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FntrieB close on Monday for the Moonee Vnlley pony ruces, to be held on Tuesday


Hie weights for Tuesday's Mordialloc races will appear on Monda)

Nominations close on Monday for next Saturday a Mordialloc races

Mr Cox notifies that n race meeting will be bel I at Moonee Valley next Saturday, the üOihinet 1 utnca close on Wednesday, and tile handicaps will api ear on 1 rlday

j be V li C committee have, m addition to Moonee V tiley und . Isternvvick park, also approved of nu Onl pnrk meeting for Suturdn), the oOth mat Hie committee of the risternwick park races however, have decide 1 to withdraw their fixture in favour of Oakleigh park, entries for which close on Wedneeda)

?v. ICT01ÎIA AM VlIaUR 'lUlir CLUB

1 he March meeting takes place at Caul

field lins afternoon Special triiins run nt frequent intervals irom 1 linders htreet to and from the course. 'I he following ia the pro gramme and order ol running -


(To st-irt at half past 1 o clock),

Of 6 sovc eaoh with ¿00 « vs. added second, 10

sovs _ or taxo-ycar olds Tivefurlongs

?t lb ?àlrVV J Clarke a eli ( Vorn hv St Albans

Ulad)s S 6 Mr VV Stayer, b c St Ives, by St Albans

Idalia Ï 13 Mr A Davies.« bt Doris by Ivecl erstot-La

¡Sains ? lo Mr lot ni Se oil s bo St Coorie' bylrogreta

-naldco ol ti o Hills 7 9 Mr A. Mahnt o ire ns h o Oasparone h)

iSecl ort_at-Queen of Naples 7 8 Mr 1) is U diets eli ebrandec, I y Splendor

Colima .76

HANDICAP HUFDIE TtACb (To start txt halt past 2)

OU son each, willi 160 HOW. added, second 2.

son Ino miles.

st il)

Mr VV H VV ¡Ison s b1 g Sluggard ngtul .18 2 Mr il K. Loials bri, larraio-ii aced 11 1

Mr 1 remuas g g IctorOsIicck need 11 U .Mr D 1 ouiitain na oh m Marron, 0 ) rs or

aged 11 6 Mr 1 T Carslake a li (r Qoctlivood aged 11 _ Mr J H Uli » bri, llnalebono atted U o Mr J Drew ci s h g Glaucus aged . IO " Mr ( Krushka sb g Ueadanutn U »"ed D12 Mr ( Krusiika s eli (, Mineral G)rs «lil .Mr I) louutaiii « b g rlinon 6yraorU)rs J 7 Mr II Connolly s br g VV eatlicrcocl aged 9 0

suris« *i*.c_

(To start at ti n minutes past S)

Ot 100 sois VV inner to be sold (or ¡eiOtl Special

»*' Five lurlo _s

el lb

Mr P T Heywood a b1 mBIuoIlcll aged £40 S 4 Mr 1 -unirons b1 g Mitchell, 5 y r», A, 0

6) ta 7 0 Mrs Miller s eli m Anarchy, a*ted nil 7 4 Air V\ Osborns buildal a, ujisor aged nil 7 4 Mr M Jacobs s b m limbra Uirs nil " 4 Mr U I' . raser s br or bl*, Lamí cru Oar», nil 7 2 Mr li Cuniiol ) s bl g iJurUiic-M aged nil 7 _ Mr J Cruickshank a _ g Little Dies, ta y rs nil 7 * Mr J Orllthi i s b t, Mackay atted nil 7 _ Mr J Cruickshank shs. element (I a rs nil 7 2


(To sturt at 10 minuto« to 4)

