Mondai, at Maffra, tho local team scored CO,

Han thora OG.




Four members of the Melbourne Bie.elo Club, ilcs.-ri._- A Bucknall, h. 1 Uradlo., \\ Hatton anil O A Thorne (captain) anti Xlessra C h. latter son (captain* ami J Tw um tuan ot tim hennldo Club Mc Melbourne* on Thura la) oi.nin_r tatt for a tour around thu W et tern district of \ letona. Tho r de uemmeuced at Cï olomr ou Frtda> mortiUur, tho -.lioelin.n hann? rather a stiff jourm. to \. inch-laea a.alnst a hea 1 nhill After brokfist tho wind in creased with (Mer. a j pear .neo of hca\) rain so that «hen 3" mik. had bein colored tho train «»?* rtsorted to as far as Teran,? V\t in o min sr, at da.lihht tho whuhnui »ero tçaln in tho futidlo mid rodo the 14 tulles to Mortlake lu an hour, ivi-shirfon afur breakfast to Iii\hum 0 mile?, and Caramut 10 miles, where a travelling photouraphir took tho croup Ihe next «taso was thruuch 1 onMiurstt to Hamilton J.2 miks Uu Hearing tho town Captain tarroll, mouuUd on his Gi machino, wau nut, and as usual ho niadu tho \Uitor* sojourn in Hamilton a ten pleasant one At 0 o clock next morn i ric, aftix the Me Ino urn o mon had seen Patterson ami TwvtiU man oil for tho 100 milo record the> »ped ana. (or Uunktld )»a«_.inu through l>cautifut pisturo land« anil obtalnttiL eplendld Wow s ot Mount, sturgeon M\ I -tiru pt bet oro Uki. thompson was rcicti.-. at milda) Tho protU little town of Wickliffe was next pabcd, and b.uu mile» furtlicron Laku Uolao wa« in »i^lit and at dusk ¡stn. ith mi w.. niado the destination for tho da) til miles Next morning tho 17 mik« to ¡skit ton were ridden undcrtwo hours against a lie»! win I lintons 1.Ï mile« was then cohered and thu riders bowled into i>car*d.lo for dinner« 1 lall ara t bein., re ich rd that evenlmr and tho part) attended tho dinner sum ü) tht C> eliott Touritif. Uub Dill trat to ?.l-itim. wheel men On TUMm.v tnornlnir tho wh.ilmcu kit Hal

tarât and break f a. UM In Gordon ijlur which the. had i fpkudld run down the I enttarnt UHU for mauy mile, to I tacen t H Mariah Alter dium r tho list Nta-o to Mtlbouna ut mili, was made In tim. hours md at-juarter auJthecit) reich ed at du«k fhe total distance tmeltul was "00 mite» lu lUc dijs



ccproiarles of tho lawn tennis clubs ar» reminded of thu un;e tin if which ii* to to lidd this c.cnlnir at \aim% and (ackson-f UotU, bwau.ton .tritt, at H p nu rlurp when nrrinnm.cntj for tht forthcoming season will ba mack, and other iuiportaut business

will bt di.cussed


All thoso intending to take part in this match aro uri, cn ti) requested to practise. Soma of tho team will bo on tho Met court« at 3 p »u c\or> after



This tournament was conoluded \cstorda_t. tho weather again beliur most fa\ ou rabio, and lho greatest Interest»us »hourn in tho final matches for tho toadle* binólo Handicap in tho m urn in if Mit«* Ala) no (i-tntd)) beat Miss Fteljn Mackeuzlo (} 15 and 2 bisques) 1-0, 0-., «-1 tho flual round was pla.ed In the afternoon, when Miss Ma)ne conceding Miss

A . 1 , won bj I-(J O-J, 0-._. I



Al). LAID.*, W.DSE*,D\T.

At ft polo match tod..), Camperdown scored -Í ^oala and Mount Crawford 'J ROU lo, _