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The' annual meeting of members of the Port Adelaide Racing Club will toe held in the Foresters' Hall, Port Adelaide, tfa» evening at 7.45. p.m. Members are notified that the last train leaves Port Adelaide for Adelaide at 8.28 p.m. .. Capt. Denny, M.C., ALP., disposed of his racehorses when he enlisted for active «er v-lce, but he intends to immediately enter the ranks of owners. Before 'leaving! England lie asked his old friend, Mr., R. Wootton, to try and purchase a couple of young well-bred mares for 'him, and these will be raced and then retired to the etud. In thfi.meantime, the member for Adelaide 13 negotiating for the purchase of a couple of horses. On Wednesday arrangements were made for A. Hawkins to pilot Waltowa in the Grand National Steeplechase. At a meeting of the Committee of the A.R.C. on Tuesday, the following division of the Beaumont Trial was agreed upon:— 12.45.— BEAUMOXT TRIAL (FIBST DIVISION), Seven furlongs, at. 11). gt. lb. Pistol's .'Pride- .'. S 10 Ustaway ? 712 Hurry. Home ... 8 0 Vcnezeloa ? 7 11 Dioptry .. ..,.8 6 Bobiia ? 7 10 Vain ? ..8 3 Our 'Artillery ..7 9 Quistt ? 8 2 Queen of War .. 7 9 Eyebrow .. u .. 8 2 Laaswade ? 7 8 Karkoo .. .. ... 8 2 Nurse.. Qirell.. ..7 7 Red Sable .. .. 8 l Persitor ? 7 7 Anatluc Queen ..8 0 Marblehcad .. .. 7 7 Bononia ? S 0 1.25.— BEAUMONT TRIAL (SEOOXD DIVISION), ? ' Seven furlongs. ? Kanwyn .... .. 8' 9 Prince Mintberry 712 15!-ini5papihte .. .. 8 8 Kraiitoh :. .. .. 7 12

Alatus ? 8 3 St. Rowland .. .. 7 11 Becagrii: ? 8 3 Nita Anton .. .. 7 10 Spare Glass .. .. 8 2 Wantambonc .. 7 9 Lady Anton .... 8 2 Phil Roberts.. .. 7 8 White Ankle ... 8 1 Lord Moriymaa . 7 8 Fruit Bat .... 8 1 Polly Anton ... 7 7 Joyship ? 8 0 Rckop ? 7 7 At (Moonee Valley on Wednesday Ton tilla, a 'full brother to the local twoyear old- Repique, captured the Corinthian Han dicap, of one and a quarter miles. The annual meeting of the South Broken Hill Jockey Club was held on Tuesday. The balance sheet, despite interferences through ' 'the' linfluenza and industrial troubles, showed a profit of £400. Votes of confidence in the Chairman (Mr. A. E. Lawton), the secretary '(Mr. B. A. Martin) and committee were carried, and tihe retir ing committee was re-elected. The Chair man said -the club did noi intend to race again until the industrial trouble had been settled. Mr. M. O'Dea's Admiralty Maid has produced'a colt foal by Pistol King, and has been booked this year to Prince Traquair. The programme of the Murray Bridge ?Racing Club 6ixth annual race meet ing appears -to-day. The stakes total £250. The Hurdle, £30; Novice, £20; M.B. Handicap, £60; Brush Steeplechase, £60; Bridgeport, six furlongs. £30; Trial, £20; arid Welter, £30. Nominations will close on Tuesday, September 2, and -may be made at Gordon's Agency, Adelaide, up -till 4 p.m.; or with the secretary, at Murray Bridge, up till 8 p.m: ? The Murray Bridge Club since its laet meeting has made a new eurvey- of the coime, which is now railed around, and horse stalls erected. Telegraph communi cation has aleo been installed on 'the course. Messrs. H. D. Young, M.P. and A. C. McDonald have presented the club with the first stake of £50 in the Brush Steeple chase, and Mr. W. H. Richardson will pre f«»t a trophy value £3 3/ to the 'winner of the Graziers' Welter 'A. L: W.' (MasHl) .-Mount Miltain won the Hurdle Race at Tattergalla Meet in?, held at Victoria Park on February 1. He also scored at Evaneton and Oakbanlc. 'S. S.' (North Adelaide).— The inten tion was to convey the idea that Mr. Young's colours had never previously been successful at a meeting arranged by the A.R.C^ An interesting table of world's vrecords is published in Miller's' Snorting Annual.

which has ju-?h been issued. The fastest time in different branches of sport for a mile are. ehown to be:— Horse racing— 1m. 33 l-5s.. by Caiman (9 st. 2 lb.). at Lingfield, Enpland. Trotting— lm. 58s.. Uhlan. U.S.A. Rnnning-4m. 12 3-5s., N. S. Taher. Walking— 6m. 22s.. G. Cummings. Rowing — 4m. 28s., James Stansburv. Swimmincr— 23m. 16 4n5s., iB. B. ELeiran, .Sydney, N.S.W. Cycling (standing start)— flm. 26 &&., A. 3D. Wills, America. Motor cvcling— 35s.. J. Booth Victoria.. Motor car— 24.02s., 'R, de Palina, Florida, TLS.A. Mr. J. B. Joel's Childwickbury Stud has been registered as a private company| wjtn a capital of £300,0150, in £10 shares, to carry on the business of .stud farm owners and breeders of horses, rattle. &c. The directbrs'are J. B. Joel: Olive C. Joel, and H. J.Joel. . On top of his failure in the English Derby. The Panther was taken across for the Irish Derby. He started at 5 to 4 agst., but could finish no nearer than fifiih in a field of eight. Loch Lomond, by Lomond1, won by six lengths.