Of 1 sota each with 250 soys added , second, 25

say s Ouii mile and a quarter and a distance

?t Mi

Mr T «-andora s b h (tecali 0 yra 0 7 Mr A Pavleshcho lakeha sljis u 1 SIrVV J Clarke s lir h Mcnottl 5 y ra "lu Mr J Harper's b g Uuoai aged 7 u Mr I LauioQrtinsbr h Skipper, aged 7 s Mr G Cox 1 sch o tai d Ucadm-ton lyra 7 D Vlr VV 1 ear-,011 9 b 0 Vi hltivorth B yrs . 7 S Mr J W lil lib idiaui s uri c AlpUltici.11 3irl 7 2 Mr (1 Dallis be Dexter ¡* us 7 0 Vlr J Lee! a br c Marlborough Ijrs 0 12 Sir VV J clarke « br baron s court, s y rs d10 S r VV J Clarke s b % Jasper 4 ) rs 07


(lo start at halt past 4)

Of 3 sol9 each nilli 200 sou. added , second, 2a

Bovs About tn unities

st lb

Mr HI I oughlln's h g Game a. ed , 1 j 0 Vlr .- Miller sgg Tho Irishman aged 12 1' Vlr S Miller» br m lien.) aged 12 1. Vlr - Slatusiiioro 11« br v. Saxon, ii y ra 12 I Mr S Mlller-bt, taila aj.od 11 IS Mr C. Krushka s b « UiaWnuui II aged II 7 Mr r lcruiuagg Fctei Osbc-k »"ed 11 7 Mr J Malone s eli 1 Cuckoo a"el 11 ü Mr I Kiihardss brgcoolctt ri.el 10 10 Vlr S. Villler »bg Uexlleal, 4 yr« 10 8' Mr O lvtu»hka « ch . Mineral 5)rs lu s Mr J 1 rower, b g Hector o*cd __ 10 0 Mr 1 1 IVI.Iel «dig Dantv agosl I) 7 Mr D a b g Shamrook, aged , 9 7


(To slart at O

Of Saovs each with 100 SDV« added, second, 10

aove. Seven (urlonits

st lb

Mr A Pavica 1 cb o rancha 4 j rs . 0 ; Mr I Hai| cralrl Nee artie 4)1. S 4 Mr s Millers ho VV*_y is j yrs (Including 71b

penalty) 8 4 Mr C Carter 9 br g S-ail-r I agc I 8 3 Mr J II VV bite s ur I Sumatra 4)rs . S 2 Mr *> DnvisabuCluirillll lira S . Mr VI llailei . I re-lenton J yrs S 0 Mr I T Cni-lake s b g Epicurean 4 yrs 80 Mr I J Uiuttcr s b h Bridegroom U)rs So -Mr T *-atn)i«ons bo L'ei dra*on -lira 7 1*» Mr 1 lailorne isbrhblln r 7 10 Mr M V\ ilion s br h I airman 8 y ra 7 10 Mr C Collins» eli c John s, 'lim 7 7 Mr VV 1 carson s hr h II dollin 4 yrs 7 0 Mr A lcrcusou 11« brcdln.'er 4)ri 7 0 Vlr r baiidcni . b g aVompeat Uirs .0 10 Mr J 1! Crook s tir lu w eil W oil tijri . bio Mr II Connoll) na br ( Ituc 3)rs 0 7 Mr U t I rajcr s br or bl g Lampera b vrs 0 7

rouTATiLiîNaTov mers

Fine weather attracted a large muster to the nnm1.1l meeting of the Portarlington Jeitcttig Club vv hieb was held yesterday 1 he tollovvlug are the dctniln -


0112 sovs One mile

Meure Sutherland and White« Jerusalem bv

Damn oil-Ti roi eau - vrs, tit. Ub., carried

7sti0lb (I' M'Oomi) 1 Mr M Cauq bell « Danger accd Sit lOlh (Yates) 2 Ml O 1 baillie 11 Actress, need, Sit. l"lb,,

carried Dit Jb. (Hums 8 .Ir J Mahons Happy Jack 4 yrs Sst 91b

carried Oat 41b (Vlation) 0 He iting -0 and 1 to 4 on Jerusalem, 6 to 2 ngst Danger 4 to I ag.t Actref9

Happy Jacl 'vat tint away hut Danger quiok!) stn 1 lantoil lili 1 alto 1 led bj the (avourlu with the other« talllii. oil Danger led Into the anaight vvlicu Jerusaliin made lila effort an'drawingawa) he wo 1 very eaall) by t"irco 1st .tin Irom lauder, willi Actress 20 lengths away third

