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ANOTHER "BUTTON DAY." The various tents which administer so much to the comfort and care of our soldiers, whether in camp in the States, in Egypt or at Gallipoli, being in need of assistance, the Lord Mayor's Central "Button" Committee has fixed to-mor- row as "Anzac" day, and have issued at special "remembrance" button to be sold throughout the Commonwealth at the usual price of 1/, the proceeds to be divided between all the tents work-     ing for the welfare of those under arms either at home or the front, viz., Y.M.C.A., Churches of England, Presby- terian, Roman Catholic, Methodist, and Salvation Army. On receipt of a request to assist the work locally, the Mayor (Cr. Lyon) convened a meeting of those ladies who had made "Allies"' day such a success, to arrange if thought fit for a Sale effort in aid of the good cause. The gathering was held in the Mayor's room, and was fully representative. The Mayor was authorised to order 1000 "Anzac" buttons, which has been done. The town was mapped into sec- tions and allotted as follows: Thomson and Reeto tr ets, Mi: a Wade; Pearson and Desailly, Mrs Sun derland; Raymond, Fester to Macalis ter,. Misses Wise and P?nney; 'Iay mond, Macalister to Clintsghame, east side, Mesdames Bull "and Rymer; Fame clock, west side, -Mrs Rayner anrt York, Mrs O. Mills; Marley, Markst, and Dundas, 'lesdames Lomax, anu G. II. Smith; Barkly and Lansdowne, Mrs liebbard; Elgin, Palmerston and Guthiide Parade, Mrs A. L. John son; Foster, Miss Kerrigan; MacĀ¢alis ter, Miss J. Orr; Clnnmghame. Mrs Rockliffe; Macarthur, Mrs W. 3L Put citer; Etawell, Mrs S. Bolitho; Fitt-. roy, Raglan and Dawson, Mrs J. M'In nes; cattle yards, Mrs N. M'Lea;m The Heart road, Miss Orr; .echanice Inst tote, Miss llebbard; Sale Club, Mil R. Ghent. It rests with everybody to ass?sj on "Anzao" Day, and so make this Christmmas as cheery as posible fou .those fighting or who are going to fight to ensure a successon of Merry Christmases for us and thtes whco follow. The lion. Organiser of the "Button Fund" has advised the Mayor that. thousands are making a callectio, of the War Buttons issued, it order to qualify for a s.vecial Commemorative llutton to be issued at the close of the war.