BEII-lRlM ÎIANDICU, u( .0 »cn Six furloncs

Utsm, Sutherland and VV hite s loriiialcni 2 v rf

Ost lOlli, carried "st Mb (!' M Ciovran) 1 Mr la. Lloyd s Mr William ojrs Bat. (Wiielan) ' Mr A cameron« Olcncoe a"ed Sut lulle

(i.lohird-_ii' 1 Mr A. Youu.sIIiutor, acoil «t«t 101b. (Waters) 0 Mr O VV borlo-s V eto lyn O't 101'j (Muronrv) 0

llettln* -6 to 4 agit Jerus-lcui e to 4 »gst Sir


fruin a (air start .loruwloni alni Sir William wet. quickly nt tho head ot adilrs and tho) tumid into the straight 11 ooiiiDauv ullin tho tivovearold eliotvsd lila miperlnrltv nniishe non oaslly 1) thrco lengths Irom Sir VVllliain, who was lour lengths lu

advance) of Ulencoe

ronTvnnNOTov HiNDievi*,

Of 35 sovs , socontl (i aova. One milo and a


Mr V Campbells Dnnior, b) Oonliuion-bad)

Kirk mare aged "«t «lb (Glltons) 1 Uri Lloyd «sir William, or* "it. 01b., carried

7st Tib (Whelan) 2 Mr II II Dalton s Yoting Hero aged, Sst. Gil

(Vote») 3 Mr A t ameren s (¡ladít.i e o"ed 7st,51b carried

7st »Ik (Si o-iiot) 0 Mr VV Turner s Last Request aged, "it lill,

carriel 7»t fll). (M ronan) . 0 Mr 1 MLi-odsIMna r yrs Ott. 101b (Itirooney) 0

Ilctthi- -I vons on Last Request 2 to I ngst 1 dna li to 1 oust \ ottng Hero 10 to 1 sett (lb Istouc

Danger jump«! away in (rout, and ho soon cslnb. liahctl n strong lead willoh ha Increased to halt a dozen lemth« along tho back stretch, with Young Hero and Qlr VV lill mi nut. Dancer turned Into the straight with til« liad and though VV ha an made strenuous tllort- to cet on term«, he sugared «leli-at with Young Hero a luoduratu third, aud

tuotniouritul st


Of IO say s., for 1 onlcs 14 hands lour furlongs and a


Mr 1 Is Dnllon * Uara 1 vr. tit 1Mb (Yates) 1 Mr 1 !0* h r s lain "st 711a. (loml im)

Mr I lililíes Mia ne Tst. (J Hums) 1 Mr VV Mlinvsluiy Sst K11 (II.,roney) 0 Mr 1 IV«Mis Amy hnMlln (Gillens) li

Hitting--uto4 on Lue),_ lo 1 «.st (at lint onus) Dora, liol a-, st Ann

Dora vron oti*ll) Iii a couple of lengths from lain, with Minnie a «lull or dM-incc ni» third

DIST! ICt UANMC.t, 01 15 sovs. Ollis li II

Mewn.RntherlanI and Whit J Jeriiiloin .tri,

Oit. lu b., carried 7«t 0II1 (I M (lowan) 1 Mr VV Turner« Last IUaiu-«t, ae.ed "st loth

(bpooucr) 2 Mr 1 Cuthbertson . Merina" axed, ,«t 71b,

carry "st. Dili (O vner) g Mr VV aurnora/uo aged Sit U

Ilettlne, - J to 1 0 1 Jerusalem 6 to 2 nut Last Hu quoit*

111« favourite juin]» I aunt In the (ron« an I led throughout, vvlniiin* by (our It titles Irom I ant llt-quoit, vi Uli Merman u v »ry bal tim I


Of U sovs. Ono mile Wini r to le sold for 2J


Mr A rmnrrons (Sladat'iu, a*ul S U 101!) 1.20

(«?I 00111) 1 Vlr I VI nod s I bin 5 yrs S«t loll* "_.

(White) 3 Mr W Turners /u», need, Sit Ub, A20 (I«

Milo van) 1 Vlr T AllauinKxIlc 4 )r«,"et "II ¡2 (Clttens) 0 Mr 0 W horlo v s V oto 4 v M 7»t lib cid (Maro u v) 0

Ilettlug -1 vin / te 2 to 1 ai-t I-elua J .0 1 V olo 4 to 1 n»st C1 viistotiú.

1 xllovia» the iittliktn-t on lils li_s anti ha hil foi hall a mile vvlti/uu noxt viiieii tiny weit reí laced by niadvtonu nnd I Ina. Ihe lona r liol I a lu g It ail on ontorhiL Hie atralilu. ai ti hu won ia«!!) by threo length« Irom lulu», with /ne, itvo lengths nu ni,

thlnl _


llt\ SI1.CIAI, \\IU\ ]

(THOU OUH CouitisiosDLNr )

Si DNr\, 1 nmAT

'lhcio was only n modtrnto lot of work done nt Kandivick this inornnig On the tun Abercorn Cnrljon, nnd Crnnbroolc wen sent itbout two unies tit 11 usetul pnce while Ianthe bent 1 scort over live liirlougs on thu sand in tun leran time Hie Australian Peer, alter 1 mil run wan given a strong Unisli mid nun 1 ul'jiii till n/lit Abitdi 11

Cut m n useful six furlongs, as did also

'haon , while Cheshunt by Julian Avenel

made the best record of the morning over that distance, beating Audacious. It is said thnt there is a chance ol the course proper being opened to morrow If so, there may be some good w ork next week


The following m-tches it ill be played to da) -

Tarlton s Woodend at Carlton hast Melbourne v ntrroy (flrst elevens) at East melbourne East Melbourne v Unlicrelti (second oles ens) at tho rast Melbourne (second eleven) s Maltern at Malvern '-ooUi British Insurance Co v

Clendon at {corak South Melbourne (third oluven) 1 Isorth Melbourne Hovers at Albert-park Uni 1 erslty v Ësset don (Urat cloren») at Essendon University v church ol Eneland Grammar behool on tho dranimar School (.round VI C.C. t Hlch mond Ham! 1er* at \\ealci College ground lill i St rranole \ai lei's Collezo at Kew Brighton s

VVillamstowii at Brighton Beach Brighton (seconds) v ¿somerset Union at North Brighton Hals thorn s St Matthcss s at Uasvtllorn Grace parí i Ixor inanh) (lor Sports De) Ot trophies) at Uass thorn


South Melbourne r Melbourne -The match he tween the aboso clubs sill! be continued toslnyon the South Melbourne ground commencing at hall past _ The scores at ] resent stand-outh Mel

bourne 45S Melbourne, flrst Inning« "OS second innings 101 runs for two wiclots, M Ilsrraith and Stsilt benn, the not out men


The fourth da) i playón the dual match for Bo)le and Scotts cup bctiseen the Ormond and Sorth

1 Itzroi club* ssill bo commenced this afternoon at 1 o clock on the Fltrro) Cricket .round Hrunsss lok street The esme at present stands-North iiitzroy, first innlncs _- Ormond six for "OS


The match I et reen these rolletes was resinned }estcrdas on tho Unlversltv ground Ormond with sescnssicletsüosTii tor KM resumed their Innings, hut ssoro all dl«po»ed of tor 1 2 runs. Quirk I la) ed c splendid innings for 40 (not out). Trinity commenced their second inninc« anl owing to the Uno Imsslinc ot Quint and I) Oreen worosoondlsposcdoffor"4runs Allen batted very well (or 27 H Brookes and On ham each mod s 10 Quirk cot »ix svickets for 29 and Green four for 41 runs. Ormond required hut 64 runs to win and these Uley obtained with the loss of three wickets thus ss-inniui, the match by Besen sslclets Less aidO Oreen made 24 (not out) and Iß refipectlveli b) vigorous and dashing cricket Appended are the scores -


rinsT ivxixos trcoxu lixixus

Mann o Dodds b Paton 33 e Oreen h Quirk 1 Ualuicr hGreen IS bureen 0 Shuttr o lait h Quirk . 3.1 cüoddsb Quirl i IV llinot b Green fi b Quirk 0 Atkinson run out u b Green 0 I! Brool es b Quirlt "7 lb» b Green 10 Alie i c fait b c'u rk o Lalfour, b Quirk .7 Lrllllih« h Cool " b Cuire u Ornlisin b Orem IB o Oreen b Quirk 10 »alter, b Ores ii . I) b Green S Curne not out " not out 1

¡sundries 7 Sundries 2

Total lui Total . . ,1


nnsT ivxixus secoxnixxixas.

Green h cn lum SO b Atkinson lf Aitken b Graham . SI o Grllllths b '

Graham 7 Ouirk not out 40 li Graham 0 Levi b I abain U I ot out " "4 U Ulllcor o urUimn h Allen 11 not out _ |> ltnllottr e Salter b Allen J r-hoss h Allen 0 Tait runout f Dodds c and b Atl luson 17 Cool; li Atl liifon u luton ti Atkinson 0

Sundries . lu Sundries _ 0

Total 1-2 Total 3 wlcl ots tu liossuxo AMLTSIS -First Innings -Allen trot thrco wickets for St, AtUuiou three 1er ¡k> Grabaia three

tor 57



Tito return match bettsccn the abose schools isas

pla\ ed on the bcotch Collcce ground on March 21 and

2 1 he home team batted first but is oro disposed cf tor 4 of which Kelso made .0 The Grammar School responded with 1"! to which M »tnltli

Urosvn and I rln-lo were the mihi contributors the two lust mentioned nukhg a valnuble anti plucky rtanl late in the ¡nunikS lha Scotch collei.0 dkl hotter 11 ths'lr second innlnys Creen o»i eclall) pla)

iOL nell, but coula not present the Grammar ¿school ssinnlucby tensvlclets the brothers b ilth hitting off ti e runs without 1 alni, «epiratctl Ihn church of I n/1 md Grammar School hat in. lu lae defeate I the beotctiaud Mo le) Colie cs aro thus the metropolitan school ehamiions ot the jear Appended are "

scores -


nasT ixxixo» SKCoxD ixxnos

Mnsiirove I I -lulth "eil Hrossn h Ueut) 23 Hand b It smith 7 b It bmlUi

".le»sl q Hickson, h

Henty 1 h Henty

Qroon b lient) 1 not out S M I artaud, o Uraham, b

lient) 0 c Osborne b lient)

Toms bit cmtn 1 oT Smith bit builtli

1 Irobrace b li ¡smith 7 b Heut) - I else bllett) e) blunt)

Ialentlne b It builtli 0 o Hillls, b Smith Held o Heut), b It

bmitli 1 b Henty

Ardilc not out 0 st M hite b IL btulUt

Sundries 2 buudrlcs 1


riKST ixxix-ns srcoiD ixxixus

!.. Smith o and b 1 eld 10 not out 1 ?1 (¡mitti c foins b not out .

Reid . 0 H. braham h Hell 14 M Ulis ru i eut fi M Smith Hi» ti Mus

grose °t Osborne runout ß Diel »oí bMiisiirore IL White UMutgrose U Irilifcl h Loud . It)

I rois n run ont »0 Heirn not out 0

Lxtras J

Total . 124 Cotai _ . S

This match, play et) at Geelong result dinas loton (oi Mesley Lulligo by lune mulcts. Appended ate

the scores -


liasr ixxixus Buxixo milos.

Madlcrs b Broidbent 3 b K.ii-lit I Ollie r run out 0 b Is.nit.lit 2 Gillett o Uonahoe b I nijlit 4 mu o it , 1 arker b Knlcht 0 li Filched I Maddors b llroadbet c lb ltmcht ? I areo is b Hro*.dhsiic 0 b Kniuht

Mae inuou h Uroadbent - run out 1' larkin not out 0 u ^pest) b 11

Kell) I Ciarle oDonahoo h hnlght 2 c and USj ears I (¡rallan b lu lent 4 c loi bsjeary I Maq htrspu li hulijit o not out I

St inities 2 bundrles 1

Total IS Total & Boinixo AxsMsis.-Frst Innings-Knight took lise molli» tor 10 Broadbent four sslckcts lora sccon 1 lim net-Simar) two ssickets forO, lnil-tit four is iel its tor 33.



Donihoo o Macphuison, h

Parkin 10 not nut 10 0 Hell) bl atkin . 1 h Madlcrs hpeat), h 1 lukin ¡1 not uni lircaibent, li Madders 3 II Kell), run out * los, hit ssicl it li Par! li J 1 kellett c Madlcrs h

Macpherson 11 Knight, b Mriddors 0 I Hush, o larson, b

Graham , 1 t niainlrcs b Graham it Malton not out , 1

b unirles _. b Sundries -

Total tsO Total for 1 w iel ot li)

Queen i College, St. hilda, r St Kilda Crnmniar School-A Hitch betsseen the above schools was pla)ed on Irliss, on tho ground of tho latter rho came rcsultiti In a um tor Queel s Coll ne by one hinin-s and 48 run« SL hilda Grammar score») II and li) Millie Queen s put together the total of 71 tortile winnersbttilUi IB,Kelly 11) and lancefield l8 (not out) pixs es1 well anti for Uto losers. Vsallace 4 an IO 11 blltt faudO sweatman Indi) wera tho hiebest scorors In boss Iii\¿, M Smith fourteen wickets f r 13 and 0 Kelly flvo vslcLctsfor 1 runs secures! the honours tor Queen s collect' and tor St Kilda Grammar School M Laurln and blltt did bett work

M U.C. i Player» anti Carot«) cr«.-Mr It Houston um tlio uinner of tho prise ol £J f* given bv a member of tho M C C. for the highest scorer in the match M CO v Havers aid CaroUkcr« plivcd on the Melbournegrotu ti on Modi esdav last Rolston mulo OU runs Morris ran pretty iloso with 40

i uns.

1 ast Melhourno i Fifteen n( the Tost Mclbourno Trades -lhls mntch isas i lay iel ut Last Mell oi

SCbtcrdav East Mtlbourn in the first linings i milo .sil of wilki. 11 alvern contributed Hu li) free hlttltiir 11) ni scored ". ana Hint r" The t-n-t Milbouruo 1 railes lost fo ir nickels foi



The cutest (single hu tied) (or tho Moss Trophv wat won I y \ Iciorls »galntt Now south M airs, 'ino foltoivliiL. is tho result of the pla) of the flrst draw - I Ink 1-darke Richmond walkoser s I) M I» llorín!t Auburn absent, ltink --Situs liest Mel

bourne, -I, s Mitchell lllohuiond Union 17 lllulc 1-Oistr Ballarat -I x coo|cr Fitiios 0 Uni 4 -Qorlon Victoria, "I s Matson St Kilda r lllnk r-Ne«mun North Fltrrot, i v Henry tarlton ¿\ IthiL (I-Hut t Mclboiirni ab.ent s Munro N

ub»iiit Hink 7-M r Morfitt, Melbourne, 21, v liar, Mest Melbourne, Is Kink b-lllrrell Mo turi» a) sent v llialher, Albert park, absank I ii I li-Lu I lo i, 111 limunii HI v Bijin »outil Mel hourn I I inli ltl-11 mlesou Kiss "1 s Moilh [auton Mllllnmstosstt 1 1 he pit) in thesreon! Irur lesultetl as tallow« -Itlnl 1-ciarko 0 s

Bru su I Uli k 2-llunlon It) l buns I Wuk 3 -Our -I i Hi uri lu Kink 4-Moffitt "I Hull uti IO Ibu lollotilng Is (ho ti iel ii rus

Bins i nth Mellsoutno s stn» Mest Mello iru

Mogan Melba inn s Osier Hallante lho thirl

drais vv Ut bit )U) ed on Melbourne "reen on lhuredtx.


Carlton s All *rt ) lilt-This match will te lim c1 Indas nt Alix rl-i ark Ho I II «lue mil tr| resoi t Carlton - Mossre Hell Du islin Hood Ixuvn Maitin, Monds VI Uo tal I M Lar Stott set eaut lodi Matéis Osei a I Point n M <ts. llei rs

Ive i p lui vet aid llllet. sill aot i» c.u nins Xin match will comm ne ul 11) tarter | ist o clock

Itirhmond Club-A s ralcti nut li ti lit lu j la) c1 on tho Itlobmon I green thit aft moon corni lench » at I p in Members ot oilier clubs uro Invited to


All rt pul i Cirlton -TI Is match w111 bo t laved to da) on the Albert turk trr on



11 e last rat at the al ov o c1 li ti Is season ss III til 0 iii st tils afternoon I r a iroi liv presented lv s i it i li l of ti o ilul sslt secou I ni d ti I rsl prlr. s irereitel Is (hot Uli lhls r«co will lo sall d our ihe tisttili s it« ii ark«* 11 s I tot s oft th i fit Killi lier «turill., t a ti ptu rho tollu ihn, are 'he

entries handicap? nil 1 stations -No 1 Shelley and Brotnat s Loulso 10 lln ho 2 1 Stewarts Ulan ease 2jinln ho 3 J M Pherson s Ariel 20min

ha 4 L I ogsln s Idea 7mln ho r Kay Brothers Waterwitch scratch No 0 H, Lee! mere s Genesta, 4min No - li \tcr and Cox s Seabelle "Omin ho. SA Horn bud le s M t or um No 9 I Meyers Camilla 4tn n Theaboio)aohtsaro requestor) to be in their allotted pos lions at S.15 p m Mr X F Morkhatn s ill act as juuj,o and starter


Tho second of the three races for tho valuable troph) prc.c itcd b) lho urcside it of ti o club |Mr V J Woolcott will take place this afternoon over the usual c1 b course at Middle Brighton Mr KoddLshsjaiiits H folio» üio rate und will no at the pier till 3 p ni so that those vv lio i h to may "o on

DOR I Tho following are tho entries with tima olloss-anccs -Galatea scratch Mary Uunstor min I air) dm n Jubilee and Starlight, lGmin Ailsa °0min and Alema, 25min Last baturda) s ruco re suite 1 in n win for tiic Mary Dunster 1 air) being second and Starli-ht third


The first race for trophies presented by the club to he competed for three times nil! bo hell this after noon .ho raco will start from the Ann strcot pier thence round the til/- buoy and St, Kilda Bank buo)s three Unies round The follow in» aro the entries and fiandl-a| s -1 Cooeoina scratch 2. Viking linin 10sec. 3 Athlete 7tnln sosec 4 Mar) Dunster 12mln G Hyacinth, l"min lOsee 0. »uni cam l"mln 10sec 7 M rlnklc l"inin OOsec 8 hnllio 14 Hill 9 With IS ml li lOsee

10. Initie- "4mi i 11 Dauntless " mlu 40sec 12, Inca -Ginh) lôscc The j riparator) gun will be tired at live minutes to J p tu and tho second gun at

3pm _


Tho draw for the fourth race between tho members of tho above club for club trophy resulted as follows

-Mr 1 Andcrsou s Oriul a. No 1 Mr Vi Mudan a Kelpie No2 Mr J M hítele) s Mavis No 3 Mr

A 1 Hurl's Osgnet Ko 4 Mr O Stesensons Navigator ho & Mr D t Burr s Oroya, ho 0 and Mr M Mood s Courler No 7 Tbo race svili be held

on the All ort park Lake this aftornoon storth g op pósito ¡smith s boatsheds at I o clock sharp Comino dore, Mr L Abbott,


Ormond I Giscoy ne -A match between these clubs was played last baturdal on the oourls of the latter and resulted in a win for the college b) 17 games, lho folio sing ore the scores - Iceblcs and L. Bil

four (O ) beat Mursell at d e. L. IIoss itt (G ) 6-1 0 4 0-0 also Turnbull and II Balfour (G ) 4-0 0-4 0-0 Ureen and Oavls (O ) lost to lurnbull and H Uullour (G) .0-1 6-11 1-0 also to lltiisell mil C. L, Hewitt (G ) 0-1 5-0 1-ti Total-Ormond fiS Uasco)iie 41


Tho Tist MclLourne club run to Kilmore this afterr oon

TI « Carlton tile) clo Club hold a road race to day to Keilor an I back

lho Motory Club will ni to Snrrcs hills to tia) starting from Um Haymarket.

The I looria Die) clo club runs to the Union track today

The Fernside Ct cling Dub run to Melton tosla)

J he Southern Pistr ct Ciuii nins to Keilor to da)

Thu Melbourne Bicycle Club tuns to Queenstown to-dn) _




The annual athletic sports of the Birre gurra dicket Club tool place nt birregurra todny Hie results of the principal events, which were hotly contested are as follow -

Maiden Plate ISO yds.-A Hartmann, 1 P

M Pherson _

Birregurra Cup lfO vds -F Ho)son 12 ids 1 J M Bailllf 0 )ds 2 J L. Card«, 12 yds J M Tonkin S)ils 4

Uandicao Walking Match two miles-V Groses 250 J ds 1 ILA Als) 300 vds 2.

District lian li-ullurdU ace 1-1 yds-M J a namlorl 16 s Is, 1 A Gillie« 16)1» 2.

Ono Milo Flat I ace-A Shem 10 )ds 1 J It. M Donald 40 id» 2 1 Bennett 3J sds L

District Handicap Hat lace IJO )ds-J M BalllS 4 .Mi» 1 It Stirling, scratch 2 M A

Let non 8 l At 1

Handicap 11 mile luce 160 j di -IV M Dermott

l"lds 1 C T Clarke lOxd« _ A Martina n t.

Quarter Mile Handicap Flat Race -Jos. llicirc) 12)J» 1 IV II Manier scratch 2 W M Dermott i)ds J. _


At tlie usual ttreckl) shooting on Friday afternoon tho sixth competlUon (or the pigeon gun present«! hy Mr M Bayer took place The previous winners vvero Burdoe Hotham J c. Smith t Richard soi andll Kav Out o( 15 antrics two killed their nine birds and the uittoli was decided on the next Shot, Litinlcii I Hil ii. al d securing the cun this ben t, hil seco 11 win, to II Ha) s miss The follow ing aro tho scores -

»Bunios S3 jus . 111111111-9 H Kay, 21)ds 11,1111111-0 1 a vVel b 81 vds 11111110 1-S .Mariold« 4)ds T 111011111-S .Hinders, 11 )ds 01111110 1-7 M «ayer 32 Ids 0 10 111 11 1-" rissirds 12 s Is 111111010-7 IV J Austin «7)ds 110000 111-6 I Llonlstir "0 v is 0 0 10 1110 1-j J C Smith S' )ds 10 11110 0-11 .Toby Sljds 1 t 1100-lt M Briant 30 j tis 11 0 0-K

.Goulbonrn "1 )ds 011110 0 0-It .Northcote "lids _ 00011010-K .Lauriston, JJ)dB 1 1 1 1 1 0 11-It

*As«ume 1 names.


On 11 odnosda) the lui prox a match ss 111 he shot on thu grout ds of tho Melbourne Gun Club 1 tween «oneil knnis n members ti o stal es being 2. Osos s aside 50 birds, at SO )ards rise After Uic match a 6 sots sssecpstakes, open to II embors ot all recoc i l*cd gu t cmbs vv 111 be shot (or Kutr es close on the ground



' "ALBURY, Tnunsnir

Tno handicap for thii ' Powell gun was concluded this norning onl »MIMI li) 1 Treac), ol Rich mond Victoria killing"! birds wltlioitn miss A £1 sweep concluded the meeting and was disided bv 1 dennisler (Sydnc)) and Ueorgo Williams (Albur)) _


At tho Carlton Ball Court this aftornoon Die match letts ecu J Keenan champion o( he Soutli M ales and U. Farrell champion of \ Ictorla, will take place, starting at II o clock